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Midgard Age 8
17:22:41 Jul 18th 11 - Mr. Soul:

Is it me or is this age again almost no kingdoms (same for me on latha :P)

I have seen 3 kingdoms so far the wheelchair kingdom :P
A kingdom that closes there gates so we see where they are even in protection
And a kingdom from Latha (with all new members only the leader)

And then my scouts dont see many players near me only 2-3.

10:50:34 Jul 20th 11 - Duke Vexille of Hinterland:

i guess Fire dragons show there stupidity by kicking me out , for showing them an enemy kingdoms claims about me.

11:44:15 Jul 20th 11 - Mr. Soul The Third:

You should discuss this with dragon thoh i agree its a mistake from both sides thoh mostly ours for not reading who has sent it and your mistake for not putting in your own comment under the actual message.

I think you can talk it out easily at the very least you have shown you were loyal.

13:21:58 Jul 20th 11 - Duke Vexille of Hinterland:

I simply joined Myrillia now. 

I was friends with them already , which is how i managed to get the message. I send it to let everyone know theres no truth to it , And although i did not explain it to everyone i sent a seperate message explaining it to Fafnir. He replied saying 'good job for telling , me , dont worry about it and prepare for OOP war' telling me to send all my forces at myrillia. 

Then when im oop he kicks me and attacks my mine. 

i find it wierd how the VICEROY named in the message wasnt kicked tho, odd right?

13:23:24 Jul 20th 11 - Duke Vexille of Hinterland:

Although i apologize, it was not fire dragons as a whole , As to the rest it probably looked a bit dodgy. However fafnir is a fool.

You (7/20/2011 12:13:14 AM)
I was meant to only send it to the vices but i think everyone got it , not sure , im not sure whos speaking , jason of antioch is my other character and it was posted on the forums , so i took it from there , they say theres a vice or someone whos going to backstab along with me , i just wanted to draw to your attention i dont know WTF there on about :S
Mr. Fafnir II (7/20/2011 2:15:18 AM)GOODBAD
ok, let it go for now, and be prepared

10:00:50 - Guardian Dragons II lead by Mr. Fafnir II attacked and plundered Speed. They took 740412 gold, 2334998 stone, 0 tree, 18850 food, 0 slaves and 954 peasants. We lost 20 Swordsmen, 0 Archers, 0 Knights, 0 Magicians, 0 Catapults and 954 peasants in the battle.

10:00:18 - Morale in Speed dropped because they are afraid Guardian Dragons II will eat them!

08:00:19 - Morale in Speed dropped because they are afraid Guardian Dragons II will eat them!

07:00:12 - We are no longer under protection!

04:55:10 - Fafnir II kicked you from the kingdom!

14:25:27 Jul 20th 11 - Mr. Soul The Third:

i dont know about any of that so i am not gonna say anything.

15:33:26 Jul 20th 11 - Mr. Raxxx:

Hey,Soul my city lies in the middle of Myrillia's core XD 

as soon as i get OOP i will attack XD (42 clicks)

17:00:09 Jul 20th 11 - Mr. Soul The Third:

all their cities are in the open you could say i am in the core as well :P

01:22:31 Jul 21st 11 - Mr. Fool:


What a terrible series of events OOP.

02:52:15 Jul 21st 11 - Mr. Soul:

he joined the enemy became their leader and is running amok in our core gj.

03:49:41 Jul 21st 11 - Mr. Mole:

Totally new to this game and very glad I was put on the other side of world.

08:40:51 Jul 21st 11 - Duke Vexille of Hinterland:

No , I joined Myrillia because you kicked me and attacked me. Im the most experienced in Myrillia which is why im the leader now. 

I was FRIENDS with Myrillia which is why when you kicked me i went to them. I never denied my friendship.

12:35:18 Jul 21st 11 - Mr. Soul:

i am not dragon but still what you guys are doing is no fun betraying and go on sending little armies take cities then raze them to the ground then asking everyone else to just build GT because our production is getting ruined by someone that sents his own letter of betrayal to the hole kingdom and finds it weird that he gets kicked thats how i see the story go right now.

