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07:09:19 Feb 16th 13 - phoenix (Flame Lord Phoenix Blaze):

hello nirvana it has been a while. let the fun begin?

23:28:23 Feb 16th 13 - Mr. Diablo The Devourer:

Spawn problems.. This is the second time this has happened.. Ive tried to spawn on a world that is open and it spawns me on a different world.. Ive messaged the admin still nothing

03:06:44 Feb 17th 13 - Zond (General of Beautiful Women):

haha love how it doesnt seem to start at the tick change..

The age has just started.
We have to wait 0.38 more days/ticks before being able to settle.

05:30:28 Feb 17th 13 - Dakarta (Prince Dakarta):

Yeah, I thought that to be a little weird too.

14:37:05 Feb 20th 13 - al (Mr. Harlem Shake):

*almost* everyone in my kingdom seems to be sitting on their hands while this fukkin orc speads like a disease in our core... such a waste of friggen time... i *almost* wish i solo'd

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Vie Zenith9General of Beautiful Women239
Valar10Lady Charlize Theron194
Juggernaut3Mr. Salazar129
Candlewax10Prince Dakarta100
Gorillaz2Mr. Kype62
The Fellowship of the Thing2Mr. Aragorn62
Bomber Brothers3Mr. Wolf Slayer52
Olympus3Mr. Apollo II31
Sleepless4Mr. Roq14
Laughs2Mr. Hello Than8

15:32:12 Feb 20th 13 - Mr. Salazar:

Two KDs have this problem. 

18:15:48 Feb 20th 13 - Mr. Salazar:

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Vie Zenith9General of Beautiful Women175
Valar10Lady Charlize Theron137
Juggernaut3Mr. Salazar100
Candlewax9Prince Dakarta62
The Fellowship of the Thing2Mr. Aragorn44
Gorillaz2Mr. Kype43
Bomber Brothers3Mr. Wolf Slayer37
Olympus3Mr. Apollo II24
Sleepless4Mr. Roq11

NAP agreements:  Valar + Bomber Brothers + Olympus (137+37+24)
Total players: 10 + 3 + 3 = 16

Vie Zenith: unknown. Seemingly none. 
Juggernaut: None. 
Candlewax: unknown.
Fellowship & Gorillaz: Unknown.

19:27:44 Feb 20th 13 - Endless (Lady Travels With Peewee):

wrong :D

19:30:27 Feb 20th 13 - Zond (Mr. Xartnam):

Only 2 kds with name starting with a V.

We decided NAP everyone and each other and see which had the superior farming elites in their kd. 

But you and binh wants to fight. so we decided to farm slowly until they kill you. then we have a farm off to see who will win. kd power wont matter, the player will. so ideal first to cast arma when there member is in the lead will win. 

21:18:56 Feb 20th 13 - Stormy (Lord Stormcrow):

lol salazar dont know where you're getting your info at but nice try at the numbers game;)

21:20:54 Feb 20th 13 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):

So far... my kd has no relations...

21:28:08 Feb 20th 13 - Mr. Salazar:

I'm guessing since a lot of KDs aren't fighting each other

21:30:24 Feb 20th 13 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):

We're already fighting 3.... so... technically we have relations lol...

21:34:43 Feb 20th 13 - Stormy (Lady Charlize Theron):

lol there's a pretty good reason for that lack of action from Valar: you and bihn in our core;P

21:39:56 Feb 20th 13 - Mr. Stormys Grise Eminence:

Please remember that only Binh can have my cities.

23:51:29 Feb 20th 13 - Mr. Small Fries III:

I would said Kobu is handling the situation quite admirably IMO. Now we have to cower from your magic ^ ^

23:53:19 Feb 20th 13 - Mr. Salazar:

Let's see... 

The entire KD of Valar is fighting us, and now Zie Venith's entire KD has joined the foray as Valar lets them through to join the fight. 

Does it really take two entire KDs to repel two players OOP?

23:59:42 Feb 20th 13 - Endless (Ms. Dimple Boggyhillocks):

no, it takes that many to fight Binh OOP :p

00:00:48 Feb 21st 13 - Mr. Salazar:

Post how many cities he has captured 

00:24:15 Feb 21st 13 - Zond (Mr. Horseman of Elves):

i cant count that high!

