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03:33:07 Nov 2nd 13 - Jondy (Sir Jondrus Kilowatt):

bigsnow time   I need a kd to join pls.

03:46:18 Nov 2nd 13 - Jondy (Mr. Fungus Amongus):

Really? I need to be reset please. As you can see, there is no way I can move. I am stuck in the forest of doom!!!

04:03:23 Nov 2nd 13 - Zond (General Zondervan):

If we build a city here it would be able to hold 6400 buildings and lvl 8 blockage


04:32:52 Nov 2nd 13 - Jondy (Mr. Fungus Amongus):

If we build a city here it would be able to hold 400 buildings and lvl 8 blockage!

04:47:03 Nov 2nd 13 - Grim (Mr. Grim Darkhammer):

Great to see you're map on here Jondrus.  :)

06:08:54 Nov 2nd 13 - Timur (Mr. Timur The Lame):

But the city in the forest would be untakeable.   You could last forever...

07:08:53 Nov 2nd 13 - Mr. Sonic Srewdriver:

You could maybe talk someone into teleporting you out? Good way to survive a oop war. 

17:56:18 Nov 2nd 13 - Mr. Ranginui:

could i also get restarted please as i have landed in a mountain  and unfortunately i am not a dwarf  ... lol

08:07:44 Nov 3rd 13 - Ms. Farmaton Action:

Dont worry guys, Nirvana now has tunneling, you just go to World>Continent>Region>Country>State/Province>City>Street Enter in the Longitude/Latitude then enter in the place you want to tunnel to. so "((X*Y) - C)

13:42:24 Nov 3rd 13 - Mr. Hyperbolic Flange:

Something is definitely bugged in the terrain data / city size mechanism.

This city says it can grow to a 90K:

I think this era is going to be quite interesting!

16:37:30 Nov 3rd 13 - Zond (Mr. Czar):

Legends wants you to post a pic when it becomes a 90k! 

17:27:04 Nov 3rd 13 - Stormy (Lady Cthulhu):

lol at least i know im not the only one. I landed close to a mountain as a halfer and it says 90k building size:P

17:33:42 Nov 3rd 13 - Mr. Hyperbolic Flange:

OK ... my first goal for this era is to grow that city to 90K buildings just for the lulz :)

22:35:37 Nov 3rd 13 - Timur (Sheriff Timuur):

Post whether you get the terrain bonus' on that 90k.

18:56:32 Nov 6th 13 - Mr. Big Snow Man:

I have the best spot on the map. :) (other than inside of the terrain)

Also, what are the KDs in this world?

19:19:30 Nov 6th 13 - Xerxes The Great (Sir Xerxes The Curious):

Sleepless and Storm Cloaks are the only two I believe

21:31:03 Nov 6th 13 - Mr. Big Snow Man:

There's no way to tell if a city will block or not cos it just says 90K. :P That's very annoying if you don't know if it'll be 14K or 25K. I mean, unless the city size just keeps getting bigger and goes over the terrain. But then, if the terrain doesn't stop building, they why did the people who landed inside not get to build 90K cities? This map really needs to be fixed. :P

13:49:38 Nov 9th 13 - The Wolflord (Wolflord Karac):

I think this is the quietest world. Nothing happening?

14:01:04 Nov 9th 13 - Mr. Big Snow Man:

Not that I can see. Nothing moving.

Is there supposed to be tunnels in this map? You can see where they are on the map but you can't go through them.

02:51:18 Nov 10th 13 - Ms. Farmaton Action:

I get the impression that everybody wants to fight stormcloaks.. 

10:41:30 Nov 10th 13 - Mr. Hyperbolic Flange:

Odd that we haven't had one of these yet...

IMG Kingdom Name Members Leader %P
Kingdoms in Nirvana
Ninja Cats5Mr. Learning Orc100
Storm Cloaks10Sheriff Timuur98
Sleepless7Mr. Roq58
InFECTed2Mr. Fungus Amongus6

18:02:24 Nov 13th 13 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes The Snowman):

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Storm Cloaks10Sheriff Timuur136
Ninja Cats5Mr. Learning Orc100
Sleepless7Mr. Roq31
InFECTed6Mr. Fungus Amongus23

Infected is just farming, Sleepless is putting up no effort at all to keep their cities from Stormcloaks and an untagged player, Stormcloaks are doing pretty well, taking Sleepless cities and trying to fend of attacks from Ninja Cats.

18:17:30 Nov 13th 13 - Arthur Dent (Mr. Arthur Dent):

Why is Stormcloaks on two worlds?  I'm being attacked on both of them!