08:42:53 Aug 1st 11 - Syd Vicious (Mr. Nostradamus):

who was making fun of the handicapped? :(

23:51:17 Aug 13th 11 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Duke Vexille of Hinterland):

Myrillia has disbanded , due to the large quantity of players not doing fuck all , a larger majority refusing to return cities. There are only 4 players , with the exception of me doing anything and one of them was simply going around , refusing to return cities , not listening to a thing and working for his own best interest. 

Sorry to the other 3 players who WERE helping , however i was forced to disband the kingdom by the fact that due to players not returning cities i was left with a LARGE upkeep cost , from spamming swordsmen to protect the southern cities , which do NOT belong to me , and no income due to soki taking my first few mines from crazy instead of returning , and oldman crow , EVEN AFTER BEING TOLD NOT TO TAKE IT BECAUSE I COULD TAKE IT BACK MYSELF , taking my other mine , leaving me with no income. 

I find it funny that Myrillia where the first kingdom to attack , and yet only me and Soki are on the most fearsome list. Achi and Glanias have been doing alot recently and death lord draven pitched armies to help defend EVENTUALLY , however the rest of the kingdom done practically nothing. Considering we was originally a ten man KD before i dropped one farmer. We was still a 7 man kingdom when i disbanded however.

08:38:43 Aug 16th 11 - Syd Vicious (Mr. Nostradamus):

will the non-voters please vote so we know whats going on with the map in that respect at least

Armageddon has been cast in your world!

Currently 19 people wants the age to end, 11 does not, and 10 people has not voted.

too many kingdom hoppers on this map to even try and sort what is happening with that lol 

09:48:47 Aug 16th 11 - Dan the Epic (Mr. Dorthmarg):

Wow. What an interesting series of events that took place in Midgard. xD

I can't believe Myrillia lost so harshly >.<. I also can't believe the current highscore KD list xD

09:58:21 Aug 16th 11 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Lightshield II):

Myrillia lost? I thought FD and them were the last ones and Myrill beat them o.o

Forgive my change of heart oldmancow ;)

18:50:34 Aug 16th 11 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Duke Vexille of Hinterland):

We never lost , The kingdom disbanded and joined other kingdoms 

00:08:01 Aug 17th 11 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Lightshield II):

But then what happened to FD?

02:00:50 Aug 17th 11 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Duke Vexille of Hinterland):

We killed them 

09:44:00 Aug 19th 11 - Mr. Alchemist:

WTF. Why does not voting actually give VETO right?

10:38:01 Aug 19th 11 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

According to Zeta;  For arma to initiate right away the following must be matched:

The amount of votes for must be greater than the amount of both votes against including people who have yet to vote (by twice the amount maybe I'm not sure; I deleted my messages, the one from zeta included).  As well, as long as 2 people vote no there is no chance of Arma being initiated until the arma clock hits 0.

22:47:05 Aug 19th 11 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Lightshield II):

So Myrillia killed FD, then the drageos and IA came up and kicked your asses?

00:08:39 Aug 20th 11 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Duke Jas Asagba of Astarac):

No , Myrillia killed FD , then Myrillia disbanded , half joined IA and half joined spastics , none of the myrillia members are dead except me , and i never died i restarted to join GODLIKE

00:13:07 Aug 20th 11 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Lightshield II):

You restarted... close enough :P

00:21:05 Aug 20th 11 - Grandmaster Of Imperia (Duke Jas Asagba of Astarac):

I still had a city (which still hasnt been taken) with over 55K knights in it , and over 10 mil in stone , and over 15 mil in gold (although admittedly no food lol and no actual income anymore) , the city was FAR removed from any fighting so yes....i restarted.

14:24:41 Aug 21st 11 - Mr. Alchemist:

Currently 22 people wants the age to end, 10 does not, and 5 people have not voted.

22 is more than 10+5, so not voting = VETO.

22:33:51 Aug 23rd 11 - Crowley (Mr. Half Blood The Late Starter):

Nice era everyone...way to hang on SA..another couple of days and things would of really got interesting with all the armies moving in the south :-P


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