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Meme Embassy
14:24:56 Oct 9th 12 - HorusPanic (Mr. Restarted):

Currently we are three, but would pick up a few more if interested

Nemesis (Dandelion)
Horus (Panic)
al (Old Scratch)

Recruiting for Nirvana... we have won two out of the last three eras..

20:27:40 Oct 9th 12 - Ms. Nemesis:

Join usssss

16:04:55 Oct 11th 12 - HorusPanic (Mr. Zidane Tribal):

Still about 8 ticks before settling starts if anyone is interested!

19:33:50 Oct 15th 12 - Mr. Muhammed:

This is a kingdom of infidels and sinners. Joining them is a grave mistake. 

You will have a chance to repent at the final hour. But you would be wise to come to the way of the One and Only sooner so that your life can be spared and instead be dedicated to spreading the gospels.

Muhammed, disciple of Morgan the Prophet

19:58:07 Oct 15th 12 - HorusPanic (Mr. Zidane Tribal):

Wow, i haven't come by someone as crazy as you in a while. We are not infidels nor sinners. You on the other hand are a terrorist. You came into our lands trying to preach the word of a god we do not worship, and now by force. We will not stand for it.

20:44:13 Oct 15th 12 - Mr. Muhammed:

You were given a chance to live in peace. But you choose the path of war. 

Repend and admit that this world was created by the One and Only, if not an armageddon will come to cleanse this world from all the unbelievers. 

If you are one of those who believe the nonsensical theory that we all evolved from monkeys, I ask you this: who built the bridges? Archeologists have tried to find the answers to that simple question but they cannot fathem how it could have been done if they weren't actually placed there by the Creator himself.

And how do you explain magic? Natural phenomenon? "Electricity"? You are out of your mind if you cannod comprehend that magic was given to us by the Allmighty. 

Convert to the church of the believers. For on the final day all who worship false Gods will be forever banned from the gardens of life and will have to endure eternety on armageddon.

Muhammed, disciple of Morgan the Prophet

21:22:44 Oct 15th 12 - Mr. Neverarcher:

Mr. Muhammed,

Where was the One and Only during the time period of the Sumerians, the Babylonians, and the Egyptians?

Does your One and Only forgive sin? If so, how? And, why?

Why did your One and Only give his message so late in time?

00:08:45 Oct 16th 12 - Princess Aisha:

Muhammed, please do not write in the kingdom embassy thread, this is the recruit thread and a place where people can discuss about the kingdom, diplomatic issues and similar situations.

The role play can be kept in different thread or ingame letters like you sent to me. I would like to indicate that his message had nothing to do with religion and I would like to ask everyone to refrain from discussions about religion. I have a city called Utopia and he was explaining that this is Visual Utopia, something about its no longer Utopia, really does not make sense to me, but please refrain from talking about religions in such way to connect with terrorism. Group of people that do that, should not make entire religion be that way, otherwise another religion could be connected to child molestation.

Please keep this thread for kingdom Meme Embassy and discuss only such matters in here... The letters proves that this is not a matter of religion

Mr. Minister (10/14/2012 9:06:28 PM) GOOD BAD
You have angered the creator by using part of the name of his work as this citys name. "Utopia" is an ABOMINATION to his creation.. it is the spit in ZeTa allmightys face. REPENT or he will destroy you in one of his sweeps!

Blessed be he who says he is blessed. And i am truly blessed since i have seen the light of the holy scripture. And this light can also be shared to you; for he who made all things want you to listen.

REPENT!!!! Nextborn you are and a DISGRACE to the beloved 8 firstborn.
Follow the path of eternal light... otherwise it leads to the bonfire in which we will purge you of your wrongdoings.

With the Kindest of regards, Mr. Minister of Only you.

00:24:52 Oct 16th 12 - Mr. Muhammed:

21:22:44 Oct 15th 12 - Mr. Neverarcher:

"Where was the One and Only during the time period of the Sumerians, the Babylonians, and the Egyptians?
Does your One and Only forgive sin? If so, how? And, why?
Why did your One and Only give his message so late in time?"

