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MultiPlant in Imperium
15:15:26 May 17th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Sorcerer Supreme):

To be clear, Imperium is not blaming zerks for Chin's actions. Posting this new topic so as not to spam the Fanta thread.

Here is the case for Gream being a multi
TLDR: Multi joins Imperium, plants itself for easy take by Chinngus. Evidence below.

So recently we have had a new member join us in Elysium (teaching KD in Val) and then later in Imperium:

Message from Stud Gream (dead)
Kingdom Application (to Elysium)

Stud Gream (dead) (4/27/2022 10:57:11 PM)    GOOD    BAD
Stud Gream wants to join your kingdom; Elysium. This is his reason to join:
Hello, i am new. Was invited by Mr. Ancient in the fant map while ago to his Valhalla kingdom.

While it's a bit weird that someone came out of nowhere, I do invite a bunch of new/untagged, so I didn't think much of it. After playing a week or two on Elysium, he wanted to join Imperium, and while I was hesitant since he was new and wasn't the most active in Valhalla, he seemed genuine and excited:

This will come in later

George Edward (dead) (5/12/2022 9:24:25 AM)    GOOD    BAD
George Edward wants to join your kingdom; Imperium. This is his reason to join:
Hola The Ancient,

I had a chat with you few eras ago. You invited me to your kd but i wasn't really active back then. I'm a returner & can play any role except magics 😛 Will follow your lead.

Konstant ó 05/13/2022
What race do you have in mind?
Fantasia is a also an unrelenting and typically inhospitable place for newer players, which is why we have Elysium to get a few eras under people's belt.

Fantasia needs either more experience or generally a bit more activity, if you think you like the game and will be more active (like 4 log ins a day, spread through day for instance) would be happy to being you on 🙂

Iceland's SOLO Hunter ó 05/13/2022
Ahhh awesome. Yeah, i can be that much active.
I'll pause other games if needed
I'll apply and create another character then with "Gream"
Will i apply now if you online?

Stud Gream (dead) (5/13/2022 2:30:56 AM)    GOOD    BAD
Hello The Ancient! I'm Stud Gream, was my first era in val Ely. As you know, i was bit active at beginning & was in HoH few times in val. But afterwards, wasn't much active & wasted tons of golds due bad to science distribution. So pretty much gone backwards.

I do want to play in Fantasia & learn the game further! If you give me a chance, I'd like to play with Imperium. Thanks.

Also pm'ed you from Discord.


The first somewhat off thing which happened was we decided that he would play Troll, but then he "accidentally" chose Dwarf:

Gream Ghost Gole ó 05/13/2022
Idk what happened. Was it a bug? I choosed Troll, then i choose a name. Clicked restart. System said "This name already exit". Then i choose another character name & instantly click on Restart. But now I'm Dwarf. Is there any way to edit race now? @Konstant/Gilgalad/Gilgalad

Konstant/Gilgalad ó 05/13/2022
No. It's ok, stick with dwarf.

So he dropped his dwarf city. He was very highly active on the 13th (image attached), day of the drop, but then fell more or less absolutely silent (image attached). Looking back at it now, you can see (image attached) that he went absolutely silent in Valhalla, but then became very active on Fantasia. I tried to keep talking to him, but he stopped responding completely.




I asked him to prepare for OOP:

You (5/15/2022 2:09:09 PM)
Have 2k GTs in your city at least; as dwarf you should have 3k+ though. Have the GTs up by first tick of OOP.

This is where it gets interesting. First he sends me this:

Gream Ghost Gole (dead) (5/15/2022 1:24:22 PM)    GOOD    BAD
Sorry i am not gonna be that active for few days. I have to go on a long tour to another continent.

Then get this in forums:

04:45:41 May 17th 22 - Mr. Gream Ghost Gole:

I'm gonna go off from fant. It's too much to take on both worlds. Sorry for the trouble. 

Is the resign feature works? 

and then this this morning:
Character news
05:37:24 - Gream Ghost Gole has left your kingdom!


