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Midgard 9
23:48:32 Aug 28th 11 - Mr. Dino:

Oh? No one made this yet? :o

04:14:04 Aug 31st 11 - Mr. Dino:

Kingdoms in Midgard
Insane Asylum9Mr. Fafnir II737
British Petroleum10Mr. Drongoid518
Spasticus Autisticus6Mr. Alchemist481
Kingdom of Marior4Mr. Faelhon337
Drageoks5Mr. Braviant195
Canis Exercitus2Mr. Dino100

Sooooooo, any wars goin' on, peeps? :)

05:44:24 Aug 31st 11 - Mr. Ihateu: new so i dont know

06:42:15 Aug 31st 11 - Dan the Epic (Mr. Dorthmarg):

Why is BP on like, every single world? Oh well, atleast I get to Solo pwn them in Arma :3

07:16:42 Aug 31st 11 - Polydeuces (Mr. Popo):

Lol you didn't solo pwn them.. I've killed about 600k of their troops myself you know.

19:48:01 Sep 2nd 11 - Dan the Epic (Mr. Dorthmarg):

Shush Poly. Let me brag in peace.

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