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13:06:18 Dec 30th 10 - Ms. Hasus:

For those who care about the lowliest world... (With the coolest players)

Kingdoms in Midgard
British Petroleum9Mr. Fitz of Arunun208
Death Note8Mr. Henk Seven121
Freedom Fighters7Psychotic Scientist119
Beothuk8Mr. Wargasm100
Darkstep3Duke Marcus Corvinus of Darkstep30

Protection is over for most, so we are now waiting on some Decelerations of war... (Any one?)

Here are the HoH standings.
Most Powerful ArmiesMost Powerful Cities

owned by Mr. Saurot

owned by Mr. Melkor

People of Uraharra Kisuke
owned by Mr. Uraharra Kisuke

owned by Mr. Tiocfaidharla

owned by Mr. Urahara Kissukee

Lords of Darkfall
owned by Duke Marcus Corvinus of Darkstep

Last Samurai
owned by Mr. New Kid

Union Sting
owned by Mr. Uraharra Kisuke

Last Edition
owned by Mr. Saurot

Army of The Dead
owned by Mr. Henk Seven

Blockz Badboyz
owned by Mr. Markie Mark

Guess What
owned by General Who

owned by Mr. Catastrophe

owned by Mr. Markie Mark

owned by Mr. Henk Seven

The Rack
owned by Mr. Major Pain

owned by Mr. Melkor

owned by Mr. Tiocfaidharla

Sweet Home Blaa
owned by Mr. Major Pain

Gunz Blazin
owned by Mr. Catastrophe

Most Powerful GroupsMost Powerful Rulers

British Petroleum
With Mr. Fitz of Arunun as leader.

Death Note
With Mr. Henk Seven as leader.

Freedom Fighters
With Psychotic Scientist as leader.

With Mr. Wargasm as leader.

With Duke Marcus Corvinus of Darkstep as leader.

Rebel Against Society
With Mr. Homesick as leader.

With Mr. Justin as leader.

With Mr. Druss as leader.

With Mr. Percious as leader.

The Ring
With Mr. Middle Earth as leader.

General Who
Member of: British Petroleum.

Mr. Tiocfaidharla
Member of: British Petroleum.

Mr. Fitz of Arunun
Member of: British Petroleum.

Mr. Darky
Member of: British Petroleum.

Psychotic Scientist
Member of: Freedom Fighters.

Ms. Hasus
Member of: Beothuk.

Mr. Melkor
Member of: Freedom Fighters.

Mr. Urahara Kissukee
Member of: Death Note.

Mr. Catastrophe
Member of: Freedom Fighters.

Mr. Saurot
Member of: Death Note.

16:28:00 Dec 30th 10 - General Who:

British Petroleum9Mr. Fitz of Arunun208


Death Note8Mr. Henk Seven121
Beothuk8Mr. Wargasm100
Darkstep3Duke Marcus Corvinus of Darkstep30

18:36:45 Dec 31st 10 - Mr. Jax Garret:

Darkstep vs. BP & Death Note

00:34:57 Jan 1st 11 - General Who:

Safe to say, everyone vs everyone? dont think anyone has a nap..and everyone is warring.. finally a good map

16:29:43 Jan 2nd 11 - Duke Marcus Corvinus of Darkstep:

Catastrophe , melkor and markie mark are simply pathetic. Good to see they know so much about honor. wait for two kingdoms they previously had no chance of killing to fight eachother til they were weakened , then charge in with all of their forces to attempt to kill us. 

Bravo , how honorable?

23:16:47 Jan 2nd 11 - Mr. Catastrophe:

Hey Duke take charge of your kingdom and become aware of what they are getting into to. Not one attack was made on your kingdom until a group of Darkstep decided to waltz over to our territory and take over a city. We were merely responding to your ignorance. :)

00:19:12 Jan 3rd 11 - Duke Marcus Corvinus of Darkstep:

Maybe if you could read youd know when he attacked you he was not a member of our kingdom but a member of deathnote. so how would i know what he had done? the smart thing to do would be to PM ME when you saw him switch kingdom. 

but dw im discussing it with your kd so please be quiet and stop throwing around the word ignorant when you have no idea of what is going on.

01:02:22 Jan 3rd 11 - Mr. Nervonius Degrimme:

Gentlemen, if there is an issue, I am sure the noble and honorable Scientist, whose heritage goes further back than us all, will without a doubt be able to settle it fairly.

May I then respectfully present my own stance? I fear a Mr. Uraharra Kisuke, then of DeathNote decided to dodge around the half-finished walls, which, trust me, caused quite a scare among the peasants working on the walls around the blocker. His forces caused quite the uproar, burning the noble city of Nemanar, which stood as the center of my young fief, to the ground and then continuing northward to do the same to another city, which was under the control of the honorable Scientist. Then, while he still was in our core, he switched kingdoms. No 'sorries', no 'I made a mistake', and not even a word to you, good sir. By my reckoning, this man has caused quite a stir among my ranks, who for the longest time believed it was Darkstep who burned their homes, killed their wives, and, excuse me, violated their daughters. It took me weeks to get the mess sorted out, as they had seen your banners held by the soldiers of  Mr. Uraharra Kisuke's army as it made its way north from the city! My advisers did not know what to make of the situation, as there was little to be done but notify the surrounding lords of the various fiefdoms of FF about the army, yet next I saw of it was a burning battlefield with FF banners planted cleanly in the ground.

