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Next Era Recruiting
03:15:58 May 20th 09 - Sir Struddle:


Kingdom Banner

Name: Dynasty
Members: 7
Tag: DSY
Created: 3/30/2009 5:57:08 AM
Leader: Sir Struddle


This kingdom was formed to stand up against all. Fighting is what this kingdom is based on. I look to take over an entire world be it Fantasia or not. This kingdom will own a world. Even the mightiest of enemies can come from the smallest of places.

The goal is to have this kingdom around every era and teach the new guys. I understand that this game is not always new player friendly and that there isnt really a safe place for them to learn the basics. I just want to help teach the game. I know there arent really any kingdoms out there that just take in new players and I would like to change that. If your new please feel free to join. If you are a veteran and you know a race well please join if you would like to teach. Thanks and good luck to everyone.

If placing an application please answer the following;

1. Era"s played
2. Past Kingdoms
3. Preferred Race
4. Favorite cookie ^_^


If you would like to join feel free to float me a message or hit me up on the Chat I'll be on there almost all day if I dont answer the Chat message me I'll answer as soon as possible.

03:44:27 May 20th 09 - Mr. Filthy Mess:

Gl next era :)

10:30:50 May 20th 09 - Prince Mielo:

Good luck

13:00:58 May 20th 09 - Sir Struddle:

We'll probably be in a much lower world next era due to the fact that Veggies want to kill us rawr :D

20:25:57 May 20th 09 - Duchess Illidan:

Sign me up111!!!!!!!!

21:13:46 May 20th 09 - General Gokken:

Best of luck to you Struddle =D You know i <3 you

23:47:57 May 20th 09 - Sir Struddle:

YAY come on SLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Gokken ya I know <3 back at ya :D

00:13:20 May 21st 09 - Mr. Paracelzus:


02:11:06 May 21st 09 - Duchess Illidan:

haha <3 Struddles

04:35:56 May 22nd 09 - Sir Struddle:

slade you big meanie sayin your gonna join then you dont :'( make me cry

04:37:52 May 22nd 09 - Lord Sky:

Good luck once again :)

04:46:46 May 22nd 09 - Sir Struddle:

hey sky gonna come join me finally?

12:46:15 May 22nd 09 - Duchess Illidan:

haha you know Ily struddles :P

12:47:17 May 22nd 09 - Sir Thomaas:

Good luck Struddle :P

13:34:25 May 22nd 09 - Fire Lord Crazy:

Yep good luck mate,(srry for leaving ya)

06:53:50 May 23rd 09 - Sir Struddle:

Just as an update we are hoping to have around 10 players for next era and pick up any more that would like to join after the era starts.......... no idea where we will start but hell we'll be there wherever it is.

00:02:03 May 25th 09 - Lady Jasmine:

Good luck Struddle old friend :)

00:29:50 May 25th 09 - Fire Lord Crazy:

struddle is in revelation now or not :P

04:28:47 May 25th 09 - Sir Struddle:

Yes I went to Revelation I had a talk with my vice and seeing as a lot of the other members hadnt answered in the forum we decided to disband and go our seperate ways.

04:52:00 May 25th 09 - Lord Sky:

Noooo Struddle come be in a KD with me :(

05:06:19 May 25th 09 - Sir Fever:

struddle why ya have to do it when i just quit rvl :'(

09:22:00 May 26th 09 - Lord Bishop:

Because Struddles Loves meh... and not you :P

02:48:35 May 28th 09 - Sir Fever:

lol really :( btw who are you :p ? I havnet heard that name before...

02:50:43 May 28th 09 - Lady Karma:

he used to be a Duchess... last hint u get from me xD

02:59:07 May 28th 09 - Mr. Magneto:

Give you a hint.

His name starts with 'S' and ends with 'lade'....

03:00:29 May 28th 09 - Lady Karma:

lol, I think that hint was a bit more blunt than mine xD

04:50:23 May 28th 09 - Sir Fever:

:P comon people help me out with the name =.=

05:05:47 May 28th 09 - Lady Karma:

Geez, if only I had a BLADE to help... ;)

05:09:49 May 28th 09 - Mr. Paracelzus:

lol, this guy is hopeless. How about you FADE away.

06:01:38 May 28th 09 - Sir Fever:

lol well if im hopeless then there is no hope that youll ever be alive.. =.= and if i dont knopw the guy then dont be a dum a$$  and try to *beep*ing *beep* me...

06:03:23 May 28th 09 - Lady Karma:


06:07:54 May 28th 09 - Sir Fever:

OMG! There were like 27-29 players in RVL :p i dont remember who he is.

06:10:34 May 28th 09 - Lady Karma:

Duchess Illidan Revelation 39

06:19:05 May 28th 09 - Sir Fever:

oh slade :p I expected him to be a duke xD

11:55:14 May 28th 09 - Lord Bishop:

Lady Karma


04:50:43 May 28th 09
he used to be a Duchess... last hint u get from me xD
Mr. Magneto


04:59:07 May 28th 09

Give you a hint.

His name starts with 'S' and ends with 'lade'....


and DL you are sooo "Special"

Also i got two RP points taken off me(I asked Sci to do it) because i wanted to be a Lord :)

I will get them back it was a one era thing :P

19:01:58 May 28th 09 - Demonslayer The Confused Demon Farmer:

I don't think you can just ask to have points removed and then given back without earning them :)  Even when people have forgotten account info and want an old title back, it doesn't happen.  Maybe Sci is getting senile...hmm >.>

19:52:05 May 28th 09 - Lord Bishop:

lol charley.. i meant i was going to RP to get my points back... but if sci wants to give them back to me for free that would be great :P

07:44:29 May 30th 09 - Sir Fever:


Im your special cuddle Bunny right :P

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