It is clear to me that you know very little. The One and Only created Orcs and Men alike, first thereafter came Abydos and other such kingdoms. But even before these Sumerians and Babylonias(of witch I have never heard) were the first Prophets. They had the ability to communicate with the Allmighty and he instructed them to lead the flock back to him. He even sent down his own son to create a heavenly kingdom on earth! Have your teachers not told you of these things?

Aisha: I will not appologize to a heathen like yourself but when my church is challenged I will defend it with blade and words alike. I would also like to point out to you that the Ministers message to you is clearly the truth of it, I beg you listen to him and you will learn many things. 

03:48:52 Oct 16th 12 - HorusPanic (Mr. Zidane Tribal):

(OOC: relax Aisha, its a fantasy religion and i'm just playing along. even terrorists and propaganda exist in fantasies)

05:33:40 Oct 16th 12 - Sir Sorra:

I know some of you here and conversed with others. I am sure no one is out to demonize a specific religion or hurt someones feelings but to be honest it was not the wisest move to pick an actual religious figure then base a Kingdom on religion and then further RP it as such with others on this world. I mean whether you intended it or not, when you combine all these things together people begin to stray away from your RP and actual insult the religion through RP (usually unconscionably) because of what they hear on the media and such and that will undoubtedly hurt peoples feelings and stir tension. 

Being in VU as long as I have, I know things can quickly spiral out of control, even though the people who started it did not intend it to turn out the way it did. 

Zeon was a KD for many eras that was RP'd through "religion"... in fact they had a very extensive RP, but there's was the only success story of such an RP on VU because all their figures and rules and personalities were completely fictional. Others tried the same thing but with non fictional religions/personalities or tried the same thing using actual racism/racist slurs as their KD RP and to say the least it ended in ALOT of unnecessary disasters, fights, etc and ultimately ZeTa had to delete most of them because the situation got so out of hand. 

This is VU guys, take it easy. It's a game on a fictional world, based on fiction technologies and with fictional races. So let your imaginations run world with fiction. If you want to bring some element of fact into it, that's fine, but please keep it restricted to very broad themes, don't have all the elements combined (character name, KD RP, theme etc)so as to zero it in to the point where people begin it associate your your character/KD theme to an actual race/religion etc etc. 

We all not might get along in game, but VU more or less is one of the better gaming communities and has a long, long history of tolerance and respect. Lets strive to keep it that way.  

10:05:19 Oct 16th 12 - Mr. Muhammed:

Sorry, why are you insulting the Messiah?

15:02:34 Oct 29th 12 - The Real Josh (Princess Watermelon):

The Messiah?

He does not consent your dribble, Do not preach in the name of the Almighty GoD-King Zeta, His has a faction of Believe already!

22:56:43 Oct 31st 12 - Sir Muhammed:

Mr Real Josh. 

I have a strong feeling you are in fact a heretic. Our most sacred church does not allow deviant interpretations of the prophets word.
If you can answer this simple question, the answer to wich should be very clear for anyone who has read the book of Morgan, I will accept you as one of the faith. 

What is the best breakfast?

We do however welcome you to our confessionbooth even if you do not know the answer, maybe you can confess your heresy and make amends.

High Inquisitor Muhammed

05:51:12 Nov 1st 12 - Electric (Mr. James Doakes):

you know a way to deal with heretics? Kill them, don't say they are heretics... piss on there corpses afterwards.

07:59:35 Nov 1st 12 - SFD (Mr. Smelly Fart Destroyer):

What is the best breakfast?


09:50:51 Nov 1st 12 - Dragon (Mr. Sly):

Your still recruiting for NIRV?

10:33:04 Nov 1st 12 - Princess Aisha:

Due to having trouble spawning on Nirvana, we were forced to go to Starta.
So we are now on Starta, talk to Horus or Old Scratch about recruiting, as I am new in the Kd, just my first era, so I rather let them do the recruiting :)

We went to Starta and we owning it :P

Kingdoms in Starta
Meme9Mr. Zidane Tribal100
Two Steps From Hell9Mr. Anonymous of Starta73
GHOSTS9Mr. Dakata73
Only You5Sir Muhammed25
Odins last stand3Mr. Dokken Odins Unchained Knight4
Discpicable3Bartimaeus The Tired1

10:37:03 Nov 1st 12 - Dragon (Sir Black Dragon):

I am in Odins last stand there and very happy

16:09:38 Nov 1st 12 - Sir Muhammed:

Electric: We will do so.

