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Mogrox Era Dunno
20:00:33 Jan 14th 12 - kzoolczat (Mr. Moglolrox):

Here to help you Mogroxian Nooblets

Brotherhood of Nod

Kingdom Banner

Name: Brotherhood of Nod
Members: 2
Created: 1/14/2012 7:30:11 PM
Leader: Mr. Moglolrox

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The Brotherhood of Nod is a mysterious and highly militant Abrahamic society of ancient origins. Throughout its struggle with GDI, Nod is shown possessing characteristics of a vast religious movement, a multinational corporation and a decentralized nation-state, while being none of the three in itself. The globalized brotherhood is led by a mysterious man known only as Kane


20:01:15 Jan 14th 12 - kzoolczat (Mr. Moglolrox):

send an app if your new to the game and wanna learn basics 

20:07:54 Feb 21st 12 - Mr. Ignis Moldiner:

someone cast arma

21:00:10 Feb 21st 12 - kzoolczat (Mr. Taclooc):

^ what he said.

19:08:15 Feb 22nd 12 - Mr. Ignis Moldiner:

I declare against White Rose :) so lets the fun start

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