Then he resigned in Valhalla (image attached). Please notice that he said he was going on a long tour and won't be active for a few days and then in the KD msgs he said "vacation". Also said that he didn't want to play both worlds, but left both worlds. One of our players then caught Chin literally a few minutes after using 3 BTs to insta-take the city (image attached). Keep in mind we had 10k Gaia in the city, so he had to leave the KD so that his city would be exposed without defenses.

Mining Colony
City Info
Owner:    Mr. Chinggis Khan    Kingdom Banner
Size:    41573 building(s).
Kingdom:    Berzerkerz
Race:    Orc
Gates:    no gates

Anyway, in summary:
The guy comes out of nowhere to join Elysium in Val, the guy is excited to try Fantasia, and then in a matter of 12h mysteriously he quickly quits both worlds; in addition, that edward guy (msg earlier) tried to join out of nowhere as well for Imperium; he's nowhere to be found now. 


In short, this is an extremely odd situation, but I think it's fairly clear that this was a plant from Chin.  Personally, I don't think anyone in zerks knew about the plant in Imperium. 
I tried to give a lot of proof of first hand stuff. 

15:15:52 May 17th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Sorcerer Supreme):

Now he has the slaves and the econ to pump Gaia for a long, long time.

15:18:27 May 17th 22 - Death God Please Dont Cry:

Feeding failed

 Cry cry cry

Only an idiot would plant a feeding city on enemy core

Another more idiot is someone to assume so

15:24:56 May 17th 22 - Friendly Farmer Cyrone:

15:33:02 May 17th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:

Yes i recommended Sir Pircy to join. If he were there. Imp might survive.

I warn. 

15:37:53 May 17th 22 - Mr. Isnt Cyrone:

Yes Chingbaddie that is exactly what someone was supposed to discern from that! That -you- wanted Percy to join! Funny how the next day Gream Ghost Gole also asks for more players to join Imperium... he even also asks for Percy by name too! How convenient! 

I guess great minds think alike! You're so smart and good at the game Chingutts! You and PDC sure do put up a compelling defense! 

15:38:19 May 17th 22 - Mr. Gandalf The White:

A spy is a common strategy in all games. Not only oldy vu. 

You couldn't caught him. Now whine all you want. You can do nothing more but that. 

15:41:10 May 17th 22 - Mr. Isnt Cyrone:

Good one Gandalf! You're right, this is how the game was meant to be played! I'm glad the random with oddly familiar grammar came in to give his 2 cents!

15:44:41 May 17th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Sorcerer Supreme):

Yes, Cyrus. It is sus that both that Khan guy and gream have such interest in Percy.

16:25:33 May 17th 22 - Percy (Sir Brutus):

I must ask, who are you to request me by name on two accounts? Gream is supposedly new, how would he know me when Iíve posted nothing in a while? Oh, itís cause of Chinggusí post, you might say? How weird Chinggus would even post about me when I donít even know who you are?? 

And who is Chinggus anyways? To my knowledge, never fought with or against you. Account has no history to speak of, so already sus of another multi. Iíve been away for 8-ish months, played 2 eras before that, and hadnít played in roughly a year before that. So who are you?

My assumption is ď youíre here for blood onlyĒ. Super sus timing all things considered, Ivanho ;)

16:40:48 May 17th 22 - Mr. Varian Wrynn:

Don't put me just anywhere Percy.

I'm Ivanho/ Night Talon Lord Ivanho/ Varian. I've made KoA long ago so it is one of my old name. Checck KoA public forum thread for more.

And i am only Ivanho in vu. Playing in Valhalla. 

16:48:53 May 17th 22 - Percy (Sir Brutus):

Just coincidental thereís always multi claims any time youíre around is all :) observations only. When youíre gone, thereísÖ none 

16:54:17 May 17th 22 - Mr. Varian Wrynn:

I see into your issues Percy. I checked in before in forum when i wasn't even playing and saw you claiming my name! If you have a psychological problem with name "Ivanho" then you should go to a doctor.

I've officially "apologizeed" in the public forum with my pirate kd. Then i left for years and came back. And now you're still on the same phase i left before. 