So, does that clear a few issues, young and noble Duke of Darkstep?

00:19:08 Jan 5th 11 - Duke Marcus Corvinus of Darkstep:

Cleared a few. except for one.


Why Your kingdoms leader whilst scientist is away would tell me all hostilities will be stopped until further notice , and then carry on attacking my kingdom , and start landing cities to block us into our core?


apart from that his a dishonorable cunt.


And why when i asked him his intentions now that we were 'at peace' he said he would be attacking BP. and yet he has not done so , despite the fact he is facing BP's undefended side?


Scientist has come back and clarified we are now at war. However i see it simply as a pathetic lowblow that you would attack us , lie we were at peace until re enforcements arrived , then have the nerve to state 'we had no relations , so we are at war'.

17:26:29 Jan 7th 11 - Mr. Legend:

Fuck you Zond!! Why do you tell the VU community that ford bangs my sis... Thanks I asked to keep it secret. Now damn you hopely it gets crushed so Ford can bang my sis further without being interuppted. By fan's of him how he get my sis.

17:28:31 Jan 7th 11 - General Who:

Would it be better if I said Legends Sis Doin Ford?

19:17:05 Jan 7th 11 - Mr. Legend:

No it would be better. Legend doin Fords sis.

19:26:04 Jan 7th 11 - General Who:

But isnt she like 35 and looks like she is 45.

19:45:58 Jan 7th 11 - Mr. Legend:

So? How can a young person better practice then with someone old and with experience.

19:49:38 Jan 7th 11 - General Who:

You spelled practice wrong!!

19:52:02 Jan 7th 11 - Mr. Legend:

What are you whining about I spelled it correct.

20:20:49 Jan 7th 11 - General Who:

Your just angry Ford sleeps with ur sis ;p

21:11:28 Jan 7th 11 - Mr. Fordius Revived:

Lol I'm doing his sis like a rabbit.
She's so wild yeah yeah :D

Well nah the reason why Legend is angry for me doing his sis
is cause he's stuck helping his father wash up his NUTS & bolts

08:17:37 Jan 15th 11 - Ms. Hasus:

Mr. Darky, member of British Petroleum has won 1 battles (7%) and captured 2 cities. He has 2 cities with a total of around 130,000 buildings

13:24:18 Jan 15th 11 - Duke Marcus Corvinus of Darkstep:

Good to see the old FF still have the same honor in playing that they did before.....

yes this is sarcastic. 

18:36:21 Jan 15th 11 - General Who:

Why call my members out?

Please Call Again from Ms. Hasus

HAHAHA wish my kd had a mage. well, hell fighting with cavers is the worst of all. DP is lower than pony..

20:55:45 Jan 15th 11 - Ms. Hasus:

We know your kingdom doesn't have a mage.

I suppose when your threatened, fighting with cavers is all you can do as a farming dwarf. :P

Sorry General, i thought it was an interesting stat, i know some of the fights i beat him were only 50%, i was angling at unlucky guy, rather than a bad player, cause he has caused me more problems than you.

23:58:30 Jan 15th 11 - General Who:

Im sorry i had 70% on your army. But as your kd knows, real life has come into play for me and I already told them I cannot play. Thats the only reason you took my armory and other cities, as I have bigger issues than killing a dwarf with cavers.

00:05:29 Jan 16th 11 - Ms. Hasus:

I had 98% on your city. I missed the battle report unfortunately, how many troops did i kill in the end?

01:25:46 Jan 16th 11 - General Who:

was around 120k ponies and 6k mus. i can get the official report if ya want. but i knew wat i had so doesnt matter :p if you would kindly kill my army south. i need to get my life sorted

11:08:47 Jan 16th 11 - Ms. Hasus:

Prep on Richard Block and i'll see what i can do. The more kills i get, the less it looks like i'm a farmer. :P

08:25:38 Jan 19th 11 - Mr. Kender The Short:

Quick off-topic question(Just for the heck of it):

Does anyone else see Hei from Darker than Black instead of Tobi when the Akatsuki KD Banner is seen from far away?


12:17:10 Jan 29th 11 - Duke Marcus Corvinus of Darkstep:

Still alive :D 

13:38:44 Jan 29th 11 - Mr. Melkor:

...bc of the 50% rule

13:45:18 Jan 29th 11 - Duke Marcus Corvinus of Darkstep:

being alive is being alive regardless of why lol , o well im going to break the rule soon , when im ready. 

just thought that you guys killing me the tick im oop was no fun on my side 

00:53:42 Feb 10th 11 - Mr. Kender The Short:

Is anyone alive besides Beothuk and FF...?

01:54:08 Feb 10th 11 - Ms. Hasus:

Jax Garret is as alive as the 50% rule allows.

23:29:39 Feb 11th 11 - Mr. Kender The Short:

Bwahaha I have defied history since Kendermore has not and will not fall this era!

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02:10:06 Feb 12th 11 - Puppy Bunny Guard:

Dragonlance fan! Played that D&D campaign world a long time again and it was brilliant! 

Vaguely remember some of the books as well. lol

03:12:50 Feb 12th 11 - Ms. Alter Ego:

great era everyone was a honor to play with you all ....

                                                             love jennaside

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