18:21:17 Nov 13th 13 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes The Snowman):

IDK, ask Timur

19:25:59 Nov 13th 13 - Mr. Big Snow Man:

3 words actually.

I am also just farming, in my impenetrable little bunker.

19:33:28 Nov 13th 13 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes The Snowman):

I still haven't seen you... Where you hiding at?

19:37:31 Nov 13th 13 - Jondy (Mr. Fungus Amongus):

Not sure how we are farming when we just started settling cities 4 days ago. Plus I got to start late with 200 pez left in my army.

20:06:13 Nov 13th 13 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes The Snowman):

Just an assumption, my bad.

20:26:40 Nov 13th 13 - Ms. Manx Woman:

I hope Zetamania gets this map next era. Be fun to see how walls would work. lol

22:37:33 Nov 13th 13 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes The Snowman):

After they fix the glitches. I'm playing Halfling and my city is being built up the mountain and into the woods!

23:03:59 Nov 13th 13 - Mr. Big Snow Man:

90K blockers FTW!

02:13:20 Nov 14th 13 - Mr. Dimwit:

Arthur -- we (Stormcloaks/Stormcloakz) are just involved in construction projects on both worlds.  Don't panic.  ;-)

06:20:20 Nov 14th 13 - Ms. Farmaton Action:

The Really Sad thing is.. I was really, really looking forward to farming this era. 

06:53:47 Nov 14th 13 - Arthur Dent (Mr. Arthur Dent):

Well Dimwit, you're going to have to do a lot of construction on Nirvana this era!

00:30:16 Nov 16th 13 - Mr. Dimwit:

I got off to a late start -- I thought we'd all packed our bags and migrated to another world.  :-(

11:00:45 Nov 17th 13 - Mr. Hyperbolic Flange:

So guys ... do you think my blocker blocks? I'm worried it might not be in the right place. Can someone try and sneak a scout past it?

11:23:27 Nov 17th 13 - Teirdel (Mr. Teirdel The Morninglet):

I see a few gaps. Poor placement on your part.

11:43:36 Nov 17th 13 - Mr. Big Snow Man:

Well the gates aren't closed so...

21:36:56 Nov 28th 13 - Mr. Big Snow Man:

So, who's warring who? How's it all going? I can't see much from where I am. :P

21:20:34 Dec 3rd 13 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes The Snowman):

Ninja Cats are warring the entire map. Currently split and losing ground. Stormcloaks seem well organized. I don't know if there attacking anyone else besides Ninja Cats and an untagged player. Sleepless was inactive at beginning of era and got wiped by Stormcloaks. Dragon broke off of Sleepless and formed Hellhounds. He is currently running around my core area, along with Timur of Stormcloaks. Sleepless moved to another area but I still haven't seen any action from them. Alcoholics are trying to repel attacks from Ninja cats and an untagged player. I'm pretty sure that covers it.... this era is almost over, Stormcloaks have the upper hand but we'll keep on fighting til the end (Queen) and then next era we will try again. 

21:37:57 Dec 3rd 13 - Arthur Dent (Mr. Arthur Dent II):

I wouldn't give it to Stormcloakz quite yet ;)  I'd say we have plenty of fight left in us.  I sure as hell know that I do! Bring it on, babies.

21:44:11 Dec 3rd 13 - Ms. Farmaton Action:

Have to give it to Dootar, he had 48k Zerks early era, I got really really lucky otherwise he probably would have wiped us out. 

04:07:24 Dec 4th 13 - Xerxes The Great (Sir Xerxes The Slaughterable):

I haven't given up yet Arthur, still got plenty of fight left in me yet!

05:07:50 Dec 4th 13 - Jondy (Mr. Fungus Amongus):

It's hard fighting 4 different players. Nice move Merl. I will make sure to post how crappy your city is built when I take it tomorrow.

06:06:11 Dec 4th 13 - Arthur Dent (Mr. Arthur Dent):

Instead of making fun of new players, why not help them learn the game? :/

06:27:31 Dec 4th 13 - Ms. Farmaton Action:

Whom is teaching you arthur?

16:10:21 Dec 4th 13 - Arthur Dent (Mr. Arthur Dent):

I'm not really teaching anyone at the moment. What an odd way to phrase that question.

16:24:06 Dec 4th 13 - Jondy (Mr. Fungus Amongus):

I like how you assume that I didn't offer to help him.

19:46:24 Dec 4th 13 - Ms. Farmaton Action:

Jondy im sure you are teaching him, one kill at a time :P

21:12:06 Dec 6th 13 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes The Snowman):

We're about done here, the rest of Ninja Cats will continue to fight. Good job to the Stormcloaks, we'll get you next era!

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