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NEW KD - Male Genitals
15:19:49 Oct 9th 08 - Duke Elliott:

yeh so im thinking of making a new kingdom, probably on fant. Easy to own up there. Yeh so probably the kingdom banner will be a male genital i personally make in paint.


By the way i'll be making my name Duke Genitals next era.



Possible other kd names:

Sweaty Scrotum

Svincta Sniffers

Gooch Gloiners

Fudge Packers

Satay Shishkabob

I love Fraser (i like this one)

15:34:03 Oct 9th 08 - Mr. Einar Tambarskjelve:

Not very original. Not very funny. Not very.... anything, actually.

Definetly not my cup of tea. Come on, put some effort into your names. Not that hard, is it? How about A$$ki$$sers? Then you could try and nap everyone :)

15:35:26 Oct 9th 08 - Duke Elliott:

yeh good idea. I was on short notice so i tried my very hardest.

I reckon they are original cus iv never head of I love Fraser. I had a few hahas

16:59:18 Oct 9th 08 - Sir Thomas The Anomas:

well well, good luck Elliot ;D

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