I'm playing and will be play on & off with any of my well known name, but will not hide. Nothing to hide. If you still have an issue, challenge me on map. I'm currently in Val. Will move to mant later when i get free times. 

17:00:24 May 17th 22 - Percy (Sir Brutus):

If you have fully renounced you multi ways (which youíve done to me, on more than one occasion, and yet still have done it, which is why your word doesnít mean much to me these days) then Iíll halt accusations until proven otherwise. 

There can be no denying this game hasnít had a serious multi issue when youíre gone, and each time youíve come back thereís been multi issues. Iím predisposed to fault you cause youíve had a history of doing that to me directly. Canít trust someone whoís lied to my face on several occasions. 

Outside of you, no one in this game cares enough to call me out, by name, so many times. Specially not some rando I donít even know. 

17:23:37 May 17th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:

have no background. Only imp has.

You been on hoh. Led to victory more. Write an easy in forum. Always.

17:57:01 May 17th 22 - heroix (Conqueror Balzael):

Guy creates both accounts for VU and Discord, plays different world for 2 weeks just to plant a dwarf feeder straight into the Imperium's core? How stupid you have to be to buy this shit? If anything it looks more likely that your multi feeding failed as it was inside YOUR core. Who plants the fcking dwarf into enemy core to feed?

That's either some 4D chess or you failed at recruiting some random noob that then decided to quit and now whine as always blaming someone else, but yourself.

18:13:08 May 17th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:


18:16:22 May 17th 22 - Mr. Isnt Cyrone:

It's not 4D chess. It's like .5d chess where you switch out two of your pawns for two queens in plain sight, get called out on it, then try to tell the other guy it was him who cheated and he got what he deserved. Very 2head strategy. 

So basically there hasn't been any defense presented. Just incoherent babbling and a 1.5/10 straw man argument. 

18:30:30 May 17th 22 - Mr. Sman Kool:

the reason we placed no defence is because none of us even knew or cared about it..

18:35:26 May 17th 22 - Mr. Isnt Cyrone:

Well I'll simmer down for a minute, I do love to flame on the forums, but I think its not the intention to accuse Berserkers as a whole, just the individual. I don't see how anyone with a brain can look at this and not think it's suspicious. 

18:51:00 May 17th 22 - heroix (Conqueror Balzael):

The reason there's no defense is because the allegations are just so absurd.

How do you defend against such nonsense? Fly to a person who quit your kingdom and make a photo together? Even then you'd still whine it's someone pretending be him...

18:58:40 May 17th 22 - heroix (Conqueror Kwisatz Haderach):

Here we took a photo:

19:36:14 May 17th 22 - Endless (Ms. Malakh Hamavet):

I saw Kath playing on Valhalla, do you think it might be him? that Ďtourí thing sounds more like him then Ivanho imo 

19:56:22 May 17th 22 - Death God Please Dont Cry:

if i took that city before changgis did .then im the one multiing. LOLS. i was about to take it myself till i saw him BT. 

idiots are idiots. nothing u can do about it.

you guys practifcally fed like 5 cities like era and you were so quiet about it.
so much for you should burn it down. but no. you took advantage. else you would have cried losing bad.

20:48:21 May 17th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:

No they are better. Do it silently.

21:05:21 May 17th 22 - Konspyre (Captain Gers Pardoel):

Shit I got caught. I was actually Cyrus's multi all along!

21:13:54 May 17th 22 - Legend (I am Brainpower):

Konspyre wut? Werent you a multi of Konstant?

21:14:49 May 17th 22 - Konspyre (Captain Gers Pardoel):

No they take turns

21:55:30 May 17th 22 - Legend (I am Brainpower):

you dont say. didnt know that. Shocking!

00:55:24 May 18th 22 - Mr. Mavich:

This is rather funny, didn't someone from Imp accused someone from MAD last era of being "lucky" with a 90k dwarf city feed inside MADs core? then eras ago they also said something about ownage nazgul from an enemy KD inside a hot warzone was also feeding. Now, even if we kill off one of their KDmates, its also feeding.

They're really fond of their narrative, and as long as it doesn't fit with theirs, then you are cheating.

