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Myrr is recruiting!!
08:34:35 Mar 22nd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

all players are welcome to join. even newbies. we are going to zetamania next era and like the persian empire we are small but are growing. feel free to post application no details required.we will show lord timmiev who the boss is.

09:13:00 Mar 22nd 08 - Ms. Xerxes:

=] we dont like timmiev either, would you like a Nap or Alliance with Persian empire for the up comming era?

11:32:03 Mar 22nd 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

is this thread to advertise myrr or flame timmiev???


02:04:26 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

to falme timmiev and to advertise myrr. and xerxes which world are you going next? we are off to zeta so if we see there we can have even an alliance.

02:05:43 Mar 23rd 08 - Duke of Dark Blood:

Xexes is power nub, ignore him ^^

02:06:16 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Alva:

Wow the era just ended and yall are alredy tring to get an alliance or NAP

02:08:08 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

im glad you know how to spell flame or falme

02:17:37 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

well like atm we are very high in power. (i started right near like 5 kingdoms and they all attacked inspite of peace talks)

02:19:32 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

alva i start buisiness early and i finish early. (maybe i can think of something to trap timmiev if he comes to zeta)

02:22:54 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

why the anger against timmiev?

02:22:58 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Alva:

yea i can tell dats a good idea too i hope on whoever it is yall ar talkin bout yall give him a big lesson on how to own someone on dis game by using him as a test subject
but as for goin to Zeta nah im goin to Manatrax

02:27:38 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

well.. he attacked even after i offered help (i had just started the kingdom). but before i died i got a member in my kingdom. so i landed near him. after that POFF (timmiev's kd) got attacked by like 5 kingdoms. and i thought i could take revenge but right after i prepared my army the era ended:-(
this era if i see him its sure it will be a battle for life

02:52:23 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

OK... is ANYBODY joining? please send an application. NO details required. Thank You

02:55:46 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

ok i have a better idea, those with half a brain join me in black chain or postman in DA

those who have no brain can be left for you =]

03:00:09 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

you got that all wrong pal. those with full brains join us and those who are in peter jacksons race (troll) can join black chain or whateva

03:00:30 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

geez there seems to be a lot of trolls here

03:11:32 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Alva:

i say we find alot of experienced and divide fr all 3 of our kingdoms!!!
me and postman get the best one though fr thinkin of the idea
Peter and Arjun can gamble fr who gets the second or third best
:P lol

03:20:06 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

that or peter GETS ANOTHER BEER

03:22:22 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

*takes a pickaxe and chases Alva saying: 'i get the best players'. after running a mile alva swoons and falls. victory to arjun ramchand!!!!*

How you like that?

03:24:20 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

i say persian empire dont nap you and kick your butt instead, leave my friend alva alone o.O

03:25:33 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

just joking man. dont take it too seriously. i already have an alliance with another kingdom.

03:30:24 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Alva:

whoa dat waz scary
*sits down and drinks some water after being chase fr a mile and then stands up and summons a 300k nazgul army with 1.5 million mages*
a pickaxe cant beat that :P
dats my dream army haha thx peter fr stickin up fr me

03:31:10 Mar 23rd 08 - Lord Zucox II:

Why dont' you merge into us.. since your old leader and vice has already join to "AAA"...

03:36:01 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

oh yeah..*summons archmages and orders to take over dragons. nazzies fall off and archmages board the dragon making them ARCHNAZZIES. ARCHNAZZIES summon 100000000000k trillion spellwweavers and also 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000k trillion ARCHNAZZIES and orders to take over the world. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!*

PS: ARCHNAZZIE stats 1000*magic lvl/1000*magic lvl

03:38:08 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

*Alva is defeated in the encounter against ARCHNAZZIES and Arjun Ramchand rules the universe. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!*

03:39:30 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

and zucox. i would like to but i would rather continue myrr because it was a good kd and i would like to make it even better

03:40:54 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Alva:

awww i lost lol Archnazzies does the magic lvl affect their stats as well :P

03:42:27 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

*Broken-hearted Alva cries over his dead 'dream army' and the new never-ending era of ARCHNAZZIES has been introduced. they can only be controlled by Mr.Arjun Ramchand*

03:44:47 Mar 23rd 08 - Ms. Xerxes:

persian empire =D

03:46:18 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

yes they are affected by magic lvl. stats*3 per magic lvl. like the original archmages.

*Arjun Ramchand makes Alva his viceroy and gives a mansion to live in. what a kind-hearted soul!!!*

03:48:31 Mar 23rd 08 - Ms. Xerxes:

oh yeah i make all my men very very wealthy, they get fresh oracly delivered daily, from every corner of the empire

03:52:06 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Alva:

:D kool i got a mansion lol
now dat persian army stuff sounds kool especially the oracle part :D
it better be girl oracles :P

03:54:27 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

*ARCHNAZZIES are not persians they are indians!! ARCHNAZZIES are furious and attack persia. ARCHNAZZIES are unstoppable and bring the whole of persia under Arjun Ramchand. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!*

03:55:14 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

so an1 want to join in such a kool kd?? send an application WITHOUT any details

03:55:15 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

yes the more we sp@m this embassy the better

03:58:33 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

o yea?? *ARCHNAZZIES attack and steal peter jackson's clothes and chases him around the town. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH*

ignore them if any1 wants to join just send an application. ok?? we specialize in teamwork. thanx for an1 who joins

04:03:50 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

so alva which kd are you in??

04:04:18 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

ok lets break it down

heres myrr


Kingdom Banner

Name: Myrr
Members: 3
Tag: Myrr
Created: 3/6/2008 1:39:56 PM
Leader: Mr. Arjun Ramchand


applicants please state your playing style(military,economy) and your experience(may include how much rank you have obtained in highscores at the end of era)
old members are welcome to join

and heres black chain =]

The Black Chain

Kingdom Banner

Name: The Black Chain
Members: 8
Tag: BC
Created: 3/20/2008 9:40:02 PM
Leader: Mr. Transet


The Rebirth of the raven will light the path of man.

We"re a group of strategic excellency.

We raise above all before us.

We are The Black Chain!


much more interesting =D

04:05:08 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Alva:

im in a kd called Dark Assasins me and Postman barely started it

04:11:12 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

yea just because you got a silly poem doesnt mean your kd is kewl peter.learn from me- be imaginative and funny. also intelligent like me.:-D.

04:13:17 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

if you guys want fun join MYRR! the best kingdom for having fun in the game

04:14:25 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

man.. when the era ended the forums been like 10* active!!

04:16:09 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Alva:

but u hav to imaginative and intelligent to make a poem like dat and dat is a kool pic but then again Arjun has a big imagination
i act like im gona join a kd i alredy got one

05:25:08 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

well.. i guess you need brains to make a GOOD poem and i dont think you could even call that a poem. i didnt give kd description because people would think that i am boasting

05:29:55 Mar 23rd 08 - Ms. Critical Acclaim:

=D i kicked myrr's butt last era in Destinyy

06:38:49 Mar 23rd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

yea that was because some of our members were traitors and you did not kick our butt

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