SFD: Your answer is incorrect.
Aisha: You're a bunch of bottomfeeders and farmers. Your PP% is inflated but is about to take a huge drop. GL HF

16:29:51 Nov 1st 12 - HorusPanic (Mr. Zidane Tribal):

i don't like you

15:40:12 Nov 2nd 12 - Sir Muhammed:

Here is some stats on "top kd" Meme that is "owning" Starta:

First off, the most fearsome list. 
1 and 3 are from Meme, yet combined they have only killed 2/3 of the casualties I have inflicted.
  1. Mr. Sun Tzu has won 17 battles, captured 33 cities and killed a total of 144631 men and women.
  2. Sir Muhammed has won 46 battles, captured 31 cities and killed a total of 308272 infidels.
  3. Mr. Zidane Tribal has won 19 battles, captured 23 cities and killed a total of 42840 men and women.
  4. Ms. Esdese has won 10 battles, captured 19 cities and killed a total of 63793 men and women.
  5. Mr. Minister has won 10 battles, captured 18 cities and killed a total of 43212 men and women.
  6. Mr. Son of Anarchy has won 13 battles, captured 10 cities and killed a total of 353230 men and women.
Secondly, kd comparison:
"Top kd" Meme "owning" Starta has worse stats when it comes to battles than any kd they are fighting. Most of their wins comes from fighting untagged noobs. Soon they will have more lost battles than won. Here is one example:
Only YouMeme

Battles won: 57
Battles lost: 35

Battles won: 68
Battles lost: 53

Thirdly, top 3 players(farmers) on the map are all meme halflings.
They have farmed their way to the top. I just took over a perfect and fully built 90ker from one of them. Now that we have decided to purge Starta of theese rats they will fall from their ivory tower. So keep sending your ponies against our holy fighters, we will crusify them too.

00:01:15 Nov 4th 12 - Ms. Hard And Rough Baby:

i agree they are really bad. pls kick their butt. ty.

18:41:04 Nov 6th 12 - Mr. Truth:

Sir Ham-head is just upset that he doesn't have more followers, don't mind him.

19:39:32 Nov 6th 12 - al (Mr. Flexible):

who are you hard and rough... get out of here

21:06:20 Nov 6th 12 - Jafar (Mr. Truth):

Updated for my dear friend Sir Ham-head:

MemeOnly You

Battles won: 138
Battles lost: 86

Battles won: 73
Battles lost: 50

Most Powerful ArmiesMost Powerful Cities

Used Tobe Good Player
Princess Aisha

Army II
Mr. Slowly

Death Dealer
Mr. Anonymous of Starta

Mr. Son of Anarchy

Leila Loves
Ms. Layla

Jack Sparrow
Mr. Son of Anarchy

Ms. Layla

Mr. Edd The Great

Mr. Zeph

Mr. Erfer The VI

Ms. Esdese

Sir Muhammed

Most Powerful GroupsMost Powerful Rulers

Mr. Zidane Tribal

Two Steps From Hell
Mr. Anonymous of Starta

Only You
Sir Muhammed

Mr. Dakata

Odins last stand
Mr. Dokken Odins Unchained Knight

Kingdom Hearts
Sir Sorra

Princess Aisha

Mr. Sun Tzu

Ms. Layla

Mr. Slowly
Two Steps From Hell

Mr. Ryan The Berzerker
Two Steps From Hell

Mr. Anonymous of Starta
Two Steps From Hell

Most Fearsome Rulers
  1. Mr. Sun Tzu has won 23 battles, captured 39 cities and killed a total of 381845 men and women.
  2. Sir Muhammed has won 54 battles, captured 36 cities and killed a total of 413919 men and women.
  3. Mr. Zidane Tribal has won 29 battles, captured 30 cities and killed a total of 87399 men and women.
  4. Mr. Minister has won 16 battles, captured 21 cities and killed a total of 88904 men and women.
  5. Princess Aisha has won 31 battles, captured 20 cities and killed a total of 299138 men and women.
  6. Ms. Esdese has won 11 battles, captured 20 cities and killed a total of 86783 men and women.