00:50:23 Feb 21st 13 - Muffin Man (Mr. Retarded Panda):

I'm just a solo lil' hobbit,

Watching armies run by and attack. 

09:52:33 Feb 21st 13 - Mr. Stormys Grise Eminence:

Damn, I wanted to feed my cities to Binh... :(

17:45:08 Feb 22nd 13 - Mr. Salazar:

Congratulations to Valar, Zie Venith, and Bomber brothers on their group efforts of repelling Juggernaut from Valar's core.  

17:47:45 Feb 22nd 13 - Zond (Mr. Want The Freak):


all my kd did was mage. lol well and the orc in learning took a city ^^

20:51:13 Feb 22nd 13 - Stewie Griffin (Mr. James Bond):

Zondervan is a pussy.

20:52:27 Feb 22nd 13 - Zond (General of Beautiful Women):

you are what you eat. explains why you are a dick. 

21:06:37 Feb 22nd 13 - Mr. Salazar:

While I may not particularly enjoy the methods employed in this era, I nevertheless recognize the prerogative and permissibility of these KDs to band together in a united front, on a lower world, against two players. 

Good job Kobu, TBL, Zond, and Zond's pet orc. Congratulations also belong to Charlize Theron of Valar for the repeated attempts of spell casting. They were all fails, but efforts nevertheless. And good job bomber KD, who remains similar to Charlize in this regard. 

I am not here to point fingers or names, but I would like the record to show as follows: 

Several KDs offered NAPs and KD joins, which were rejected. I will not list names. 

I also want to thank Kobu particularly, for the ways of a halfling that he is teaching me (just not intentionally hehe). 

For the rest of you KDs out there, I strongly suggest you NAP each other and fight the Triumvirate (Venith, Valar, and Bomber). I also suggest that you do not ignore Juggernaut. We are also your enemy, hehe. :)

21:08:16 Feb 22nd 13 - al (Mr. Harlem Shake):

i need pure to leave me the hell alone

21:11:39 Feb 22nd 13 - Mr. Salazar:

He is a single player against a ten man KD. I would suggest you disband the KD or restart somewhere on the map, preferably within the safety of someone elses core.

Maybe next time you will be able to advise Dragon and Dakarta's members in the ways of defense against an orc. 

Kobu, TBL, and Zond are on this map. I strongly suggest you message them for help, as they are very talented players. 

21:20:51 Feb 22nd 13 - Stormy (Lady Charlize Theron):

really? all fails? ALL OF THEM?

This is jut one, i've been eitsing you guys since start of era, along with several freezes, and thats after bihn took my econ cities...


Casting Eye in the sky from San upon Cityblock with 78% chance of success... and Successful!
Through the eye we can see this information about Cityblock, owned by Mr. Salazar:
Magic Towers:2000
Guard Towers:2106
Lumber Mills:1468

Armies in the city: 1(Total of 1 men)

I can bring up more but why bother, fail troll is fail. And you make it sound like every single member of the kingdoms you listed sent everything at you....other players told me you were an ass, i just didnt know how much of a one:P

22:17:22 Feb 22nd 13 - Mr. Makatu:

lol ... come on Zenith and BB i'm sure Valar don't need your help against a solo ? 

22:23:49 Feb 22nd 13 - Zond (General of Beautiful Women):

i just saw the chance for some rof. and i cant pass up free burns. just look a few posts up at my post to stewie ;)

22:30:10 Feb 22nd 13 - Mr. Makatu:

:-) my mistake i only factored in the Valar and BB empire i didn't know i had to worry about a third ...sister  

22:32:06 Feb 22nd 13 - Zond (General of Beautiful Women):

hehe. fire is fire. i like it :D

22:43:41 Feb 22nd 13 - Mr. Makatu:

water is stronger :p

22:47:28 Feb 22nd 13 - Zond (General of Beautiful Women):

only when you are hiding behind it in that hole of yours :p

23:04:03 Feb 22nd 13 - Mr. Salazar:


Why would I bother referencing EITS? That just doesn't make sense. Anyone can EITS. 

