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Most Favorite Kingdoms
16:55:53 Jan 26th 23 - Sir Vytautas Didysis:

Which kingdoms are your favorites, whether they are new or old, that you would like to see return or that you enjoyed playing with or against?

I would love to play again with: 

Carnage, Peacekeepers or BoW  

 I would also love to see the return of : 

Legacy, Abydos

16:57:28 Jan 26th 23 - Phat (Grand Moff Cute Newb):

MAD used to be respected... would be interesting to see if they can ever be again.

I miss Elements too!

16:57:43 Jan 26th 23 - Phat (Grand Moff Cute Newb):

Oh man, or RoC. 

17:04:58 Jan 26th 23 - Princess Yasmina:

Gladiators, Rebirth, Guild of the Fallen, KoH, Odyssey, RoC.

17:51:34 Jan 26th 23 - Mr. Siegfried The Sort of Returned:

BoW was an amazing group to play against!

18:00:53 Jan 26th 23 - Divine Prince Kathandrion (Prince Kathandrion of Old Imperia):

Think we can all agree iok was the best lool

18:17:31 Jan 26th 23 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):


Even back in 2013 there was a multi issue
Notice how we would write back in the day

You (7/1/2013 10:59:59 AM)
Lord Esmeralda,

It is with great concern that I write to you, it is regarding the outbreak of cloning in the world of Fantasia. It seems that one man has made an army of generals made out of his clones. They are trying to control the entire realm fighting everyone on their way. Cloning has been banned by most kingdoms, most realms, so I ask for advice what can be done to prevent this from continuing. We have to unite, stand tall against this threat, and defeat the clones once and for all!

Dark Spawn, soldier of the Mirror
Marquess Hartmut (7/1/2013 11:54:22 PM)GOODBAD
Dear Mr. Dark Spawn,

I brought to the attention of my council this urgent matter, unfortunately my council sees no cause for believing it's ancient dark magic, but, believe its the job of a well trained Illusionist.

I will send my personal aide, Sir Carius, a well trained mage whom will analyze the situation, and, if possible, dispel the magic spell of 'cloning' from this Illusionist.

Please bring to my attention anything that happens that you deem worthy of report.

Marquess Esmeralda, Lord of Erinberg

14:08:44 Jan 27th 23 - Sir Vytautas Didysis:

I remember when Mirror broke our agreement and they slaughtered us lol

Rebirth was mix between Carnage and PKS as I remember..

15:39:38 Jan 27th 23 - HorusPanic (Sir Horus C):

in no partiular order

Black Flag

15:46:07 Jan 27th 23 - HorusPanic (Darth Shimah):

For BoW: I haven't seen Drakos in some time or any of my fellow wolves in quite some time.

For RoC: There was the Kevdwayne-era and the post-Kev era. With kev, and folks like JD, McMax, Wraith, Ery, Basio this was a formidable group. Always scrappy and surprising. Post-RoC we took turns trying to steer the ship in largely FW controlled waters. I don't know if I'd run it back again.

For MAD: Have my only Fant win with MAD. Aloy always gave me an open door policy. Nothing but respect for MAD.

For Relentless: Had some really fun eras in a really well run clan. In today's game its tough to appreciate how much coordination used to go in to it.

For BF, I like that it has come back on Fant. I'll keep it going for as long as I play. The roster features Hamish: 
1547 days

15:47:23 Jan 27th 23 - HorusPanic (Darth Shimah):

Also special mention to Feckers.

Igniz, Bling, i think a few already mentioned players.

It was always awesome. Always flying by the seats of our pants.

19:37:00 Jan 27th 23 - Konspyre (Captain Ardboyz):

Clearly Cease to Exist.
There's gotta be one kingdom that taught the game to each player, and C2E was the one for me :)

Would also like to see some proper solo play kingdoms like Gladiators/BF/Dendarii, though they weren't always solo kingdoms :P

20:27:20 Jan 27th 23 - Mr. Fark You:

FEAR , Beothuk Evil Ops and RVL. FEAR was a mixture of HIV and RVL players. Beo was Jenna’s crew wit all sorts of top players in it.. as for RVL they taught me how to play the game nothing but respect for them..

