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Midgard age 6
10:55:56 Apr 5th 11 - Mr. Maraudr Die Kill Die:

No-one looked like they were going to make this so I did. :3 How are we all? Oh and can somone post the KD scores, I'm KDless so I cant see them.

00:01:49 Apr 6th 11 - Mr. Half Blood The Insane:

join a KD then ;-p

Kingdoms in Midgard
Insane Asylum 10 Ms. Luca Lunacy 100
Beothuk 8 Mr. Croksrevege 55
Teutonic Knights 8 Mr. Zonga V 48
OutLawZ 4 Master Cloutier 31
Bushido 3 Mr. Sha Tan Cluu 12
British Petroleum 3 Mr. Glacial Till 7
Hell Angels 4 Mr. Firefox 5
bumhole appreciation homogheys 8 Mr. Complete Utter Twat 4

03:45:39 Apr 6th 11 - Puppy Smurf:

I can jun kd?!?!?! :((

11:36:29 Apr 6th 11 - Mr. Mielo:

I'd pick the last kingdom ...

21:55:54 Apr 6th 11 - Mr. Glacial Till:

BP only got 1 member atm. gonna be doing a number on these midargian punks. Join up if your untagged or spawning on midgard.

I'm feckin bored ere on me own

23:47:44 Apr 6th 11 - Mr. Lan Almandragoran:

Miller time?

10:14:25 Apr 7th 11 - Sir Bobbieslaps:

Carling an Magners time!

20:22:03 Apr 9th 11 - Mr. Zonga V:

Kingdoms in Midgard
Insane Asylum10Ms. Luca Lunacy130
Teutonic Knights8Mr. Zonga V100
Beothuk8Mr. Croksrevege96
OutLawZ7Mr. Prime42
British Petroleum10Mr. Glacial Till26
Bushido3Mr. Sha Tan Cluu25

06:15:47 Apr 11th 11 - Mr. Wargasm:

most of us were busy fighting and dealing with people backstabbing so happened to be to busy doing others things then post on a dead forum but things have grown calm right before the storm so I've got a little bit of time to ready before we launch our invasion on the enemies that tried to grab victory from our hands.

Insane fought us honorably but Oulawz will only find hatred on their doorstep.  Anyone harboring betrayers and deserters will only find destruction.


18:49:26 Apr 12th 11 - Mr. Zonga V:

outlaws are almost out of the fight
Insane asylum  vs Beothuk
Teutonic knights vs Bushido

18:54:42 Apr 13th 11 - Mr. Glacial Till:

someone buy tree ffs!   : /

build your people some new homes, taverns and brothels..or light fires! 

cheap, cheap!

21:32:48 Apr 17th 11 - Mr. Glacial Till:

people, hear me now. 

Stop building lumbermills...i will sell you tree at a loss. I bought all your ghey midgardian tree earlier in era and have 35mil for sale.

just buy my shizzle

02:46:52 Apr 28th 11 - Mr. Nuetron:

Whats happeningin Midgard Topics all gone quiet any action?

19:45:15 May 5th 11 - Mr. Glacial Till:

Yeh, there's a few wars finished and a few ongoing. ..

Bushido vs Crazy & BP
Crazy vs Beothuk
BP & Dark Angels & Knights of the old Republic vs Teutonic Knights

anyone playing Midgard next era and looking for a kingdom?
BP are looking for apps...

04:30:01 May 6th 11 - Mr. Earp:

Knights of the Old Republic are too, and they are way better than BP... we havent caused a single oil spill in our entire existence!! =P

21:07:56 May 8th 11 - Mr. Smoke Fat Doobies:

on the new midgard lookin to join a KD tht is there :)
anyone wnts me im there ^_^


21:32:05 May 8th 11 - Mr. Jedi Padawan of Yoda:

SFD, its liu bei here. Join skullz.

22:16:11 May 8th 11 - Mr. Smoke Fat Doobies:

sweet mann will do :D
not played with you for ages mann

03:41:18 May 9th 11 - Ms. Jennaside:

Have a great era guys .Ill be moving Beothuk to a non 50 world .. best of luck to you all ..ofc it wont be as much fun with us around but im sure you guys can stir up some of your own   s h i t  :D

07:41:43 May 9th 11 - Mr. Frank Castle II:

Knights of the Old Republic is recruiting on Midgard now as well. Anyone interested can send us an application. Good luck to all in the new era!!

08:02:32 May 9th 11 - Mr. Phil Harris:

Are you the Frank Castle from The Alliance all those eras ago?

08:59:56 May 9th 11 - Mr. Frank Castle II:

Yes I am =) I remember you from back then as well, you should join up!

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