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Midgard and Latha closing
17:48:41 Apr 4th 14 - Stirlin (Prince Brannigans Law):

Zeta fancy going to the next step and closing all the worlds but Fant, Mant, Zeta and a noob world?

The player base is shockingly low for the amount of maps.

Reduce max chars to just two to enable people to play on the top worlds and experiencethe old style on zeta

17:55:23 Apr 4th 14 - Bran (Mr. Shaolin Bran):

i agree with brannigans law

18:42:34 Apr 4th 14 - Zond (General of Vus Tactics):


19:17:18 Apr 4th 14 - Globey (Sir Erush Isethendock):

I'd suggest seeing how things play out with the already reduced number of worlds. I definitely think a tiered lesser world system is necessary to ease a player into gradually more intense environments; there are also players who don't enjoy going balls to the wall with the much more competitive nature of higher worlds.

Reducing the max chars won't solve your alleged underpopulation either.

20:20:39 Apr 4th 14 - Mr. Samual:

Might as well throw in my thoughts, less than a week ago now I came back after what, nearly 2, 3 years since last playing the game. I was thrown onto Latha, which to be honest is rather empty. Although, it was nice not to have a pressured start the lack of, well, anything happening really on the map I could see would turn a few people away from the game. I'd personally like to see Latha, Midgard, Talents and Armageddon all merged into one map, creating a more concentrated group of players rather than spread out across the maps. For me, it would give the view of a more exciting, competitive game as well as creating a more enjoyable one.

However, despite myself knowing what to do in the game, the big thing I noticed after coming back was the lack of any guidance or tutorial as to what to do. For me this is what turns most people away from the game. I admit having been around to experience the old tutorial that wasn't exactly informative, but it was something. Just expecting new people to join the game and learn from other players or browse the forums in search for guidance is straight away going to put a lot of people off sticking with the game. I'd introduce a new, well designed, informative and fun to play tutorial for the game. This would ease people into the game and give them a lot of enthusiasm to keep playing in my opinion.

My last point is perhaps just a personal thing, but to make the game when you first come onto the site a little more visually appealing, something that gets a person's imagination going a little wouldn't go a miss. If I was looking through the eyes of someone coming onto here for the very first time, I could understand them thinking it was perhaps somewhat bland and boring. That's about all this game really needs for me, no massive overhaul, just simple but a few effective changes.

04:47:22 Apr 5th 14 - TheBornLoser (Mr. The Dung Beetle):

I both agree and disagree with Brannigans Stirlin's post. I agree that at least one more map, Talents, should be closed. I disagree with his full suggestion that all maps except Fantasia, Mantrax, Zetamania and a noob world be closed.

I can't speak for others, but I will be returning to play the game again sometime in the future. When I do so, I only intend to play on a lower level world that has a 10 player / kingdom cap. I have absolutely no intention of playing on any upper worlds where high intensity, focus and precision is required, and where there is no limit to kingdom sizes. I also believe that several of the folks I hope to be playing with do not intend to get into the grind of Fantasia level playing. Those days are far behind us already.

So please keep Starta, Nirvana and Valhalla open. A map with several 10 men / women kingdoms can have its moments of interest and fun. Just ensure that we have less cluster-effs then is currently the norm.

08:18:40 Apr 5th 14 - Globey (Sir Erush Isethendock):

I had made an intelligent and insightful follow-up post to my previous one, but it appears to have disappeared through some dark magic. Essentially, it went on to state what TBL said.

09:57:42 Apr 6th 14 - Mr. The Doctor:

First, I wanted to say that I still consider myself a noob. That said, when I joined on one of the lower worlds, I didn't think it helped much. Almost left the game since a large kd(won't mention names) totally owned me and was frankly rude in communications. I was lucky enough to have a kd on a upper world take me in and teach me. I think it was better for me to be under the protection and guidance of several experienced players. Maybe start a system like the guides but call them mentors. Maybe offer bts or something for more experienced players to take new players and show them the ropes. Just my thoughts :)

21:42:03 Apr 7th 14 - Teirdel (Mr. Seraph The Fox):

We have guides whose exact job is to do that. How they get informed im unaware though I honestly believe we should make the front page more appealing (great idea but someone above), have a tutorial set up or if not at the very leastmake the guides page on the very front.

02:12:47 Apr 8th 14 - Mr. Joebob The Magnificent:

Why cant we just go back to when the world were connected. Or just connect the upper worlds and keep the lower worlds divided. This way all the experienced players will be able to duke it out and the new players can still learn through trail and error with people on their own level. once they think they are ready they can come up. 

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