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Midgard Age 16
11:20:41 Oct 9th 12 - Mr. Darkness Falls:

Looks like the world is not really populated with kingdoms, so I would like to invite everyone to join this world!

We need to have more kingdoms in this world to make it a more interesting era! The era just started, it is not too late to start, not many people around so its possible to have a nice enjoyable era! 

Kingdoms in Midgard
Equilibrium9Mr. Darkness Falls100
Boo3Mr. Attack28
Noobworld2Mr. Elite II2

22:10:55 Oct 9th 12 - Mr. Attack:

Agreed, come join the era! Boo and Equil spawned right near each other, so it'll be over fast if nobody else joins.

Kingdoms in Midgard
Equilibrium9Mr. Darkness Falls294
Boo4Mr. Attack100
Noobworld2Mr. Elite II4

07:02:16 Oct 22nd 12 - Khan (Khan Senki):

Kingdoms in Midgard
Equilibrium10Mr. Darkness Falls249
Lonely Pavilion5Mr. Confusion100
Disney Psychos6Mr. Com33
Kingdom Of Hearts1Mr. Edd The Best There20
Boo3Mr. Attack15
Noobworld2Mr. Elite XX1

A land of silence indeed. 

07:25:50 Oct 22nd 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

Good wars is why. All out, everyone on Equilibrium :P 

09:35:03 Oct 22nd 12 - Dragon (Sir Black Dragon):


14:18:39 Oct 22nd 12 - Mr. Darkness Falls:

Not silent at all...
Right out of protection we had war with Boo...
So far we are winning, but thumbs up for staying alive

All the other Kingdoms teaming up against us
Would not want it any other way, and if they didnt team up, they would just be foolish... good job guys

And hope we have an interesting rest of era.

00:47:09 Oct 24th 12 - squirrel (Mr. Lightsquirrel):

i am enjoying these wars quite alot havnt had this kinda of fun for many many eras.

03:13:23 Oct 24th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

"i am enjoying these wars quite alot"

That makes one of us :|

20:02:13 Oct 25th 12 - Mr. Xanatos III:

dont underestimate boo if its the same people they'll whoop ya XD

20:24:43 Oct 25th 12 - Mr. Darkness Falls:

Well era is coming to a conclusion 

Equilibrium having no relations, not needed with our numbers
I must say Boo put up a good fight, but also need to say that we did not outnumber then in the war, we had farmers, half of our kingdom did nothing in the beginning, the war against Boo was basically 4-5 of us against them 
So numbers were equal.

They did well, very nice fighting, but we were better
Disney Psychos were basically just ran over, not much resistance
Noobworld, dont know what they were doing, far from us

So now its Equilibrium VS Lonely Pavilion
Wish you all an interesting rest of era!

Kingdoms in Midgard
Equilibrium10Mr. Darkness Falls100
Lonely Pavilion5Mr. Confusion39
Disney Psychos6Mr. Com5
Noobworld2Mr. Elite XX3
Boo3Mr. Attack2

20:34:25 Oct 25th 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

Dont forget the kingdom less guys im fighting! 

23:10:19 Oct 25th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

You only fought with edd ;[

23:52:49 Oct 25th 12 - Zond (General of Legend):

So far :P

Your next! >:D 

00:38:06 Oct 26th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

And now I'm suddenly jealous of Elite XX

05:18:09 Oct 28th 12 - Elite (Mr. Elite XX):

No reason to be jealous

Kingdoms in Midgard
Equilibrium10Mr. Darkness Falls1667
Lonely Pavilion6Mr. Confusion668
Noobworld2Mr. Elite XX100
Disney Psychos6Mr. Com90
Boo3Mr. Attack42

05:29:34 Oct 28th 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

Hes jealous we arent fighting you lol

05:30:01 Oct 28th 12 - Zond (General of Legend):

we as in Equilibrium btw

08:39:04 Oct 28th 12 - Mr. Darkness Falls:

Little update on Midgard

Pavilion went out with a huge army, attacked Equilibrium, but that was a big mistake, two of Equi large armies went to their core. One army was kicked back, while the other army is in their core, taking and wrecking their cities, Pavilion large army rushing back to prevent any further destruction, but will it be on time?

Kingdoms in Midgard
Equilibrium10Mr. Darkness Falls100
Lonely Pavilion6Mr. Confusion40
Noobworld2Mr. Elite XX6
Disney Psychos6Mr. Com6
Boo3Mr. Attack3

18:15:14 Oct 30th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

So... Whats happening? 

Lonely Pavilion never response to me :[

18:27:15 Oct 30th 12 - Zond (Mr. Coolio):

They all rage quit for the most part..

19:16:31 Oct 30th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

I had hopes for them and now its just some refugees in a little corner of the world left... lol


19:18:18 Oct 30th 12 - Ms. Layla:

We broke their defenses and then suddenly they all want to go to Fant 

Saying we are happy they are going on Fanta, if it did not open now we would all be killed. Good for us I guess.