Normally when you are fighting a single player belonging to another KD, that also means you are fighting that KD. Do the rules change with me for some reason? When someone says "LGC is fighting BEO," they don't mean that every last player has entered into combat with every last player from the enemy team. What they mean is that the two KDs are at war and combat has been exchanged. 

If you are here to flame, that's fine. I already affirmed your efforts, so there is no further need to praise you. I did say good job after all. But I suppose a lesser player like myself has no business affirming the efforts of the mighty veterans of old. 

I guess it's not good enough to be winning anymore. 

23:04:18 Feb 22nd 13 - Stewie Griffin (Mr. James Bond):

Zondy is a pussy.

23:06:53 Feb 22nd 13 - Mr. Stormys Grise Eminence:

Zondy is a cat.

23:16:56 Feb 22nd 13 - Stormy (Mr. Epic Manwar):

lol nice try...but next time if thats what you mean, then say it. You said "for the repeated attempts of spell casting. They were all fails," last i checked eits was a spell, however i did blow most of my magic today trying a damned happiness....

hey just my opinion, no need to get bothered about. You have yours as well, which you made quite clear already...

not flaming, hell i dont even post here anymore. except to say one more thing, zond is a pussy....a big cuddly pussy

23:46:54 Feb 22nd 13 - Zond (General of Beautiful Women):

at least we all agree on what i eat :D

00:16:02 Feb 23rd 13 - Mr. Salazar:

Good job Kobu, TBL, Zond, and Zond's pet orc. Congratulations also belong to Charlize Theron of Valar for the repeated attempts of spell casting. They were all fails, but efforts nevertheless. And good job bomber KD, who remains similar to Charlize in this regard. 

Congratulations <- affirmation
Congrats for what? 

Your attempts at spell casting. 

Congrats in light of what?


However, and here comes the point: 

"efforts nevertheless." 

The context of the message was "good job," "congratulations," etc. 

As for the person spreading rumors about my character, if they are reading this, they should talk to me. better than being a child that is.

01:00:28 Feb 23rd 13 - Mr. Makatu:

09:47:28 Feb 23rd 13 - Zond (General of Beautiful Women):

only when you are hiding behind it in that hole of yours :p

lol... I guess same could be said about your fire except in your case its 'hiding behind valar' :P

01:03:09 Feb 23rd 13 - Zond (Mr. Want The Freak):

i am just the smarter of the 2, i like to use someone else as my meat shield ;)

01:06:03 Feb 23rd 13 - Mr. Makatu:

Hmmm its a toss up there mate ..

You smarter ...or there dumber ... maybe its dumb and dumber ? :-)

01:07:43 Feb 23rd 13 - Zond (Mr. Want The Freak):

mmm i just let stormy think hes running things, but really i am in control ;) 

even when he reads this he will say im lying, but ill just talk him into thinking i posted this just to have a comeback at you. ;)

01:10:03 Feb 23rd 13 - Mr. Stormys Grise Eminence:

OK, a semi serious post here.


Salazar, Zondy tells me that you are a high-potential player that Binh is currently training. From my observations, you are also very active and reactive (in a good way), and you seem to have learned (or are learning) well from one of VU's best-ever players. The fact that in Fantasia, you play with Legacy, also exposes you to the playing style, strategies and thoughts of many good and experienced veterans.

You are off to a very good start, and are getting opportunities that very few players would ever get.

Do just note a couple of surrounding factors here (OK, lecture begins, but please don't think I am being patronising or condescending here :P).

The first is that the players in Valar do not really take this map seriously (no offense meant to anyone at all here guys :P :P).

If you know the history of the Valar players, you will find that many of them have been kingdomates and close friends for many many eras. Stormy and Dalak have been kingdomates ever since the year 2006 or 2007 (could be even earlier). I have been kingdomates with several of my Valar mates since the era of Agent Smith. I knew Kobuskan even earlier before that.

Pretty much 8 / 9 out of 10 Valar players are very close friends with one another.

