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Nirvana 24
18:43:08 Dec 22nd 13 - Mr. Evanss:

IMGKingdom NameMembersLeader%P
Kingdoms in Nirvana
Dorian Empire3Mr. Evanss100
Storm Cloaks9Sheriff Timuur97
Candlewax4Prince Dakarta89
Sleepless9Mr. Roq88
alcoholics4Mr. Insane Pizza21

Only just started, but this is who we've got so far.

21:34:28 Dec 22nd 13 - Ms. Ereshkigal:

I hate this map. 

22:04:23 Dec 22nd 13 - Mr. Evanss:

It's so open, not much space to hide.

05:36:01 Dec 23rd 13 - Timur (Sheriff Timuur):

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Dorian Empire4Mr. Evanss194
Storm Cloaks9Sheriff Timuur100
Candlewax4Prince Dakarta67
Sleepless9Mr. Roq59
alcoholics4Mr. Insane Pizza12

05:36:30 Dec 23rd 13 - Timur (Sheriff Timuur):

Damn that's quick growth for the Dorians.  Are they all halfers?

08:17:51 Dec 23rd 13 - Mr. Evans:

Nope, but we all know how to do OOP :)

08:21:17 Dec 23rd 13 - Mr. Evanss:

Prince Dakarta (12/23/2013 2:25:32 AM)GOODBAD
Might a propose a merger? We could use the numbers.

16:51:59 Dec 25th 13 - Mr. Annunaki:

05:00:32 - Look lost a battle against Wackamole from Sheriff Timuur. We lost 1 Farmers, 0 Slingers, 0 Pony riders, 0 Illusionists, 0 Adventurers and 0 peasants in the battle and 0 of our soldiers got injured.

 How rude!  My poor single farmer lays in bloody waste :(

 cant we just get along ... maybe a sing a song ... hold hands and rejoice in peace and the wonder of Vu. 

(x_x)Q_('_' )

17:26:08 Dec 25th 13 - Mr. Evanss:

15:38:02 - Gogogo lost a battle against Away from Prince Dakarta. We lost 5 Farmers, 0 Slingers, 0 Pony riders, 0 Illusionists, 0 Adventurers and 0 peasants in the battle and 0 of our soldiers got injured. 

I feel your pain, what cruel being could part five farmers from their families onf christmas day :(

17:27:52 Dec 25th 13 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

Trolls and Orcs just don't care.

20:08:41 Dec 25th 13 - Mr. Annunaki:

Us Halfers are a kind race! Merry Christmas!

07:21:58 Dec 26th 13 - Teirdel (Mr. Valael Teirdel):

im Elf you are all inferior and should just destroy each other while I hole up in my cities.

08:54:41 Dec 26th 13 - Mr. Evansss:

OK Teirdel the destroying has started 

18:56:01 Dec 26th 13 - Mr. Oops:

Plump, juicy halflings make tasty Christmas feast -- thank you for adding to the merriment!

20:09:00 Dec 26th 13 - Mr. Evanss:

Well I'm juicer after this fighting :)

20:15:14 Dec 26th 13 - Mr. Endo Windscar:

that sounds like innuendo.
innuEndo. aha. anyone?

12:43:26 Dec 31st 13 - Mr. Evans:

So BDSM are still here, as are companion knights. And we are still fighting KH and KHS, whats changed since last time?

Feck all, BDSM lost two forward armies and we've fought over a city. Otherwise... nothing. Armies got bigger, KHS farmed and did naf all :)

21 vs. 9 .... with only a couple of blockers for companion knights, youd have thought KH would have won long ago, but apparently not ;)

Bring it on :D

13:35:04 Dec 31st 13 - Princess Aisha:

Well that is strange, because Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Starta are not playing Nirvana.

14:22:44 Dec 31st 13 - Mr. Evans:

Dammit, wrong topic :D

14:23:32 Dec 31st 13 - Mr. Evans:

For this one then, meh I dont even know what to say I just wish ponies had some defence

18:52:32 Jan 1st 14 - Mr. Endo Windscar:

well done evans, well done :p

11:33:29 Jan 6th 14 - Arkantos (Sir Ajax):

so who is fighting who? Late start for me but thats ok.

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Storm Cloaks10Sheriff Timuur10876
Dorian Empire7Mr. Evanss10012
Candlewax4Prince Dakarta6376
Sleepless8Mr. Roq3265
alcoholics4Mr. Insane Taco181
Gods and Goddess2Sir Ajax100

03:12:39 Jan 7th 14 - Mr. Perturbed:

Well we were so badly beat up by a single orc player that we were discussing teaming up with Dorian to take you on.   Other than that, I don't know of any wars going on

04:53:17 Jan 9th 14 - Mr. Endo Windscar:

dorian have almost wiped sleepless off the map. that's about it for us so far.

08:40:09 Jan 9th 14 - Mr. Evansss:

Thats not entirely correct but ok

15:34:08 Jan 9th 14 - Mr. Endo Windscar:

i wasnt really counting the harassing and swatting back the occasional attack from candlewax as wars :p

09:23:31 Jan 12th 14 - Arkantos (Sir Ajax):

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Storm Cloaks10Sheriff Timuur1715
Candlewax5Prince Dakarta1316
Dorian Empire7Mr. Evanss1295
Sleepless7Mr. Roq469
Gods and Goddess6Sir Ajax100
alcoholics5Mr. Insane Taco73
YODA2Mr. Extorsion38

10:38:27 Jan 12th 14 - Mr. Evans:

Yeh fighting two fronts isnt easy :(

18:36:49 Jan 16th 14 - Mr. Roq:

It was a fun war against Dorian even though it was mostly against Evans.  He did a great job and they would of eventually beat us.  Too bad Storm Cloaks came in and ruined it all...

03:04:21 Jan 17th 14 - Dakarta (Prince Dakarta):

That Awkward Moment when the #2 HOH city is a Native People city... Lol

07:58:26 Jan 21st 14 - Arkantos (Sir Ajax):

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Storm Cloaks10Sheriff Timuur467
Candlewax9Prince Dakarta385
Gods and Goddess8Sir Ajax100
Dorian Empire6Mr. Evanss65
alcoholics5Mr. Insane Taco30

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