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Nirvana 16
01:06:50 Jan 2nd 13 - Dakarta (Prince Dakarta):

Just a couple ticks after start.

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Valar10Lady Gemma Arterton102
Candlewax10Prince Dakarta100
Apples7Mr. Konspyre75
Sleepless6Mr. Roq20
Regeneration8Mr. Slave15

02:00:00 Jan 6th 13 - Endless (Ms. Ianuarius):

who is this masked rampager in our core, and who is placing bets on when he tags up with someone we are not currently fighting cuz they are farming while he's busy trying to bump uglies  ... flirt :p

01:02:47 Jan 19th 13 - Lady Leila:

Wondering about playing Nirvana maybe next era with some friends, and I wanted to ask, could someone give me an objective view of what was going on in for example last three eras. Who are the most successful kingdoms, were there any big alliances, do kingdoms just farm away or war everyone?

From what I can see

  1. Mr. Colour of Candlewax
  2. Mr. Pericles of Apples
  3. Mr. Dread of Valar
Looks like Candleway, Apples, Valar are the forces
Are they all fighting each other or are there any known alliances that happen every era?

This era it seems pretty even...

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Valar10Lady Gemma Arterton66
Candlewax10Prince Dakarta52
Regeneration9Mr. Slave48
Apples7Mr. Konspyre42
Vie Zenith4General Cozen37
Sleepless9Mr. Roq8

Is the Kd cap 10 members? Is that the maximum number of players?
How long ago did the era start? And I think its still pretty far from end right?
Who is fighting who, are there any alliances?

Anyone care to share?

01:12:15 Jan 19th 13 - Zond (Mr. Legends Kunt Smells):

Been going for 17 days now. 10 member kd cap. 

Valar fighting Apples i think.
Candlewax naped Regeneration it seems. 

Other than that im not sure, im on other side of map from them ^^

But as for last era.

Regen killed Sleepless OOP. Apples NAPed Valor. Regen war Apples. Valar war Candlewax. Regen NAP Candlewax to avoid many wars as Apples front wasnt going well. Regen took half of Apples core, Candlewax died, Valor attacked Regen. Apples + Valor beat Regen, while fighting arma was cast and it ended. Also was a few minor kds as well.

Also i may have got Apples and candlewax backwards for last era.. i forget which is which. And to lazy to go look at players :P 

P.S. My kd this era is Vie Zenith.

01:26:37 Jan 19th 13 - Dakarta (Prince Dakarta):

Yeah, you got Candlewax and Apples backwards, lol

01:28:24 Jan 19th 13 - Zond (The Lover For You):

lol. well then please switch the names around XD

I remember fighting Dakarta, watever kd he is in. Thats the kd regen warred :P

01:42:33 Jan 19th 13 - Dakarta (Prince Dakarta):

Yeah, I'm in Candlewax. We then warred Regen.

01:44:11 Jan 19th 13 - Zond (The Lover For You):

Yeah makes more since now XD

05:22:19 Jan 19th 13 - Stormy (Lady Gemma Arterton):

lol yuh, we killed off apples and then hit regen last era:P

as for valar, we've been on nirv for around 5 eras? and generally fight most everyone, and there is a 10 member cap:( which sux because i had several more i wanted to add this era.....we wanted to go to mant but the stupid landing bug messed us up....did zeta ever fix it? probably not since zeta DOESNT FIX ANYTHING!!!

05:27:54 Jan 19th 13 - Zond (Mr. Wtf Game):

Had same problem on another world. haha 

But Vie Zenith is new, its first era. Looking to recruit possibly :P 

10:16:06 Jan 19th 13 - Lady Leila:

People should still be able to join if they did not spawn on the map right?
That is how larger kingdoms are formed, all can join but only if they did not spawn... However making a larger kingdom than 10 members would make it a likely target for other kingdoms, seeing as its a large kingdom a menace to everyone...

10:17:52 Jan 19th 13 - Konspyre (Mr. Konspyre):

Apples vs. Valar
Apples vs. Candlewax
Nirvana is so fair :P

It looks like we'll only have 5 active members next era, so we're recruiting too. :)

15:50:12 Jan 19th 13 - DVSklown (Lord Minding Myown Business):

Hey guys, i joined nirvana to test out a human growth strat, never planned on sticking around, i just had an idea and wanted to test it out. so i have 10 hours left, and about 38 hours ago, this guy parks his army outside my city and is actually waiting for me to leave protection. not only that but he is in the most powerful kingdom. Mr. Learner of Valar. now maybe its just me, but id think he would have better things to do then take new peoples cities.

so here is my analogy. Learner waiting to attack me is like him waiting in a delivery room for a mother to give birth.  are you really gonna kick a baby as it is being born? are you that much of a low life?

Id understand if it was the beginning of the era but i think we are 2 weeks in now. Learner you have no class. i was gonna be meaner but that would be like me screaming at a down syndrome kid.  

15:55:38 Jan 19th 13 - DVSklown (Mr. George Babyface Nelson):

wow i think im cranky, i just posted about kicking babies and screaming at down syndorme kids. im sorry im sick and not in the right frame of mind

06:50:21 Jan 21st 13 - Endless (Ms. Ianuarius):

definitely sounds cranky, no dragons for you on this map ;)

07:59:50 Jan 24th 13 - Konspyre (Mr. Konspyre):

Apples are currently being eaten.

We're still recruiting people on Nirvana.

08:17:00 Jan 24th 13 - Jenna (Mr. Billy Warcloud):

where the cookies?

15:00:14 Jan 30th 13 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrminator):

Gawd halfers are such scorewhores XD now I remember why I almost never play halfer.

15:09:54 Jan 30th 13 - Konspyre (Mr. Konspyre):

Apples vs. VZ + Candlewax + Valar
Winner = Not Apples.

So who's preparing for Arma? :D

20:55:00 Feb 11th 13 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrminator):

Our adventurers found a treasure worth 162595000 gold

01:30:55 Feb 12th 13 - Senturu (Mr. Senturu of The Golden Spoon):

so thats where my dwarves dropped all that gold :P

09:01:12 Feb 12th 13 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrminator):

haha :P

04:15:20 Feb 13th 13 - Jenna (Mr. Billy Warcloud):

Sell some food .what you do Kob put a stop to the food market :P

07:50:25 Feb 13th 13 - Tyr (Mr. Tyrminator):

Got no extra food lol :P to many advents and MUs in cities.

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