Many of us used to be serious Fantasia gamers. For many eras, we would be competing with the best kingdoms on Fantasia for the crown. We've all worked together or fought against each other many many times in the past. Heck, 7 out of 10 players in Valar used to be in Carnage / Foundation / Fate, a key Fantasian mainstay of the past.

We have all gone through the entire gamut of competitive VU gameplay - the stress, the agony, the pressure to succeed, the highs and lows, etc. We've been thrown through the proverbial "meat grinder" so to speak.

However, after many eras of playing on Fantasia, one does get tired and jaded after awhile. I am sure from your recent Fantasia experience with Legacy that you know how it is like to play in a very competitive kingdom - VU is a precision and coordination game, where you have to be online at the right time in order to coordinate moves. It is also a reaction game - you have to be able to react to your opponent's various moves and changes - thus it requires high amounts of activity at the highest competitive levels. It means one may have to be on for hours at an end, in order to be able to stop a powerful enemy, or to push an attacking momentum decisively.

It also means that players tend to burn out. And many players take breaks from this game, some for several eras, some for several years, others permanently.

And seriously, do we really have time to be playing a game seriously if we have a family or a job to maintain?

However, it is also the nature of VU such that, in going through such highs and lows with ones comrades, special bonds and relationships are formed. Friendships are forged when you go through tough times and victorious times together.

Valar is made up of that. A bunch of old friends. Legacy has many "old friends" too - players who have played together for many years now. Some way back to the betas (proverbial dinosaurs... like Roxbury).

As with friendships forged over the internet, it is hard to maintain such friendships since there are geographic and personal obstacles to them. For example, its going to be very hard for me to visit Stormy or Julie, who are flippin 10,000 miles away, or Dalak, who is 4,000 miles away. Not to mention the timezones are totally incompatible. And some folks are married and have families, and the spouses and kids wouldn't really be happy to find strange men (and one woman) suddenly waltzing in and occupying their husbands' / wife's / fathers' time.

Thus, this was the reason Valar was created on Nirvana (several eras ago). It was a hang-around joint for a couple of old friends to play the game casually, log in every now and then, have some "shit and giggles".... but most importantly, maintain that bond of friendship.

You will find that we do not play at "Fantasian" level intensity here in this map. Unless we are forced to, which is very rare :P Actually, even if we are facing Fantasian type opponents, we will probably still take it quite easy. VU is a never-ending game, so how often can we put up that kind of game face :P

Basically, what I am trying to say... is that having Binh and you (and Erynthul) drop next to us, and looking at us as a "practice round" before the next era of Fantasia..... we're probably not gonna make the best of practice opponents to be honest :P Some of us actually went "meh, whatever" in our internal forums when we realize Binh was core-sharing with us and were quite fine if he (and you) were to give our asses a drubbing (well, I was one of them :P).

We might also get a bit grumpy with being forced to up our activity and our intensity, so do forgive us for that :P

But nonetheless, even at 30% or so effort, we can put up something.... decent (I guess). And more importantly, as a quid pro quo, we did learn something from Binh and you too :P Knowing that orcs can pump out 30K to 40K gaia OOP with a one city drop has some interesting connotations for the next era of Fantasia :D

The second thing I want to tell you is that Binh, Kobu and Zondy are not the only monsters playing on this map. (yes I exclude myself, I have no idea where you got the notion that I was a talented player from... :P).

There are many other good players playing here as well (what the EFF are you all doing here? Please bugger off, this is Valar's exclusive resort map, thank you!!! :P). Some taking this map too seriously, unfortunately (guys, can't you see we are trying to RELAX on this map? Binh, you especially... why are you treating this place like a mini Fantasia run?)

Erynthul, the untagged who is next to you, is Toa from Immortals on Fantasia. As you can see.... he is a very good player, and a veteran.

Tyrgalon and Stewie in Zondy's kingdom are also strong, experienced players. They have been through a lot and achieved a lot, and would be a valuable team member to any Fantasian kingdom.

Bomber Brothers have the actual brothers, Wolf and Phoenix. The first is a previous era winner, and an elite attacker when active, the latter is a very reputable mage (watch out for Phoenix's ROFS, we like to say).

