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NT players?
11:17:18 May 24th 07 - Mr. Pipster:

was wonderin if there's someone from NT that wants to revive the kd....i last played in the 2nd era of sparker before they did the 3/person per kd only rule. I was called Thrall back in the NT days...i know that the kd decided to disband then but i guess i really hope that one day it'll be back...lemme know if theres talks about this

11:42:11 May 24th 07 - Mr. Bertrand IN Shame:


i think you are wrong about what NT was ...

mr. pipster, last i heard was that Augusto doesn't want to revive it (i don't even know if he's still playing), and as it was his kd to start with ... the decision lays with him ...

most players that were in NT, are now in other kd's ... i think it'll be hard to get the old group together ... + most will be loyal to their new kd by now.

11:48:55 May 24th 07 - Mr. Pipster:

yeah i know odds are slim, nice to see you still here bertrand :D..what happened to the title? i remember you as a "lord"..but i guess it has been eras since ive last played..

and yes, NT is definitely a lot of things but a farming kd it is not :-)

11:53:56 May 24th 07 - Mr. Bertrand IN Shame:

i screw up occasionally, and i've been away for 4 era's  ;-) 

13:23:11 May 24th 07 - Lord Senturu:

NT isnt a name ive heard in a long time, not since sparker kicked ass and took names :D

but im sure there are a few of them left.

15:26:21 May 24th 07 - Admiral Krum:

YAY! Another farming kingdom.

Lol...farming? Oh yeah, thats exactly what we were about...

Who knows, maybe one day it will return. Good to see you're still around ol'Berty.

15:31:21 May 24th 07 - Mr. Pipster:

Krum good to see your still admiral..hehe :D..yeah i guess i miss the kd being this is my first game in ?? eras...i'd luv to see the NT banner again :D

15:33:38 May 24th 07 - Mr. Bertrand IN Shame:

zeta screwed us over big time ... stupid three-man-kingdoms ...

15:39:18 May 24th 07 - Admiral Krum:

Nah, he was just trying out something new. I had a feeling NT would disband at the end of the era anyway.

ah yes, the simplistic white NT banner, not one of my best, but it seemed to have stuck in peoples heads for some reason.

Good hearing from you guys. I wonder where Mag has run off to...

16:13:27 May 24th 07 - Mr. Fra Gusti:

Mr. Supercalifragilistic


5/24/2007 2:24:06 AM
YAY! Another farming kingdom.


I like it:)...finally a clear evidence that the "farming" concept in Legacy players' is completely screwed and used for flaming.

My remembrance says that the "farming" NT screwed the "warring" Legacy.....on the if that is "farming"...I like the word.

16:28:42 May 24th 07 - Mr. Elsin:

"I like it:)...finally a clear evidence that the "farming" concept in Legacy players' is completely screwed and used for flaming.

My remembrance says that the "farming" NT screwed the "warring" Legacy.....on the if that is "farming"...I like the word."

NT's strongest ability was NAP'ing the competition...

From what I've seen the era of Saint Paul was the only decent war they've had recently. But even that one was due to MAP'ing Serenity... And NAP'ing any other anti-Legacy kingdom they could find...

16:57:10 May 24th 07 - Admiral Krum:

lol...ok sure...

It's easy to make excuses.

17:01:41 May 24th 07 - Mr. Bertrand IN Shame:

true, we had too many naps ... i'm not going to argue about that, but what you say about being napped to everyone is not true ...

besides, what choice did we have? we were overrun on several occasions in the past, we needed the naps to survive, we didn't hide it either ... NT was not around long enough to become uberpowerfull (if that would have even been possible), we just got better every era, until it disbanded (becuase of the three-man-kd ... and too many new ideas and people) (the last era from NT, definately wasn't one of the best, i feel like we were going backwards by then)


it's been so long ago, i can't really remember all those tiny details :-),  what matters is that we got better and better ...until finally we could make the difference(?)  we didn't really do that, but we came close

17:11:41 May 24th 07 - Mr. Dingleberry Dave:

Hehe, I remember the era NT landed at the opposite side of the map from us and napped everybody around them. Once we had killed everybody in our area, it took us like a week to walk to NT, and when we did they still weren't ready. That was the era they sent their armies to battle without mage protection, and Binh ended up ownaging something like 40k worth of nazgul. :)

17:15:07 May 24th 07 - Mr. Elsin:

excuses? I'm not making excuses for Legacy... Legacy got kicked. No question. What I'm doing is bagging NT's war on war kingdom relations policy.