19:18:23 Oct 30th 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):


I CW their blocker and we had an army walk in and take their income cities and wreck them.. they then rage quit and wrecked the rest themselves or just stopped fighting. :( 

19:23:36 Oct 30th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

Hmmm fant... I feel like dying off in latha 

19:26:35 Oct 30th 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

Dont do it!!!!!!

19:28:59 Oct 30th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

Why ever not?

19:33:07 Oct 30th 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

I want some fun :(

19:35:53 Oct 30th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

I'm gonna do it and the reasons are:
 - I suck at elves
 - On Zeta, I was an untagged halfling mage that started late
 - I continuously froze/killed Dexter's army and cities in the north
 - I joined Death Dealers (Enemies of Dexter)
 - On Latha... I joined a KD who was lead by... Dexter?!

So yea I can't fight for and against the same guy on two worlds lol... I just can't DX

19:36:56 Oct 30th 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

Lol so gonna suicide your army as well? :(

19:40:40 Oct 30th 12 - Mr. Kiseki:

Hmmmm yes?

19:49:43 Oct 30th 12 - Mr. Darkness Falls:

That is nonsense, why cant you war someone in one world and be allies in another, its normal for Visual Utopia, just how it goes. You cant always pick who you are with or against, you just do your best when situation comes to fight.

Last era we fought a Kd, good people, so at the end of era I even invited few of them to join my Kd for next era, and one of them did, and we are friends. Just because you are at war against someone, does not mean you cant be friends. The guy that we killed on Midgard is with me in kingdom in another world, and I do not mind or care what he is in another world. 

You have been doing quite ok so far, and fighting is what makes this game interesting, you know it yourself when you have to worry about your towns, plan where to send armies and when, that is the fun part. For me constant building and training with noone around to attack is not fun at all, I always prefer a good war.

19:50:41 Oct 30th 12 - Mr. Yukan:

I mean at the same time, not different eras

Edit: its just a personal thing for me thats it :/

Edit 2: Plus I really want to see fant *_*

19:53:06 Oct 30th 12 - Mr. Darkness Falls:

Era of Midgard is different then Era of any other world. 

I am fighting a guy in Midgard, while the same guy has a character in kingdom where I am on Starta. 
So fighting against him and on the same time fighting alongside him on another world :)

19:56:05 Oct 30th 12 - Mr. Yukan:

Maybe I'll accept that line of thinking as I play more eras x_x

19:57:39 Oct 30th 12 - Mr. Weston:

On another note, arma cast soon?

20:00:31 Oct 30th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

........ I just noticed this, but where are all the elves ._.???

20:24:25 Oct 30th 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):


20:27:36 Oct 30th 12 - Mr. Darkness Falls:

Our Elf will start working on that when time is right 

Still need those percentages to be lower 
Gotta be a clean win :)

Kingdoms in Midgard
Equilibrium10Mr. Darkness Falls100
Disney Psychos6Mr. Com8
Lonely Pavilion5Mr. Confusion4
Noobworld1Mr. Elite XX4
Boo3Mr. Weston1

22:40:34 Oct 30th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

Clean win... Over my dead body DX

Kingdoms in Midgard
Equilibrium10Mr. Darkness Falls1464
Disney Psychos6Mr. Com109
Painful Bite1Mr. Shinsei100
Noobworld1Mr. Elite XX57
Lonely Pavilion5Mr. Confusion53
Boo3Mr. Weston22

22:55:35 Oct 30th 12 - Zond (General of Legend):

gooooooooooood :D 

22:13:07 Oct 31st 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

So... Who is left?

Oh and I don't envy Elite anymore :[

22:15:08 Oct 31st 12 - Zond (General of Legend):


Your left. Edd got his city taken.. but it revolted lol

But he will be down again! 

00:19:28 Nov 1st 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

Wait... I'm all thats left?!

00:58:56 Nov 1st 12 - Zond (Mr. Coolio):

More or less thats it :P

Rest have their last cities being taken, or gave up already.

01:36:42 Nov 1st 12 - Elite (Mr. Elite XX):

No, im still alive after being backstabed. And im not giving you guys my cities, they're mine!

01:59:56 Nov 1st 12 - Zond (The Defiant One):

we are trying!! 

03:47:18 Nov 1st 12 - Mr. Shinsei:

I can't even see elite on the map anymore...

Must. Make. 200ker. X_x

04:03:32 Nov 1st 12 - Mr. Ozy:

haha good luck mate. also if anyone wants to donate to the casting arma fund, that would be nice

10:00:30 Nov 1st 12 - Dragon (Sir Black Dragon):

Your character Sir Black Dragon is the 4th most powerful ruler in Midgard

Your character Sir Black Dragon has won 19 battles, captured 23 cities and killed a total of 241641 men and women

I am ready for Arma to be cast too.

10:04:23 Nov 1st 12 - Lady Deanna Troi:

Thank you all for this nice era! We had lots of fun
Congratulations to our Equilibrium!
Ready for Arma too

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