Kingdoms in Starta
Meme10Mr. Zidane Tribal100
Two Steps From Hell9Mr. Anonymous of Starta81
Only You6Sir Muhammed26
GHOSTS8Mr. Dakata13
Odins last stand3Mr. Dokken Odins Unchained Knight5

21:30:32 Nov 6th 12 - Ms. Layla:

I usually ignore these kinds of arguments on forums, but since I was mentioned in Muhammeds post in the last section, considering I am high on HoH, just wanted to mention that I am no farmer, I did my battles well I just did not take enough cities to be high on fearsome rulers list. I think 320k killed is enough to be considered an attacker and not a farmer of this era.

Your character Ms. Layla has won 21 battles, captured 13 cities and killed a total of 319154 men and women

21:27:56 Nov 7th 12 - Sir Muhammed:

You're still a bunch of bottomfeeders feeding of untagged noobs and NAPing TSFH since you dont have the balls to fight someone your own size.

To sum the era up you fought GHOSTS 2v1, they gave away all their cities. Now its Only You(consists of me and a bunch of new players that are trying to learn) vs Meme and TSFH.

We will win this era though. GOD will see to it. And if he doesn't, he will atleast see us all in Only You into paradise.

22:23:48 Nov 7th 12 - HorusPanic (Mr. Zidane Tribal):

listen here you piece of trash... you lost and we won, time to get over it... talk all the trash that you want but we fought better, diplomacy-ed better, and pissed in the face of your imaginary god... we already started warming the fires that will burn your stench off the land... its only a matter of time

22:28:38 Nov 7th 12 - SFD (Duke Some Fcked Dude):

*high five's horus*

02:23:14 Nov 8th 12 - Jafar (Mr. Truth):

*looks on admiringly with a tear in his eye*

Ya! What Horus said! What a guy! I like fire!

03:05:23 Nov 8th 12 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Mr. Jack The Drunk Destroyer):

*jack chuckles as he roasts his smores on the fire horus lit while sipping on his bottle of JD

lol you tell that blasphemer horus you shall see to it that him and his religion are burned away from the face of this world

and any way whats it take for a guy like me to join you peeps any way not the cult but the cool KD burning peeps

03:59:34 Nov 8th 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Hobbiterro):

You're all a bunch of butthurt biatches. Calm down. It's natural for us to get mad at people that are better. No offense, Muhammed. But the only reason our Kingdom is up there is because of you. Don't blame Meme. Blame everyone in the Kingdom but you and that other Minister dude. I've done nothing but take one city from them and march 67k ponies down there with little magic support. ._. Get over it, we're not the best. We won't be. 

07:15:28 Nov 8th 12 - Sir Muhammed:

Oh but we will be =)

20:23:45 Nov 12th 12 - HorusPanic (Mr. Zidane Tribal):

20:31:02 Nov 12th 12 - Zond (Sir Inflatable Car Bed):

when i saw WTG, i read it as "what the ... " and was trying to figure wat the G was xD

but then realized wat it means :p

19:50:54 Nov 28th 12 - al (Ms. Overly Attached Girlfriend):

14:55:06 Dec 29th 12 - HorusPanic (Sir Quicksilver):

just saying...

Nivana 12: #1 Ms. Cross Dressing Horus of Meme

Nivana 13: #1 Mr. Dos Cervezas of Meme

Starta 17: #1 Princess Aisha of Meme

Starta 18: #1 Ms. Leila Teh Awesome of Meme

21:06:09 Jan 28th 13 - HorusPanic (Sir Polymer):

yeah, i'm drawn to this stupid game like a moth to the flame.... i'll be barely active, but I want everyone to know that the kingdom has not gone away. i've dropped new cites, but don't count on us doing anything big - i will barely be active - i just can't walk away... sleep be damned!!

06:53:06 Jan 29th 13 - Electric (Electric Dragon Apprentice):

I'm hosting vu anonymous its only 80 bucks per session cloths optional

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