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Nirvana 27
23:39:40 May 3rd 14 - Konspyre (Captain Hindsight):

Stormys Dungeon8Duke Chade The Dungeon Slave100
alcoholics5Mr. Insane Biatch57
Storm Cloaks9Sheriff Timuur55
Candlewax5Mr. Panic33
Kingdom Hearts Nirvana 9Mr. Sorra of Nirvana18

I wish you all good luck. :) (We'll win.)

23:44:05 May 3rd 14 - Mr. Insane Ciroc Boi:

Wow look at the all star cast of players your kd have :p this era should be fun.

01:44:57 May 4th 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):


20:10:59 May 4th 14 - Mr. Efrandor:

20:13:33 May 4th 14 - Bran (Mr. Brannigan The Irritating):


Kingdom Banner

Name: Neutrals
Members: 1
Created: 5/4/2014 5:57:29 PM
Leader: Mr. Brannigan The Irritating

Compare kingdom


I hate these filthy Neutrals. With enemies you know where they stand but with Neutrals, who knows? It sickens me.


- close -

a new kd is on the scene!

23:22:08 May 4th 14 - Teirdel (Saint Lodak):

Welcome to nirv bran.

12:21:53 May 6th 14 - Ms. Jasmina:

This is funny, all five kingdoms basically started at the same place?
All except Neutrals, right?

13:11:40 May 6th 14 - Duke Chade The Dungeon Slave:

No, we started separately cause we're special!

14:32:59 May 6th 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Storm Cloaks10Sheriff Timuur526
Stormys Dungeon10Lord Chades Love Child427
Kingdom Hearts Nirvana10Mr. Sorra of Nirvana344
alcoholics5Mr. Insane Biatch138
Neutrals2Mr. Brannigan The Irritating125
Candlewax3Mr. Panic100
BIG BANG THEORY2Mr. Tasselhoff2

14:52:51 May 6th 14 - Konspyre (Captain Hindsight):

Everything north of where KH landed is Dungeon territory.
Everything south of Dungeon territory will soon become Dungeon territory.

16:23:06 May 6th 14 - Duke Chade The Dungeon Slave:

It seems that the scientists were correct - the Stormyius Dungeonius Bactericus virus will soon become pandemy and will take over the world :-( saaaaveeeeee yooooouuurrrrssss....

*distant echo

16:39:24 May 6th 14 - Stormy (Lord Chades Love Child):

either that or just give you a really bad case of crotch rot

WTF? Abandon thred

16:41:47 May 6th 14 - Mr. Efrandor:

I've had crotch rot. It's a lot more fun than it sounds.

16:51:02 May 6th 14 - Duke Chade The Dungeon Slave:

*ignores the deep conversation!!!

18:39:17 May 7th 14 - Ms. Leila The Wise:

Good luck everyone, hope the era will be fun for all! 

05:39:56 May 8th 14 - Ms. Jerks Are Jer:

im pretty much dead already, gracefully un-trying :P

09:01:50 May 9th 14 - Mr. Efrandor:

This is ridiculous but.. one of my knights dropped his house keys halfway to "hope". I told him he won't need them 'cause he's a poor fighter but he insisted I put it out here in case someone is heading the same way and they could keep an eye out for 'em.

At first he even wanted to head back to search for them. Yeah right, like that's gonna happen; "We're at war dude, continue your gallop." I told him.

Anyhow,  if you see any keys along the road to "hope" and the storm cloaks send a messenger, there's a pink toy rabbit on the key chain;  "for my daughter, she loves it." My Knight says.

10:04:59 May 9th 14 - Bran (Mr. Shaolin Bran):

*Your adventurers found a strange key...  Which increased your lumber science by one*

16:54:06 May 9th 14 - Duke Chade The Dungeon Slave:

*casting steal items with 42% chance and...successful! Our mages knicked a key off bran's hands!

17:52:54 May 9th 14 - Bran (Mr. Shaolin Bran):

damn dice rolls, thats jsut typical!

21:04:26 May 9th 14 - Mr. Efrandor:

Dudes, give it back!  My knight just told me he forgot some logs on the fire. I've given him permission to go home and put it out. But he needs the bloody key.

