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NEBC Recruiting
19:31:02 Feb 13th 10 - Sir Ajax:


Kingdom Banner

Name: NEBC
Members: 4
Created: 2/11/2010 3:06:15 AM
Leader: Sir Ajax


NEBC, We are a kingdom that was created in era 34. We are back to see if we can once again fight in fantasia.


19:39:44 Feb 13th 10 - General Maximus Decimus Meridius:

best of luck poly and ajax :)

19:48:52 Feb 13th 10 - Sir Ajax:

I am also known as Arkantos. :)

01:25:52 Feb 14th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

I know i have a member by the name of Windu who is looking for another kingdom. He has rolled with me for quite some time and if he comes to you just know that he takes orders very well.

Best of luck to you Arkantos, and its good to see you again



18:45:31 Feb 14th 10 - Mr. Stormmaker:

Just wondering, what does NEBC stand for?

19:12:42 Feb 14th 10 - Sir Ajax:

if i told you i would have to kill you but im on my way to kill you anyway so nvm lol.

19:15:28 Feb 14th 10 - Mr. Stormmaker:

So tell me =)

19:29:30 Feb 14th 10 - Duke Polydeuces:

then it wouldnt be a secret now would it? :P I wont let him tell you



19:41:47 Feb 14th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

I might very well do that :)

19:52:40 Feb 14th 10 - Mr. Niveko:

Oh Oh Oh pick me pick me! =D

19:58:03 Feb 14th 10 - Sir Ajax:

do it join :)

20:01:37 Feb 14th 10 - Mr. Niveko:

I will next era or if Revenge dies, since he is the only other active one =/. 

20:01:52 Feb 14th 10 - Mr. Niveko:

I can join in between eras right? 

20:07:32 Feb 14th 10 - Sir Ajax:


01:27:42 Feb 15th 10 - Master Windu:

I am happy to be joining you next era.

09:06:58 Feb 16th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

ok I have decided to join. I did promise to help you out poly so... :)

16:27:57 Feb 16th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

WOOT for Tyr!


16:28:43 Feb 16th 10 - Sir Ajax:

nice Tyrgalon we are happy to have you :)

19:00:44 Feb 19th 10 - Sir Ajax:

Uther you can join too :P

19:16:21 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Black Waltz:

New England Bible College?


19:23:57 Feb 19th 10 - Sir Ajax:


22:55:52 Feb 19th 10 - Dr. Darkwing Duck:

Northwest Environmental Business Council?

23:41:55 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Skinnyvinny II:

best of luck Poly.  hope to see you around next era.

05:55:12 Feb 20th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

Narcissistic Elaboration of Blazing Condemnation   

rofl rofl

16:22:21 Feb 20th 10 - Mr. Sable The Black Blade:

Now Entering Border Control?

04:08:47 Feb 21st 10 - Sir Ajax:

Uther shhh dont tell anyone :P jks

04:47:24 Feb 21st 10 - Mr. Niveko:

So does it stand for anything? Did you misspell BCE? 

05:38:40 Feb 21st 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

i still cant tell what your portrait is.

05:46:40 Feb 21st 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

Its is a man atop a horse with the head of a horse int he background from what i can see.

19:05:18 Feb 21st 10 - Sir Ryan The Archtroll:

LOL! It was two romanian fighting?

Spartan and an Athenian?

02:04:26 Mar 4th 10 - Duke Polydeuces:

Mr. Skinnyvinny II


17:41:55 Feb 19th 10
best of luck Poly.  hope to see you around next era.

Sorry Skinnyvinny I just saw this now :)  Good luck to you this era as well my friend :).

03:54:56 Mar 4th 10 - Mr. Recluse:

Isnt spartan and Athenian greek?

04:16:10 Mar 4th 10 - Sir Arkantos:


18:20:42 Mar 4th 10 - Mr. Kaze:

Good luck guys, kick some ass!

20:25:59 Mar 4th 10 - Sir Mcmax The Troll:

Mr. Kaze


18:20:42 Mar 4th 10
Good luck guys, kick some ass!

Hmmmm. I do not agree.

22:20:53 Mar 4th 10 - Clan Elder Mcfarin:

Never Ever Be Convinced = NEBC

00:20:38 Mar 5th 10 - Master Lance of The Elite Four II:

Sir Mcmax The Troll


14:25:59 Mar 4th 10
Mr. Kaze


18:20:42 Mar 4th 10
Good luck guys, kick some ass!

Hmmmm. I do not agree.

We will.....I know we will.

06:11:15 Mar 6th 10 - Mr. Teirdel:

Good luck. good starter kingdom. though not as good as roc ;p. I know you are there and im coming for you.

07:44:44 Mar 6th 10 - Mr. Niveko:

How did DMC get my mining and forest city that you guys took? 

09:35:44 Mar 6th 10 - Mr. Resounding Silence:

Oh that'd be my doing. I took both those cities, then lost them to DMC

14:33:26 Mar 6th 10 - Sir Arkantos:

I think we should even out the numbers and invite our friends Hematolagnia over for supper :)

15:29:32 Mar 6th 10 - Mr. Orrises:

Roc and Dardrii is Pwning the map i am sorry guys maybe try another world =P

15:43:46 Mar 6th 10 - Sir Arkantos:

We will see when the war begins.

16:45:04 Mar 6th 10 - Duke Salem:

NEBC = New England Brothel Center?

17:03:16 Mar 6th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

lol :P and we will see indeed.

22:10:17 Mar 6th 10 - Mr. Niveko:

Ahh thought it might be something like that, you should take them back! 

22:10:19 Mar 6th 10 - Mr. Niveko:

Oops, double post, sorry....

22:13:32 Mar 6th 10 - Mr. Kaze:

I withdraw my previous post.


10:55:15 Mar 7th 10 - Duke Salem:

Never Ever Been Conquered?

11:10:58 Mar 7th 10 - Lord Himanil X:

I agree with your reasoning Kaze.

You guys need to work better on your poker face guys.

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