02:10:43 May 18th 22 - Konspyre (Captain Gers Pardoel):

I won't let my opinion of and approach to the Zerkers kingdom be affected by any of this, but I do want to point out that I am very specifically trying to stay away from the whole "imp vs zerkers" blind hatred where neither side looks at evidence properly and instead just picks a side without reading.

I haven't personally seen Zerkers feed since back when Holy existed on Fant, and I arguably fed on Mant like 3-4 months after that.
I'm also a certified fellow cheater because of apparent terrain bug abuse, so I have the political possibility to be on Zerkers' side for once!

That said, obvious multi dwarf with no history or explanation, still makes a 40k dwarf city after "accidentally" dropping dwarf, even specifically ignoring konstant asking for 3k GT...............
Guy comes in with no real history about who he is, instantly knows where Imp is at era start, gets a 20m plunder shortly after OOP, let alone the similar communication and weird obsession with Percy?
There's a point at which even I will go "Come on man, let's be real for a sec here"

Most Zerkers members are good guys though, will fight Konstant in DMs again any time

02:42:30 May 18th 22 - Endless (Ms. Malakh Hamavet):

pick the one that fits, 

and as always, email and/or PM Zeta immediately if you suspect multi shenanigans  
itís easier for him to check the faster you actually notify him of suspicions 

02:51:33 May 18th 22 - Konspyre (Captain Gers Pardoel):

We've tried that Zeta approach when the Ahsoka stuff happened in Val, but sadly, the accounts in question were all deleted by the time Zeta tried to check. Doubt he did more than a simple ip lookup for the char names, but still, didn't help.

I tried to /whois both of the char names i knew of the guy in question after waking up a few hours after the shit apparently happened, and it didn't exist, and there's no "Has left the Kingdom!" message in my Val kingdom, so easy to assume he left KD on fant > got taken over > deleted full account

Sadly not anything Zeta would handle

03:07:01 May 18th 22 - Mr. Mavich:

but didn't you guys have another person doing it last era? only that time, we weren't fast enough to take out his cities? that had like 4-5 decent size (5-30k) halfling cities just wee bit of oop where non-halfling had nowhere half of those, eventually you guys were able to take them out before he resigned but not after gaining some/alot(?) of stuff too right? I believe his excuse was something about RL too?

03:10:41 May 18th 22 - Konspyre (Captain Gers Pardoel):

Just to check, who is "you guys"? I was in DR both last and this era.
All I know is that I had a real time feed about the Gollum guy complaining bout his KD mates throughout that era til he essentially ragequit Imp on Fant, bc I was with him on Val and I managed to pretend to be a half-decent player for once

03:56:21 May 18th 22 - Percy (Sir Brutus):

Can confirm the rage quit on Fant from Gollum/Venus. I was an outside member looking in watching it happen, and he and I had talks about it.

When things got heated, he left and restarted to join a new KD. That isnít anywhere near multi accusations, as heís a real dude, just a guy who wanted something different and couldnít stand to finish the era. Whatís being discussed here is something else entirelyÖ who deletes their account except to hide evidence??

04:39:46 May 18th 22 - Death God Please Dont Cry:

he didnt rage quit. he left his kd. and let you think he rage quit.  fed all his cities to imp. (around 5 25600-40k, quit. then join teamb. restart near our core.  after oop eqed a bunch of our cities.

04:42:17 May 18th 22 - Mr. Mavich:

@konspyre - my bad, i thought you were from Imp.

@percy - like i said, you only believe your own narratives. We couldn't care less who it was, was it real or not. The fact is, you guys benefitted from him leaving and continued to justify it and now just because we were able to benefit from someone else leaving your KD, you blame us again. It's not our fault you accepted people with sketchy background. Stop looking someone to blame and deal with it. If it happened in reverse you wouldn't hear us whining and blaming someone in the forums, we just deal with it and move on.

04:49:30 May 18th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:


When things got heated, he left and restarted to join a new KD.

1. How do you know he is real/ not real
2. He left. That player left. How would you know at that moment he was not real.
3. What would happen if a imp player took the city. As they confirmed they were trying as well i was. Did you still whine and accuse that imp player.
4. Why are you with imp side whinning. Did they pay you.
5. If all accusation because i took the native city. Accuse Cyron who took another native city this era oop. Why you dont. Did you also investigate that. Why you didn't. 