21:30:52 May 9th 14 - Duke Chade The Dungeon Slave:

*Casting Teleport with whatever percent you like on the key...and successful! The mages managed to teleport the key with the pink thingy!

there! Job well done, my dungeonesse brother from another mother!

21:32:01 May 9th 14 - Mr. Efrandor:


Great, back to the war!

16:34:41 May 17th 14 - Timur (Sheriff Timuur):

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Stormys Dungeon10Lord Chades Love Child164
Storm Cloaks10Sheriff Timuur100
Neutrals5Mr. Brannigan The Irritating88
alcoholics5Mr. Insane Biatch61
Kingdom Hearts Nirvana 10Mr. Sorra of Nirvana58
Bronze V2Mr. Vanafras50
Candlewax4Mr. Panic29
SWARM2Mr. Karthfin


16:56:52 May 17th 14 - Timur (Sheriff Timuur):

Era Recap (to the extent that I had info...)

The era started with a free for all oop war between KH,  Stormcloaks, Candlewax  Alcoholics.   Initially, Stormcloaks refused all diplomacy with Kh, because if the previous two era winners made a deal, it seemed likely to make an era that would be unfun for the other kingdoms.

  But Stormy's Dungeon (allied with Bronze V)  swept in, and appeared to be about to make a very short era by sweeping the four free-for alling kingdoms.  They, in tandem, captured 8 of our cities.

Reluctantly, we CF'd KH, Candlewax and Alcholics, to try to make the era last more than 10 days.  Stormy's Dungeon and Bronze V took a few more cities, but the front within my visibility has not had any more huge sweeps in territory, although both sides are active, attempting end runs, and responding to threats.

I am not sure where Stormy's made the recent big point value gains...probably something occurring outside my visibility.   We rolled a 97% on an attack, and lost one of our armies, and Bronze V took a major KH city, but I  don't think that would account for the recent score differential.

Neutrals appears to be up and coming.  They are currently prepping on one of our outlying cities...not that Stormy's dungeon seems to need the help in claiming era victory.   If Neutrals has joined Stormy's and Bronze V, this will be a very short era (at least for us.......maybe Neutrals and Bronze V will be able to take on Stormy's after we die, but at the current time that strikes me as unlikely).

22:13:52 May 17th 14 - Teirdel (Mr. Teirdel):

Big score changes are the fact that KH is split up into two sections. We are literally fighting half strength on two fronts and its costing us. If we were at full strength on one front im sure things would be different however that is not the case and as such we are feeling the hurt!

12:47:07 May 18th 14 - Duke Chade The Dungeon Slave:

lol some1 is tryin to deny the full potential of our Master!!!!

Do not p1ss him off! or he will lock you in the dungeon!

15:24:25 May 26th 14 - Bran (Mr. Brannigan The Irritating):

somebody care to fill me in on whats happening on t'other side of the map? since  someone very rudely took over my GT town and now i cant see a damn thing :(

SD are losing right?

15:40:54 May 26th 14 - Duke Chade The Dungeon Slave:

yeah, we are badly losing :)

16:33:33 May 26th 14 - Mr. Sorra of Nirvana:

Waaa I don't know what your talking about!

SD and bronze have lost only a small handful of cities [which actually technically they took from others] from there army of cities. They are still undoubtedly the KD on this world that has the most power. Its just that you guys have expanded so much, that you've began to think that territory that you've expanded into was originally yours. So when you lost a couple of cities (or more precisely when some of the cities you took got liberated back) you guys began to feign pain but in the bigger picture its probably almost nothing to you guys. You guys still own roughly 60+% of the map to yourselves, Without a doubt you guys are still the single most powerful KD by far. You're all in very good standing. 

17:03:56 May 26th 14 - Duke Chade The Dungeon Slave:

looks like you didnt get the sarcasm in my statement mate :)

I agree with what you said, especially considering the fact that KH+SC+Candles are allied (not sure if alcs and neutrals are also in that). But I take this as a compliment rather than whining and complaining so yeah - c'mon guys push your forces against us, i wanna see blood!

17:15:50 May 26th 14 - The Real Josh (Prince Sladen):

you took two of my cities which i built!!

