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01:07:17 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Bongs:

Music is a bunch of pussy's. They see me leave pbj which was a kingdo falling apart and there leaders both said they were leaving. So what you got is a dead kigndom that is finishing anyways. So i leave and join sin. I sit there and is very nice to music and do nothing wrong. Now i got them attacking me for no reason other then they want me dead.


All i got to say is *beep* YOU MUSIC and if there is a anykingdom that will be at war with music next era i want in cause i want to *beep* them up. Its hard to do when its 17 vs 1.


*beep* YOU MUSIC

01:13:26 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Angel of Death:

wow music i sense hostility towards you lol

01:16:46 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Lol, after my whole conversation with you I headed straight here. Figured you'd post something like this.....We saw Mr.Bongs leave PBJ to join SiN which was currently attacking PBJ(looked extremely cowardly to us). Here is a copied list of our conversation. (I would highly advise any kingdom that is recruiting to avoid this guy BTW).

Mr. Bongs [SiN] (11/17/2007 5:45:57 PM) GOOD BAD
im talking to your leader about joining please hold off till then!!!
You (11/17/2007 6:51:34 PM)
Unfortunately for you, your not going to be joining Music.... We already watched you betray one kingdom, we aren't going to have you betray ours. Our leader already told us we could attack you at will. Everyone else in SiN besides Nine Inch Nails are not to be attacked.
Mr. Bongs [SiN] (11/17/2007 6:53:01 PM) GOOD BAD
what kigndom did i betreay?
Mr. Bongs [SiN] (11/17/2007 6:54:02 PM) GOOD BAD
if your talking about pbj they were falling apart and they the leaders were leaving so you dont have your facts straight!
Mr. Bongs [SiN] (11/17/2007 6:59:32 PM) GOOD BAD
*beep*ing tell me you *beep*!
You (11/17/2007 7:00:05 PM)
Still, you left to join the enemy, the kingdom that was attackign you. Kind of cowardly if you ask me. Personal opinion only though I guess....Ask Spoon if you have to though, I'll give you a few ticks. But I have permission from Spoon to attack you and so does the rest of my kingdom. If someone other than me attacks you(btw, spoon's personal most powerful army that is currently top of the high scores is headed for you) then don't blame me.
Mr. Bongs [SiN] (11/17/2007 7:03:46 PM) GOOD BAD
if you ask me you guys are they *beep*ing *beep*es! You guys got recked by inactie and now hes a part of you hahah, that shows whos the *beep*es is. And i may havea whole kingdom after me but guess what *beep*! theres next era!! I have done nothing wrong but since its 1 v 17 you can say all the *beep* you want cuase we both know i will die. You havent heard the last of me you *beep*ing pussy! Good luck next era cause we will meet and i will watch you guys fall. Your only good on mantrax. I havent seen you guys do good on fan. once. And since you guys think your hot *beep* cuse of what you do on this world your wrong!
You (11/17/2007 7:08:57 PM)
You ever think of trying Spellcheck, I could barely read that. But the *beeps* kinda got the point across anyway.....I was willing to give you a grace period to contact Spoon but after that I'm going to kill you and love every minute of doing it. Mister Music is the smaller of 2 armies I have coming at you. To give a rough estimate, you have over 100k lvl 3 and higher troops coming at you from 3 of our members alone. We just rebuilt after losing everything to SiN and we are still able to completely wipe you out. Time to die.....

01:20:12 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Bongs:

Now they are going to attack me even through we all were at peace and im back in Sin. All that happened was some retard booted all of the sin members. Music didnt even give me a chance to join Sin again. All they did was attack me like i wasnet going to be joining Sin. Im not in the wrong music is. They get wiped out by inactive and guess what kingdom hes in now. If you ask me that FUNNY!

01:28:17 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

You little coward.....You were going to try and join us instead of rejoining SiN. You rejoined SiN to hide behind the NAP. My attack is going to continue unless otherwise ordered by Spoon. To the SiN leadership, this is not an attack against SiN. This is an attack against a coward who is hiding from us in your ranks. He has insulted me and Music and I cannot allow him to live.

01:32:37 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Sigheart:

So wait you just said that you were going to join Music and then join SiN because we don't want you to join and SiN will let you join? I'd be worried SiN....

01:40:30 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

Quote from myself in that conversation:"Kind of cowardly if you ask me. Personal opinion only though I guess....Ask Spoon if you have to though, I'll give you a few ticks."

I gave you a chance to try and work it out and you went and hid behind SiN instead. You also went and cussed Music out on a public thread and me and Music out in a private conversation....

01:50:20 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Bongs:

No i was waiting to get into music but when they didnt let me in the frist time i toke the invite from inactive. Then sin just broke up so i was going to talk to spoon and see about joining them and then Ruby was being a jerk so im going to stay with sin.

This all is a buch of crap and so now ive seen music true color's or least some of there members. If you think about inactive joined them so that would make them hipocrits(w.e).

01:59:56 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

We have never hated Inactive. If you read all the posts I've ever made about him all I've ever done is compliment how skilled he was in taking us down. Inactive has shown no dishonor and has proven himself very skilled in battle. I'm honored he joined us. We are allied with SiN, Inactive joining us has nothing to do with cowardice or anything else. Do not insult our honor or our skills.

02:07:19 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Bongs:

Inactive is a great player but you see my point and i know you do. All im saying is that *beep* is messed up cause i didnt do anything. He was the one that invited me into sin. I didnt do any dishonor ethier but your trying to start a bunch of crap that isnt even needed!

02:13:38 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Ruby Knight:

I was being reasonable with you up until the point where you started streaming out *beeps*. If anything is a bunch of c___ then your the one talking it.....

02:22:02 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Goldsie:

02:22:57 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Goldsie:

Bongs, u suck... u start a flame thread and make yourself sound stupid, u are the dis-honorable one in this situation so stop trying 2 deny it, gtfo r-tard

02:45:50 Nov 18th 07 - Mr. Bongs:

*beep* you all .. goldsie is a little *beep*.

03:19:25 Nov 18th 07 - Dreadlord Noiralav:

oh lord! They DARE attack a ruler?! My I was thinking this is what VU is about:S

04:04:51 Nov 18th 07 - Prince Sprout:

Let There be peace ....

 And all was silent!   All is good people just relax and take it easy ok.



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