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Multi Sweep
14:51:43 Aug 12th 14 - Arkantos (Mr. Highntired):

Hey Zeta I think it's about time for a multi-sweep, Im not going to point fingers but i feel we have a few among us.

15:24:45 Aug 12th 14 - Ms. Tiamat:

Palpy is not my multi I swear! 

19:17:38 Aug 12th 14 - Legend (I am The Forgotten Halfling):

I think Binh is a multi of Fordius

19:51:55 Aug 12th 14 - Duke Chade The Animal:

dalak is a multi of stormy...

shyers is a multi of bran!

04:14:29 Aug 13th 14 - Arkantos (Mr. Highntired):

I am a multi of everyone named above,

05:24:02 Aug 13th 14 - Mr. Palpy The Pony:

haha being called a multi, never gets old ))

Have you hugged your multi today?

00:02:56 Aug 14th 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyizerwizer):

"shyers is a multi of bran!"

Nope, wrong again legend is my muilti, but zond is his muilti, but zonds muilti is binh but we are all muiltis of swiffer. 

There, its all been swept out, I feel so ashamed, forgive me arkantos

05:33:57 Aug 14th 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

zond's multi is binh?

i'll uninstall this game right now

05:48:35 Aug 14th 14 - Ms. Tiamat:

theres a way to install?

10:12:58 Aug 14th 14 - Polydeuces (Konig Polydeuces):

yes go here,

13:00:56 Aug 14th 14 - shyers (Mr. Shyamwow):

Okay, I installed the game, entered in my cc, email login and password, and drivers license number but why is it now asking for my shoe size?

13:26:26 Aug 14th 14 - Duke Chade The Animal:

so that the game knows which multi to use when it wants to kick someone's butt

02:08:42 Aug 15th 14 - shyers (Grandmaster Shyizerwizer):

I thought maybe zeta wanted to know bout my endowment

06:33:16 Aug 15th 14 - Mr. Rabbut:

lmfao. this thread is great. If only people knew I manage 20 accounts

16:46:27 Aug 15th 14 - Mr. Haseo:

you just told us

16:49:02 Aug 15th 14 - Arkantos (Mr. Highntired):

I didn't hear anything,

03:38:44 Sep 28th 14 - Mr. Greedy Fat Cat:

i smell multi's

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