17:20:10 May 26th 14 - Bran (Mr. Shaolin Bran):

i dont think owning a % of the map equates to being more powerful. its the amount of land and income that does that

18:00:49 May 26th 14 - Mithras (Mr. Vanafras):

That's not entirely accurate considering I've been fighting and training since about 20 ticks past OOP sorra. Even if they were cities I took they were a big source of expansion/income. Just because I didn't build then doesn't mean losing them isn't a significant hit when taking cities is the primary way I've been able to keep up constant troop production so far this era. As a whole we're still strong obviously, but those cities were not insignificant. 

18:13:04 May 26th 14 - Mr. Sorra of Nirvana:

Bran: Map Territory is usually a very accurate gauge of total KD's power. You can only secure and claim land with cities, and you need cities to build an army. The more land you own and can effectively defend [which dungeons have done and are doing -hats of to them], usually means the more powerful you are. A weak KD cannot afford to have multiple armies on multiple fronts defending there cities and advancing on long fronts. Weaker KD's usually try to narrow the area they have to defend by clustering cities together, hence the phrase [don't build far from the core]. If you able to defend large swaths of land, it usually means your powerful. And Dungeons not only has large swaths of land, they are able to effectively defend it. But also with your thermometer of power of using strictly land and cities, Dungeons would still be ontop by far. 

Vanafras: Yeah, I totally understand what your saying. I am saying they are more insignificant to you then they are to us. If you've feel you've taken a hit when they were liberated, image how those who you took them from, who have far less cities must have felt when they were taken. Also, we have been fighting since OOP [the tick off actually] with Cloakz and Alcho. And we were clustered together so naturally the intensity level was higher.  

Also, just so all know. Candles is more or less dead.  =(

14:11:51 Jun 2nd 14 - Duke Chade The Dungeon Slave:

Well played guys :)

Credit to SC+KH+Alcos+candles for withstanding our initial attack and then pushing back and eventually taking us out! Absolutely no sarcasm or irony behind my words, it was a well played era :)

Neutrals also deserve special mentioning for holding and then pushing back our attacks on them.

We deservedly lost :)

I have given you all a goodbye present which you will soon find it out ;)

18:32:13 Jun 2nd 14 - Professor Dimwit:

Plague?  <sigh>

18:52:06 Jun 2nd 14 - Duke Chade The Dungeon Slave:

isnt that an appropriate goodbye present?

22:44:28 Jun 2nd 14 - Teirdel (Saint Black Spear):

Zond fanboy.

23:09:33 Jun 2nd 14 - Mithras (Mr. Vanafras):

13:11:51 Jun 2nd 14 - Duke Chade The Dungeon Slave:
Well played guys :)

Credit to SC+KH+Alcos+candles for withstanding our initial attack and then pushing back and eventually taking us out! Absolutely no sarcasm or irony behind my words, it was a well played era :)

Of course if  most of SD spent less time playing with their d*cks more time fighting it could've turned out a lot differently :P nevermind I guess. Won't expect NAP partners to be remotely useful in future lol. Credit to chade for providing magic support but thats about it.

02:59:54 Jun 8th 14 - Mr. Zek Lazy Peon:

04:17:26 Jun 8th 14 - Stormy (Lady Valkyrie):

HA! Thats awesome. You, my dear sir or maam, deserve a gif

Jimmy Fallon Popcorn

04:24:57 Jun 8th 14 - Polydeuces (Lord Valkyros XXVI):

Aahaha, looking at that everyday I did not notice that until you posted it here xD

12:50:58 Jun 8th 14 - Bran (Mr. Brannigan The Irritating):

is there any chance we can end this era soon?

14:34:00 Jun 8th 14 - Duke Chade The Dungeon Slave:

yes please!

14:38:50 Jun 8th 14 - Bran (Mr. Shaolin Bran):

some wiseguy decided to cancel it last time >.>

15:16:22 Jun 8th 14 - Mr. Chade The Horny Monk:

well it looks like there are other battles to fight :)

23:11:34 Jun 9th 14 - Mr. Tickle:

It really is a tedious era

23:20:26 Jun 9th 14 - Bran (Mr. Shaolin Bran):

try playing on zeta

00:29:16 Jun 10th 14 - Mr. Honor Sworn Zek:

Kinda feel like

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