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Mortal Kombat Recruiting
08:34:29 Aug 27th 08 - Mr. Sub Zero:


Mortal Kombat

Kingdom Banner

Name: Mortal Kombat
Members: 2
Tag: MK
Created: 8/22/2008 7:07:22 AM
Leader: Mr. Sub Zero



Next Era will be Zetamania

  Looking for Players with 4 or more era Exp. playing .

  Looking for people with leadership abilities .
 (You have been a KD ruler and the kingdom disbanded or have been
an Active Vice for "X" era )

  Accepting  Orc , Elf and Human Only . (2 Spots For Elf ) . 

We will stay in zeta until we are running strong and move up to Mantrax and Fantasia as we progress in skill .

08:49:25 Aug 27th 08 - Lord Random:

y no dwarves? =(

08:51:40 Aug 27th 08 - Sir Chucky:

if you scroll down enough you can see them at the bottom of the page :P

Kingdoms in Armageddon
FAFaith19Mr. Elendur6
KoGKingdom of Goddin11Mr. Vascotis2
ANZACSouthern Cross5Mr. Vicarious2
OORAHMilitary2Mr. Military1
BriefBrief Agony2Mr. Grawl1
WESWesnoth Empire2Mr. Delfadore1
ATA2Ms. Helena The Wise0
BLSBlack Label Society1Mr. Death Proof0
TCTemple Crusaders3Mr. Domntr0
dethhells rejected blood avengers1Mr. Iggymydog0
BTBurnt2Mr. Spawn0
FALLFallen Angels2Mr. Jesus Christ0
KIEKingdom Of Immortal Eyes11Mr. Axies0
G Gaul2Mr. Gaul Recruiter0
MonkeyThe Holy Order OF Monkeys1Mr. Benji IV0
XFExForce3Mr. Exiablade0
HellHell Spawn1Mr. Bling0
lldead men2Mr. Blake Wallace0
CheckScore Check1Mr. Meekas0
MKMortal Kombat2Mr. Sub Zero0

22:09:24 Aug 27th 08 - Duke Argyle:

Awsome Mortal Kombat, I advice you to read my guide with some tips about starting a kingdom, you would have great use of it...

22:33:27 Aug 27th 08 - Mr. Military:

Military FTW :)

00:11:20 Aug 28th 08 - Mr. Sub Zero:

   We Formed the Kingdom at the end of the era , Ignorance ftw ...

00:19:27 Aug 28th 08 - Mr. Sub Zero:

  We Also Have more than 2 members , but like i said the kingdom was formed in the last week of the era .


06:36:17 Aug 28th 08 - Lord Nephilim The Redeemer:

BT Burnt 2 Mr. Spawn 0


OMFG Burnt ..........

09:05:01 Aug 28th 08 - Sir Chucky:

BOO! burnt sucks :P

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