04:51:02 May 18th 22 - Friendly Cyrones Dad:

The saddest part for me is that I legitimately thought PDC was one of the best players in the game. I defended PDC's skill on multiple occasions when everyone else was attacking it (ask my KD mates if you don't believe me), and now I see they were mostly right about the things they said. Sad I have to lose my respect for a player I thought was good at the game! Winning sure does mean a lot when everyone thinks you play a suspicious game! But at least I can have respect for his expert detective work! Now the whole world knows I'm both Jasper, Wizard/Gollum, and Cyrone! PDC you're so smart. You convinced everyone of the Gollum conspiracy despite the fact we all were in discord with him for 2 weeks and saw it first hand! You're so smart dude! You saw something no one has ever seen before! Glad you convinced your KD mates not to read the thread/evidence here or something! It's great that no one has commented on any of the evidence whatsoever! You guys put up a compelling defense. All of this evidence of this guy being extremely suspicious and talking about similar things as Chingnutty is all just circumstantial! Lightening often strikes in the same exact place multiple times! That's what they say, right? Right guys?

05:10:05 May 18th 22 - Mr. Sman Kool:

how many cities did this multi have? As far as I know chingis got 1 whole city from this guy.. where did the rest go? Did he start with only 1 city? Did zerks set up a multi in imperium to take down ONE city in an enemy core? 2 or 3 weeks planning for 1 city?   

Geez even blind Freddy could set up a multi better than that.. I seriously thought chingis got like 3 or 4 of them until I asked.. doesnít seem worth it in my opinion..

05:11:05 May 18th 22 - Mr. Mavich:

@dad or whoever you are - from our pov, again we couldn't care less. Its great you have evidence, so? what do you want us to do? wait for you guys to "take him out" just like last era? He could be a multi or not, new or pretending, for all we know you guys intentionally knew him as a multi or knew he would go inactive mid era and just plan to "take him out" sooner or later again just like last era. Anyway stop listening to your state media and see the world for what it is. There are always going to be alot of different povs, not everyone is gonna share yours. So stop whining and deal with it.

ps. i've seen a couple of native cities already all over the map, so i guess the multi sweep is done then?

05:15:02 May 18th 22 - Endless (Ms. Malakh Hamavet):

The Venus/Gollum isnít a far fetched stretch.  I give them the benefit of doubt, just like I did when they went MIA on me in two different kingdoms giving the opponent on Fant the spoils because I acted too late and giving no one on Valhalla the spoils since there was an orc to b&d the cities.  Even though they have the benefit of doubt I definitely wouldnít play with them again because a pattern is developing 

05:32:44 May 18th 22 - Mr. Isnt Cyrone:

Well what you're saying is pretty fair Mavich. Lets say this is just some random idiot noob who didn't know you can't just nope out of the game by leaving a KD... then yes, who could blame you guys for taking the city? No one.

However, there's too much evidence against the idea this guy is just some random. Insistent on joining Fant. Begs to know what side of the map we are spawning on before spawn. Specifically asks about Percy and if we are getting more players (which Chingnutty did literally the previous day on the official forums). Builds single Dwarf 40k with practically no defense despite Konstant MULTIPLE TIMES asking everyone to build GTs because its specific to our strategy this era, and "accidently" picks Dwarf. Suddenly goes on vacation "because he can't play on two worlds" and leaves KD when 10k troops from Thorebecke are in his city defending it (2 minutes later Chingnus triple BT's to the city to take it). Also leaves Valhalla kingdom despite the excuse that he can't "play on two worlds". Deletes account entirely so there's no evidence. 

Yep. Sounds like just some random guy to me! Nothing suspicious here at all!

05:37:21 May 18th 22 - Mr. Isnt Cyrone:

This is my favorite screenshot tbh. Just because now I know that Percy is so big and famous that even a NEW PLAYER knows about him! Its insane Chinggis and Gream are just on the same wavelength man! They ask about the same thing within a day of eachother!