00:23:40 Jan 28th 23 - Mr. Pointbreak The Whisper:

Fightclub formed a great kingdom

06:45:04 Jan 30th 23 - Nayoke the Kid (Mr. Nayoke Longbeard):

Remember having fun in my time with Abydos and Shaolin Monks and Kingdom of Heaven on the lower worlds

11:41:17 Jan 30th 23 - heroix (Mr. Heroix):


16:02:57 Jan 30th 23 - Jarl (Jarl The Newb Hunter):



Back when blockers were actually used. 

16:14:07 Jan 30th 23 - Sir Vytautas Didysis:

I remember! Was in Carnage at that time. 

00:25:47 Feb 11th 23 - Mr. Pointbreak The Whisper:

Dorian Empire Never got a mention I pretty sure they where round same time as Abydos also Foundation where pretty huge also.

Guild of the fallen I had a stint with too.

I liked the way you started on one Map built up and then the maps began to open and kingdoms would cross and challenge each other.
This was where proper relations where needed with the kingdoms you landed beside and NAP agreements diplomacy really got you out of a hole back then.
sometimes You had greed with kingdoms on certain maps and they would swallow up the kingdoms on the map they land and try conquer all maps.
I really liked the format back then as you really did have to prepare for the open map concept and building relations was always fun.

10:11:27 Feb 14th 23 - Lord Caedus:

I use to really love the fact that walls were possible. 

03:50:02 Mar 9th 23 - Sable (Marquess Sable The Returned):

RoC was a good one. I was with them and Kev for one Era. It's crazy to me how this game had stayed with so many people. I haven't played for 5 years. Making a return this Era though.

Does anyone actually remember Black Chain?

04:11:37 Mar 9th 23 - Revolution (Lord Ulric Pendragon):

I loved that old crew. I also loved the short but well executed KBW/KoC days. 

22:18:56 May 3rd 23 - Duke Drakos:

Thanks for mentioning the wolves, friend's and foe's. 

Playing with, PKS, LDK, a few others I cannot remember.

A nod to the first kingdom I was in as a new player and stayed with till the 3 man Kd era broke it up , Saiyan Empire.

Battling, Lgc/Dark Blood, Carnage, Abydos

 Karac and I have been kicking around the idea of BoW making a return. 

07:56:23 May 4th 23 - Sir Vytautas Didysis:

Welcome back Drakos! Long time no see! 

Don't think too long, bring back PeaceKeepers! :) 

07:56:23 May 4th 23 - Sir Vytautas Didysis:

Welcome back Drakos! Long time no see! 

Don't think too long, bring back PeaceKeepers! :) 

11:38:04 May 4th 23 - Konspyre (Captain Jaster):

Welcome back Drakos! Long time no see! 

Don't think too long, bring back PeaceKeepers! :)

11:08:31 May 6th 23 - Mr. Napoleon The First Imperor:

Welcome back Drakos! Long time no see! 

Don't think too long, bring back PeaceKeepers! :)

20:25:26 Jun 9th 23 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

My personal favourite is MAD

Simply out of respect for holding the banner up all this time

With an explosion of players I’d love to see them in the top three

I’m sentimental about my own first kingdom Trio from the three musketeers to the musketeers after going to the “second division” to recruit & train with each other for three era’s simply to conquer fant

Although after 3 era’s together we was not at our best & the stamina was wearing out we moved up to fant vs Legacy we managed to knock them out with the help of an ally

I’d write it on my CV if employers respected the sweat & tears that went into that👊

Big up

I love ya’ll 

Special note to sprout & carnage, (maybe BOW, I don’t have the best memory) for taking me under their wing in my first year

20:32:49 Jun 9th 23 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

Big love to all who played with me in trio👊❤️

21:19:12 Jun 9th 23 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

Also MAD just because the eclectic meanings, I love or shoes I fit😂😎👊❤️🔥🤓🤌🤟

22:25:38 Jun 9th 23 - Mr. Napoleon The First Orc Imperor:

<3 ❤️❤️❤️

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