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Nirvana 30
19:21:46 Sep 26th 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

Nirvana got Shattered Worlds!!!!!

19:27:39 Sep 26th 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Talentless):

I'm also going to start a new kingdom in Nirvana if anyone is interested please write me name in as ruler.

I've invited my training kingdom on Talents to join me and anyone else (old friends) are welcome.

19:59:09 Sep 26th 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

and yeah - here we go suckers


Kingdom Banner

Name: Ebola
Members: 2
Created: 9/26/2014 7:54:59 PM
Leader: Mr. Panic

Compare kingdom




20:05:35 Sep 26th 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Panic):

4 kingdoms so far gearing up

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Stormys Dungeon10Duke Chade Stormys Lover359
Maleficent5Mr. Fashionably Late146
Organization XIII6Mr. Ranginui100
Ebola2Mr. Panic100

01:47:40 Oct 1st 14 - Mr. Whelp:

So quiet in here :(

05:40:04 Oct 1st 14 - Xerxes The Great (Sir Xerxes The Unleashed):

Sshh... I'm trying to sleep. 

03:41:34 Nov 1st 14 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Paracelzus III):

Arma City

City Info
Owner:Lord CthluluKingdom Banner
Size:1 building(s).
Kingdom:Stormys Dungeon
Gates:no gates

We have not attacked them and they have not attacked us.

This ruler owns more than three times as much land than we do.

I'm coming for you... This era just began!

03:41:34 Nov 1st 14 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Paracelzus III):


01:34:48 Nov 2nd 14 - Mr. Slowly:

Congrats Chade.Good win :)

03:13:35 Nov 2nd 14 - TheBornLoser (Mr. Pennywise The Clown):

Congrats Ivan :)

07:40:41 Nov 2nd 14 - Death Dealer (Mr. Anonymous of Nirvana):

looking for a kd here, so anyone have room for one more?

11:39:28 Nov 2nd 14 - Prince Chade:

Thanks Dan and Thian :) I haven't seen a troll winning an era recently, so it was extra special :))

06:40:51 Nov 15th 14 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Paracelzus IV):

When you destroy buildings they will become Wreckages and will disappear over time.
Wrecked buildings:46245


Thanks Mr.Helpful, that was real helpful... No chance of coming back and this is what you do? :,( LOL

06:46:33 Nov 15th 14 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Paracelzus IV):

All in good fun

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