17:25:48 May 24th 07 - Mr. Pipster:

after so many eras im surprised that discussions about NT and Legacy still have some fire...sheesh i just wanted me old kd back..but im fascinated that sumone's affected enough to hit on NT after so long...

wuz just hoping to see old kd mates but i guess it cant be helped ...anyway im not sure if i miss my kd mates more or maybe our enemies even

17:26:52 May 24th 07 - Mr. Bertrand IN Shame:

those nazgull where a killer ... that sure was a worst-case-scenario :-)

Bihn killed of a merge with a small army because the merge misteriously unmerged ;-)    i still have to kill Bihn for that :-)  (but that was in another era i think)

19:08:42 May 24th 07 - Admiral Krum:

This thread is called NT players, count on Legacy to butt in a thread and put down everyone and their KD.

Yes Legacy, we all know you guys pwn, you're the best, we all bow to you, no one can beat you, and if they do it's because of some magical miracle.


19:34:18 May 24th 07 - Mr. Bertrand IN Shame:

:-p  think what you want, NT has done a lot of fighting, you can ask pks and abydos (as they have been targetted more than once) ...  traitor donut!  :-p

and sure, we have had luck, like everyone had, we had misfortune, the same ...  and it would be ludicrous to think that a new kd (5 or 6 eras), not filled with all vets, could be the supreme kd on fantasia,  and we never claimed to be ... but i resent that you call it a farmingkd , we tried to survive and put up a fight like everybody else ...

20:22:59 May 24th 07 - Dark Lord Osiris:

LGC was defeated by Serenity and NT i dont doubt NT was good but the main factor in those wars was the Serenity leadership not NT

20:48:04 May 24th 07 - Mr. Bertrand IN Shame:

sure, but nobody is saying otherwise ... and i don't think this is what this thread is suposed to be about.   It's for the NT-players :-p, you have to worship us, adore us, tell us how good we were, that it's a shame that NT is no longer around, ... stuff like that ;-)

20:50:17 May 24th 07 - Dark Lord Osiris:

hmm tis a shame :D i talked to augusto a while ago im pretty sure he doesnt play

21:00:38 May 24th 07 - Mr. Roxbury:

NT who? =)

21:01:10 May 24th 07 - Dark Lord Osiris:

the kd that ripped off mine and cobras sexy *beep*s of Utopia kd name ;)

22:59:44 May 24th 07 - Mr. Shyers The Return:

your not right Roxy...NT is dead, why beat a dead horse? NT was created to kill Legacy, with out them, they were nothing, think of it like Superman and Lex Luther, Superman just kinda flies around without Lex around, so when there is a need i'm sure another KD will come around and through off the oppressors, and then start farming, lol.
and the whole superman and lex thing isn't soon much an alignment thing cuz we all know the real Evil Is Aby...and NT hardly has x-ray vision...
but it's not Legacy you have to worry about its DB!!!!
and after we start our super secret plan to take over legacy and carnage we will rule the world!!!! muhahahahaha!....
 oh, wait did i just post this in the public forums?
quick my Jedi tricks!
you didn't read anything, you no nothing about super secret plans

05:48:19 May 25th 07 - Lord Senturu:

/me hits shyers

oh shut it :P

NT and serenity. i remember that war. i was in Valar at the time. :D serving under queen arien. twas a good era. until the next era that is :(

06:21:18 May 25th 07 - Mr. Aloysius:

NT NT NT! Thrall! remember me?

06:33:13 May 25th 07 - Mr. Murphy:

yeah thrall do you remember me ^^ (well this wasn't my name back then)

08:28:24 May 25th 07 - Lord Senturu:

ohh do you remember me? yea i was the guy you killed remember? :P

10:07:46 May 25th 07 - Mr. Pipster:

aloysius yeah i rember you (pinoy), and senturu....hmmmm i cant say i remmber , but i  killed few much better in remmbering those that killed me lol when i was starting (which was more often the case before i learned the ropes with NT) :D

01:15:12 May 26th 07 - Mr. Shyers The Return:

lol, good, at least i made one person mad at me, but it was Senturu, dang, back to the drawing board

02:42:38 May 26th 07 - Lord Senturu:

/me jumps on shyers and bits his head

arrgggg ill get you

and pimpser, you should remember me. i was the guy who was like dude
wheres my car? and you were like...i dont know stop bothering me, get the hell away from me. get off my leg

03:49:35 May 26th 07 - Mr. Pipster:


now that you mentioned...I think i do remember you, or at least three guys who was like that to me back of them could be you :D....and bad you left ACES....i just joined when you left...i saw your post "wake up" on the aces forums, and no one posts except me...This (aces) kd really need actv players...anyway things are improving one babystep after another :D btw whats your kd now shyers?

19:11:07 May 26th 07 - Mr. al Moudi:

Would be interesting if NT came back, most players who goes away feels at least some urges to come back.

19:21:58 May 26th 07 - Mr. Murphy:

... it has been too long now ... it was a great period ... but all great experiences end once. They make space for new experiences ...

20:20:58 May 26th 07 - Mr. Shyers The Return:

um, the sucky weak weak KD called DB, ACES was just to get in in Fant.... lol, thanks guys, sorry bout your luck.

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