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Neon Starts Next Era
03:34:38 Jul 20th 09 - Duke Aerandir Windscar:

couldnt find the old thread =p and didnt want to look on prev. pages =P
aights...its offcial...starting next era

Leader: Windscar

Easy to see, but get too close and you'll go blind!


If you would like to join, send in your app with the following answered:
> # of eras played?
> What are some of your previous names and kingdoms?
> How long do you plan to stay?
> Have you been personally invited and if so who invited you?

03:36:32 Jul 20th 09 - Mr. Gawaine:


03:39:49 Jul 20th 09 - Duke Aerandir Windscar:

wow gawaine...i didnt think it was possibly for you to spell TWO words wrong in the same sentence!

03:42:40 Jul 20th 09 - Mr. Polydeuces:

Like your banner you should put a neon border around it too, or a least see what it looks like:P

17:18:33 Jul 20th 09 - Duke Windscar:

lol...too late i already uploaded pic...but that would look cool :)

20:45:51 Jul 20th 09 - Sir Marius:

i wish you luck starting in fant...

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