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Nice Warring in Valhalla
11:12:54 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Tengo:

Just wanted to say congrats to everybody who played in Valhalla this era, including everybody in LD (Arthos, Theo, Kronos, Sorra) Serotriptominee, the Insane crew, Pointbreak, Twistedgecko, Mehrune,  the fellas in KoH (Frodos, Telemachos, Edd) and Jones and Random, and anybody else that I missed. There was great gameplay going on in Valhalla and I feel for anybody who missed out on the fun :)

Valhalla rankings were also related to how it looked for top players in Valhalla; with the exception of Kitty ranking as high as he did for no reason at all.

I won't be around this upcoming era for what it matters but I will look back for some fun before X-MAS season.

A couple words of wisdom for Kitty cat; be sure to come to an agreement with whomever you have an existing CF with in the future regarding the blocker incident. This way you won't have to have a boring and dull era; complete with whining and pointing fingers at what could've and should've happend. Real diplomacy goes a long way.

121.Mr. Tengo of No Pulse
Total land: 1.2 MillionBattles won: 196Cities captured: 90
Total killed: 2.1 MillionScience lvls: 37Total troops: 921113
F: 0%M: 11%Z: 0%S: 0%N: 0%V: 89%A: 0%T: 0%M: 0%

129.Duke Bad Kitty of Insane Asylum
Total land: 453506Battles won: 24Cities captured: 15
Total killed: 69431Science lvls: 35Total troops: 550151
F: 0%M: 0%Z: 0%S: 0%N: 0%V: 65%A: 35%T: 0%M: 0%

Thanks again to Random who raised me from a n00b to someone half-decent :) As a noob to this game last era he spent alot of time on me and I got real involved once I understood everything. I hope alot of veterans in this game do the same for future n00bs.

What am I going to do with myself now, I planned every minute of my day according to what was going on in this game ;p

12:03:55 Oct 31st 09 - Duke Random:

you could stay and keep beating my scores tengo ;)

what has this world come too when a 2nd era newb is higher than you :(

12:51:40 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Dolittle:

it makes no odds there as in my second era i was 64th but last 2 i have been around the 200 - 300 mark and i have finished with more the last 2 era's than the 1 i had in 64th. so in my 2nd era i embarrassed allot of veterans ? no i don't think so everyone plays well but only a couple play with honour and that goes a long way and pity the admins dont score on that as well. i still think all worlds should score with the exception of fant with only a little higher than the other worlds and also 50% rule abolished in the 9 worlds but not the n00b worlds.

23:27:36 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Pointbreak:

Thanks Tengo I had no Issues with you last Era and I have to admit although our kingdom where not the greatest last Era but It was mainly a learning curve and although you guys eventually broke our core but not our spirits we all enjoyed the experience of battling the kingdom that won the Era.

Our kingdom have gained plenty of Experience due to trying our best to hold out 2 kingdoms at once.
I know you personally have a good 1 on 1 battle with Mr.Twistedgecko this was his first real Era and without the battles on Valhalla members could have become bored of the game and left.
but you and NP have spured players to improve on the efforts of last Era.
Oblivion Extreme may possible disband but the Team we formed will bind together which ever route we decide to take next Era.

During attacks from NP and KOH alot of players became inactive so by the time of you guys cracking our core I think we had 5 actual active members.
but in reality i think we all and that (ALL) get a little steamed up about a game.

Hope you do come back to play and even stay with NP as you formed part of a good team this Era.

Goodluck so ..................

05:38:52 Nov 3rd 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

LOL well tengo you were a decent ally right up until the backstab, as for you beating me its funny that you needed to take a pile of completely undefended cities (via the backstab) to do it but hey good on you, as for not earning it I guess running dukebackstab around and fighting Jones and retakling and razing cities wasn't enough., but dont worry we will be careful not to make agreements with dishonourable turdbags again, thanks for the tip.

14:36:23 Nov 3rd 09 - Sir Penguin The Filipino:

Duke Random


13:03:55 Oct 31st 09
you could stay and keep beating my scores tengo ;)

what has this world come too when a 2nd era newb is higher than you :(


yeah, what about when 2 noobs own your ass? i land dropped, got a great army, then again i got shitloads of stuff, land dropped to have way more shit, and fucking fag had many bts and took the city i trained them... later on i suicided abit muh army and other nub owned me.

Pathson, Tbl and the last one was Fingdor ( Adakis)

19:35:27 Nov 3rd 09 - Mr. Theophilus XIII:

Probably one of my most Fun eras.

Ill be lookin forward to toppling you eventually.

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