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00:22:13 Nov 20th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

Where are you guys?  Its that time of the era once again!  Cmon!  DO IT!

01:09:28 Nov 20th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

I declare war on Domination. Sorry guys, I know we promised a NAP, but Twamao's sexiness is threatening me =(

02:59:20 Nov 20th 09 - Duchess Mama Bear:

I'm breaking our cf with crazy!

03:03:26 Nov 20th 09 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

i am breaking our NAP with..........

oh wait we are warring the entire map.... i dont have to worry about that lol

<3 nirvana kgdms

03:19:28 Nov 20th 09 - Sir Cadmus The Valiant:

I break my NAP with the kingdoms of Arma.

I'mma cast spells on you lads all the way from Midgard. ;D

03:26:34 Nov 20th 09 - General Zondervan:

i break my nap with domination! wait... i already did that.

04:36:49 Nov 20th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

lol @ Zondervan!

06:12:40 Nov 20th 09 - Mr. Stoned Polar Bear:

I break my nap with YOU!

06:14:19 Nov 20th 09 - Lady Miley Cyrus:

I get grumpy when I break my nap before I'm full rested :(

06:54:54 Nov 20th 09 - Mr. Offensivename:

your a funny person miley.

07:11:05 Nov 20th 09 - Mr. Von Moormzzery:

I don't break No Action Plans. I stick to them!

08:17:01 Nov 20th 09 - Mr. Barny:


10:10:59 Nov 20th 09 - Sir Penguin The Filipino:

im raping twatmao

10:42:42 Nov 20th 09 - Ms. Natalie Portman:

I'm doing sausage-train with Pengy and Twam.

13:05:49 Nov 20th 09 - Sir Mcmax:

I'm going to break my NAP with my stout.

I did promise to let it stay "alive" until tomorrow - but I'm sorry. I have to do it today.

As my old dad said: Don't leave until tomorrow what you can do today - unless it's work.

16:39:38 Nov 20th 09 - Mr. Super Saiyan:

i am gonna break my nap with .....

oh wait there is no one to break naps with hehe

16:42:49 Nov 20th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

break me baby.

18:29:31 Nov 20th 09 - Sir Imral Of Dol Amroth:

well hillbilly mafias broke theres with storm knights , its just a waste of time posting now as no one really does anything bout the flames or cares. there are even those who claim simply because it happens in real life there is nothing wrong with it

19:30:53 Nov 20th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

you know you have too much vu when you start comparing vu to real life.  Time to rest. 

19:43:08 Nov 20th 09 - Mr. Yellow Bean:

I play Vu to much .... im adcited .... but it keeps me going and gives me a goal to carry myself thoughout the day knowing i have a slight meaning in this dull wold ..... sad .... yes ....... fun game ....... yes !

21:08:14 Nov 20th 09 - Mr. Demandred:

I declare war on VU

21:44:41 Nov 20th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

*VU ignores Demandred*

22:25:04 Nov 20th 09 - Mr. Demandred:

you can ignore me untill the knife finds your throat

22:26:35 Nov 20th 09 - Endless Despair:

you mean all this time NAP doesn't mean Not A Problem ? :p

23:28:21 Nov 20th 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

LOL Jules.

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