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Next era recruiting -Imagine
05:47:16 Jan 29th 08 - Sir Surviver:

The mass alliances that seem to be created on fantasia have alot to do with the lack of kingdoms that are being created and are able to remain in fantasia long term.  I would like to put together a new kingdom for fantasia and I am interested in players that are interested in playing in fantasia.  Looking for active and loyal members..Please me send me ingame message or find me in IRC.


IMAGINE- the possibilities..

06:02:14 Jan 29th 08 - Mr. Messiah:

Actually. I think its the other way around. GL anyway.

07:54:20 Jan 29th 08 - Pirate Lewatha:

something like LB again?

09:40:03 Jan 29th 08 - Prince Mielo:

Please me or send me ingame message or find me in IRC.

lol, that's the VU-spirit!

20:09:37 Jan 29th 08 - Sir Surviver:

@Pirate Lewatha No,not at all LB was the past and stays in history itself :)

@melo well what can I say :)



04:21:07 Jan 31st 08 - Sir Surviver:

This is not a flaming thread please keep your comments out of my thread if you don't have somthing nice to say,this is a recruiting thread thanks people..

02:32:25 Feb 1st 08 - Sir Surviver:

Thread bump :)

01:40:10 Feb 3rd 08 - Sir Surviver:

Kd will start once era starts :)

06:29:24 Feb 3rd 08 - Mr. The Gladiator:

Good luck with your kd but if you probably want to join a kd like that, we are just that - I have 10+ eras experience and lead a team to do just that - turn upside down a bigname fant kd over the next era. Pm me if interested or want to talk about it

06:49:58 Feb 3rd 08 - Mr. Bayushi Clamps:

Good luck to you and Gladiator as well. Fant really needs some new blood in the kd department.

07:03:45 Feb 3rd 08 - Sir Surviver:

didn't i put you in your place gladiator?how dare you *beep* your junk on my thread GTFO with your NEW PLAYER KINGDOM.

22:53:51 Feb 3rd 08 - Sir Surviver:

ok kd started =D

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