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Mr. Sin the lyin bastered
14:35:46 Oct 18th 07 - Mr. Anubis II:

this guy is a dik he been rippin my name what he says is bull crap i gave them 48 notice and then i attack after the 48 hr is tha so wrong

14:46:31 Oct 18th 07 - Mr. Sin:


There was more people in that chat when we talked.

You didnt notice anything in 48 hours.

Just attacked and broked NAP.

Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks taht you are unhonorable and unrespectable person.

Grow up, dude...

18:16:08 Oct 18th 07 - Mr. Anubis II:

yur just a *beep* i gave you 48 hr warning

you had  a *beep* kd and i did everythin right


you the unhonorable baggin out other players

18:23:27 Oct 18th 07 - Mr. Acelnorst:

I must agree with Sin (as I usually make a lot of them, lol)

19:18:08 Oct 18th 07 - Mr. Vengence Returns:

ur a traitor annubis, remember guerillas u piece of *beep*

20:53:37 Oct 18th 07 - Mr. Squiddy:

I know sin, I don't think he'd do something like this, but I have seen you around and judging by the complete absence of grammar or correct spelling in your posts, I would say you are more likely to be in the wrong :P

21:01:39 Oct 18th 07 - Mr. Sin:

Poor english is better than calling other 'you fukin nub' or something like this, as some of Anubis messages.

And why should I lie? He has reason - because of losing his respect. Only that he started defending and blunder about something like 48 hours. There wasn't anything like that. His kingdom have just attacked us.

P.S. I'm bored of repeating it many times...

00:14:16 Oct 19th 07 - Mr. Squiddy:

Right, well..... for some reason, Sin, you seemed to think I was defending Anubis, when I clearly wasn't... oh well.

See you all around : /

00:28:15 Oct 19th 07 - Mr. Chimey The Chonga:

Squiddy, why do you always comment on peoples' grammer? Did I raise you to be an grammer obsessed ass?

12:17:57 Oct 19th 07 - Mr. Crissxcross:

And why should I lie? He has reason - because of losing his respect.

Btw Sin, you can't lose what you have never earned ;)

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