05:37:35 May 18th 22 - Mr. Mavich:

So whose fault is it accepting him in the first place?

05:40:56 May 18th 22 - Mr. Chinggis Khan:

If he was a spy. Whose fault is it. Why it's all on us. Imp fails to tag a spy. That's absurb. And blame on us. Look at yourselves. 

05:41:53 May 18th 22 - Mr. Isnt Cyrone:

Oh yes, we should just stop accepting new players now! It's really bad for the game that Imperium accepts new players and tries to help them learn the game, and offers them tools and guides and constant question answering to help them succeed! That's TERRIBLE for the game! We should just stop because who wants new players in this game you've played for 15 years right? It's really nice that someone would potentially take advantage of that though! 

05:51:38 May 18th 22 - Mr. Mavich:

Didn't you guys whine something about Valhalla being the new player playground? and why we were there ruining it eras ago? Now, you guys whine again when we eat new players up in Fant. You guys are so good at this whining business.

Also, shouldn't it be your KD responsibility to screen players? instead of mass messaging people to fight tyranny or 'cheaters' in Fant? =p

Again, if we didn't take him out, you would eventually and try to justify it like you did last era.

05:53:37 May 18th 22 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Arma Guy):

@Mavich - please donít rope me in with the recent Imperium stuff, I havenít played since last Fall and have not been a part of any of Imperiumís affairs. Iím in their Discord to help teach, which is how I know about this, but have not been involved with any of their gameplay at all. Thatís what I meant by ďan outsider observing the situationĒ. I actually prefer being neutral, as it allows me to do what I do best: in-game testing, and that requires being semi-removed from Imperium to prevent being blinded by friends and to keep an open eye on things.

@Chinggis - 
1) Thereís a difference between sending a few messages just to ďplay the partĒ and actually being a genuine person. Wizard was that. He isnít a multi of any current player, as something wouldíve slipped by now. Unless that someone is reaaalllllyyyyy good, but thatís far too much effort for anyone to do just to rage quit a KD mid-era yet still be with those same people on Val.

2) the player who left Imperium this era promptly deleted their account. When Wizard left, he respawned and kept playing. Huge difference.

3) to be fair, I actually donít care about the city. I care about multiíing, which wouldíve prevented the city from being in question. Root cause vs symptom. As I outline below, if itís not a multi, Iím not even in this forum posting, as I donít personally care either way. Imo, ZeTa should have all cities/armies deleted for accounts that get deleted and players that resign. Thatís fixes some of these types of issues.

4) I actually donít side with Imperium on everything. Sure, some of my ideologies more closely align with theirs, but doesnít mean their every accusation I support. As Iíve said, multiíing is the thing above all else that will ruin this game. Can do almost anything else and can call it tactics or cheating, thatís up to you. But multiíing alone breaks the gameís integrity and will force this game to shrivel up and die faster than anything else. Thatís why I speak out on this. Whether you did multi or not, someone did, and thatís what matters. New players donít delete their account for going on a sudden ďvacation across the continentĒ. If thereís no outcry over this, it wouldíve only validated the move and made it acceptable to try again. Letís say youíre right and thereís no multiíing at play. Was an honest-to-goodness new player who just deleted their account by mistake trying to resign. Bringing this up now will hopefully remind the player base just how vile multiíing is. 

If we can all agree on that at a minimum, Iíd be at peace personally. What I think set people off is the lack of care about a potential multi. Yeah, Kon brought it up so it ďhas to be a conspiracyĒ, but this at least warranted looking at. There will be no resolution to this whole thing anyways, as ďdefinitive proofĒ will never exist, only evidence of potential wrong doing. Iím okay with retracting and helping all sides make amends if we can all just agree on this: multiíing will kill this game faster than any amount of admin neglect ever could. Itís why Iíve historically been so harsh on Ivanho even though, as a person, I donít think heís a bad guy at all. And if he truly is done multiíing, wouldnít mind playing with or against him again. He was a fun guy to be in a KD with, I genuinely enjoyed my eras with him.

5) Once again, I could care less about the city.

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