East of us, in the kingdom of Fellowship of the Thing, the leader is Karac, the last era winner before the multi character system, and former leader of a kingdom that fought many times on Fantasia. Elsin (whom you are acquainted with in Legacy) is there too, a multiple era winner.

Then south-east of us, is where a couple of Godzilla type monsters truly lie.

The kingdom of HO contains Jill (last era's Fantasia winner, and leader of Beothuk - aka leader of many capable and experienced players), Crissxcross (previous era winner, one of the game's premier players, and famously known as the player who forced Dark Blood to disband), Roxbury (whom you are acquainted with in Legacy, and is one of the dinosaurs I described above - played since the Betas), and finally, this dude called Path / Psychopath (you should ask Binh about him.... for me, he is, in my experience, one of the 6 best players to have ever played VU in my time :P [Binh is one of the other 6 :P]).

These guys all have some amazing history and accomplishments in VU.

In my kingdom, Stormy is a veteran since the days of Mirror, and one of the game's best OOPers, and the founder / leader of Carnage. Dreadlord (aka Bounce), whom you are already acquainted with through playing in Legacy, is another seriously good player. Chade is the leader of Immortals, and has been a solid comrade and opponent whenever we play together or against each other. Dan / Aussie / Learner won Fantasia about 6 eras ago, and was one of the key Beothuk OOP players together with Stormy this era. Knigh is another Fate / Foundation veteran who is a solid troll player. Julie is one of the game's best mages, and was a vital member of several strong Fantasian kingdoms in the past.

Then we have another Godzilla level player called Dalak, who always flies under the radar and always hides his capabilities, but is seriously one of the finest attacking players to have played this game. He has stomped over so many kingdoms and players in the past, it isn't even funny. (not to mention he is overlord of a giant harem, but that's another story :P)

(man, look at all the flattery I am dishing out here..... you guys need to treat me to tonnes of meals, booze and hooke.... I mean, escor.... nevermind... meals and booze will do).

Basically, in describing all the players to you, I am trying to say that this map is full of talented, experienced, and capable players. All of whom you can observe and learn from.

(and all of whom should not be here... you guys are turning this into some mini Fantasia shite, you know that?)

Now, to wrap things up, why did I go into such a long-winded, boring, semi-emotional post on the Nirvana forums to you?

Well, if anything, I was probably happy to see a new player that is taking an active interest in this game and is taking the trouble to learn it up. It reminded me of the past when Path and I first started this game, and were looking for mentors to guide us and examples to follow.

I am also reminded of VU's better days in the past when the game had a following several times bigger then its current situation, and Fantasia had the player-base to fill several competitive kingdoms every era. Those were some very tough, competitive and fiery eras that yours truly enjoyed participating in :P

And finally, it is kinda with the realization that, since I probably will not be staying for long anymore in VU (well, at least not in Fantasia anyway), if there is any little nugget of wisdom that I can leave for an upcoming player, a little bit of legacy that I can share for prosperity (see what I did there, baby blue banner boys? :P), this is one of the opportunities to do it :)

Salazar, it is truly a shame that this game is no longer what it used to be in the past. You could have witnessed what was a really really good game. On the other hand, hopefully, you are the first of many new additions to the game, which would lead to its revival and bring it forward to more glorious days.


01:10:11 Feb 23rd 13 - Stormy (Lady Charlize Theron):

uhmm....i thought zondy controlled everything in VU?

you mean...HE DOESNT??!!!

01:12:17 Feb 23rd 13 - Prince Taniwha:

well then if thats the case i'll put you as Dumb and them as Dumber .. :-) but i guess napping nearly entire map gives you the time to do what you do best .. cast those annoying spells that you seem to like casting .. dragons , plaque even if there cast inside allies cores :-)

01:14:08 Feb 23rd 13 - Zond (Mr. Want The Freak):

gonna be honest. i didnt bother reading. just did control find zond. and thats it lol 

oh. i just let some think i dont. we all have our days where we need to be in control. or at least think we are ;)

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