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Ms Jacktheripper
14:56:45 Dec 31st 07 - Sir Tnega Htims:

I've never started an anti-singleplayer thread before, but anyone with a decent KD on Mantrax, watch out for Ms Jacktheripper.

When we arrived she was in Freedom.  As soon as she came under attack she bailed and, because they disbanded shortly after, she was allowed to join us because we assumed it was part of the KD breakup.

She has since sat and farmed, complaining a few times on forum that she's "dead poor" and "has been almost ruined" by DR attacks, while at the same time posting production figures which were up to 3X what Lady T and I have been fighting with.

In short, she's sat farming, building up troops, and doing nothing at all for the KD.

DR have just successfully hit a merge of ours and she's left our KD - we wait in interest to see if DR accept her.  So far they've played a good, fair, and honourable game.  It'd be disappointing if they spoil it now by taking in our second traitor of the era!

15:01:15 Dec 31st 07 - Lady Tnega Spmalc:

Now was this to gain info for her jump, or has she for the past few days whilst she rebuilt her towns with DR armies walking straight past them been handing DR information to stay alive

Ms. Jacktheripper [] (12/31/2007 2:41:18 AM) GOOD BAD
Lol what do you have in there thats keeping them all at bay hahah

23:40:44 Dec 31st 07 - Sir Dead Oralive:

yea another thread lol well thats 2 down wonder how many more we can come up with. Lady T has spoken in the politics OMG!

00:53:51 Jan 1st 08 - Mr. Sparemylifeplz:

"I hated this kingdom I had no choice but to join or die."

04:57:30 Jan 5th 08 - Mr. Meowman:

lol its a game u idjit ripper. u can respawn. helpin ur friends and bein loyal is more important.

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