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Nirvana 26
00:17:45 Mar 25th 14 - The Sorcerer (Mr. Beorn):

Welcome to this glitchy map!

I'm playing solo, but I'll join a KD if anyone would like an extra player. 

Good luck to everyone! 

01:58:22 Mar 25th 14 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Isogod):

Ill join you! Whats your kingdom?

02:35:28 Mar 25th 14 - The Sorcerer (Mr. Beorn):

I'm solo right now, Isogod. I'll send you a thingy so you can make a KD if yuo'd like though.

07:45:29 Mar 25th 14 - Konspyre (Captain Hindsight):

Storm Cloaks10Sheriff Timuur607
Kingdom Hearts Nirvana 10Mr. Sorra of Nirvana547
Very Evil And Then Some3Captain Hindsight100
Candlewax8Prince Dakarta43

We will win! For evil, victory and ponies!

07:04:56 Mar 28th 14 - Konspyre (Captain Hindsight):

Very Evil And Then Some3Captain Hindsight100


Candlewax10Prince Dakarta160

10:13:06 Mar 28th 14 - Mr. Palpys Deathstar:

Candlewax are also warring storm cloaks. i have my popcorn to watch the action

12:09:39 Mar 28th 14 - Konspyre (Captain Hindsight):

Why is 1k ponies 3rd HoH 4 days into the era? Where'd the other armies go?
I'm starting to think I'm one of the only people who's not planning on farming all era long.

21:28:07 Mar 28th 14 - Teirdel (Mr. Seraph The Fox):

I had scout to set armory up but Stormcloakz ko'ed it. And 1k ponies shouldn't even be close to max on hoh. I have more rocks than that at this point! (big deal by this day I usually just finish my arms :P)

20:00:41 Apr 6th 14 - The Sorcerer (Mr. Beorn):

If anyone's interested, here's an update:

I am sitting between Alcoholics, and Candlewax, so here's what I see.

I'm attacking Alcoholics, the army I'm sending seems to have had small resistance at their blocker but I know they've got tons more troops and a very active mage.

Candlewax seems to be having a difficult time warding off the Stormcloaks army up North of me, I've seen no resisting armies at this time try to attack the Stormcloaks army, but I've also not been paying very close attention. I am considering creating another force as large as my first army to go and attack Stormcloaks, because I do not want to have to worry about that army slaughtering me later while I try to attack Alcoholics.

15:27:58 Apr 23rd 14 - Ms. Leila The Quiet:

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Kingdom Hearts Nirvana 10Mr. Sorra of Nirvana100
Storm Cloaks9Sheriff Timuur82
Very Evil And Then Some4Captain Hindsight73
alcoholics5Mr. Insane Madness35
BIG BANG THEORY2Mr. Tasselhoff7
Candlewax5Mr. Recrutefornextera

15:33:16 Apr 23rd 14 - The Real Josh (Mr. Sorin):

No mention of us sorcerer?  :(

22:18:10 Apr 24th 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Recrutefornextera):

A decent amount of action on this map... Candlewax is going to look to expand if anyone wants an active leader on Nirvana. (looking ahead to next era)

22:42:44 Apr 24th 14 - Timur (Sheriff Timmur):

Kingdom of Hearts is slowly but steadily defeating Stormcloaks; we beat back a few early armies, but they have killed two or three endgame armies, and defeated our attempts to do end runs into their core.

Very Evil seems to be coming  very large fairly quickly.  I do not have visibility at that side of the map, so I don't know who they ate up, or if it was merges.  

Alcoholics appears to have won their war with Beorn.  

03:41:22 Apr 25th 14 - The Sorcerer (Mr. Beorn):

Sorry, Sorin. I can't see you guys. :P

23:07:23 Apr 25th 14 - Teirdel (Saint Mystafear):

From my understanding Wax has gotten the worst of it this era. First from cloakz and then from EVUL. Either way if this keeps up ill continue to look forward to nirvana. One of the better maps so far by miles.

23:08:22 Apr 25th 14 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus XXXVII):

realyl enjoyable - even for a wax-er

00:18:33 Apr 27th 14 - Argyle (Mr. Nirvanargyle):

I am enjoying Nirvana as well!

I wonder if it's the map that makes it so fun, or the general population.

00:22:16 Apr 27th 14 - Konspyre (Captain Hindsight):

In case you go for "general population", you're welcome and we all love you too.

15:18:35 Apr 27th 14 - Ms. Leila The Quiet:

Thank you everyone for a nice era, we are all having lots of fun :)

16:57:31 Apr 27th 14 - Teirdel (Saint Mystafear):

Wonder how many people may jump to nirvana. I would be excited to see more and more kingdoms here as well.

02:13:03 Apr 28th 14 - Mr. Sorra of Nirvana:

Yeah, from everything I have seen and heard, Nirvana is by far the most exciting map this era. I think one of the reasons its that way is because of the combination of people that are here. Very experienced people on all sides who are also willing to facilitate for the not so experienced people in there KD. So cheers to the community that made up Nirvana this era. Have not heard of anyone leaving, so its either going to stay the same level of excitement or get even better. 

If 2 or 3 more Kingdoms could join, it would be even better. Infact, if you miss the VU old days, [the action packed aspect] then come to Nirvana next era. It's not going to be a decision you regret. 

09:01:13 Apr 28th 14 - Ms. Balanced:

im hardly active so really what i say is inconsequential, but i have been extremely impressed with  KH and other's this era.

11:00:06 Apr 28th 14 - Timur (Sheriff Timuur):

Congratulations to Kingdom Hearts on their victory over us (Stormcloaks) this era.   KH vs Stormcloaks was essentially a 1 kd vs 1 kd for most the era.   They demonstrated strong consistent real mistakes that we could take advantage of.   

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