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Nirvana 5
14:24:15 Feb 10th 11 - Mr. Ford Prefect:

First.... b!tches

00:39:41 Feb 11th 11 - Mr. Eddie:

im ready for anything =)

00:45:42 Feb 11th 11 - Puppy Bunny Guard:

Our first goal is survival. =D

01:14:43 Feb 11th 11 - Mr. Karl Marx:

Oh not Ford..... 

04:02:12 Feb 11th 11 - Mr. Ford Prefect:

this is not the ford you think... this is just a tribute

10:21:24 Feb 11th 11 - Mr. Karl Marx:

One and one make two; two and one make three; it was destiny........ Hmm

14:46:19 Feb 11th 11 - Mr. Eddie:

wat happned to riders of iscarot?

16:43:20 Feb 11th 11 - Mr. Stupid Genius:

Who knows, but looks like the fighting will be between a bunch of smaller kingdoms and very personal. hehe =D

21:43:32 Feb 12th 11 - Mr. Prostetnic:

Ford, you want me to read you poetry before I kill you?

21:47:45 Feb 12th 11 - Mr. Karl Marx:

I wouldn't mind some of the poetry...

05:31:14 Feb 13th 11 - Mr. Fordius The Stalker:

Lol who is that dude.
That's not meh.

I only have this account and a smurf account :P
But I haven't started yet ( thinking of a smurf name yet :P )

09:04:54 Feb 13th 11 - Mr. Prostetnic:

22:11:47 Feb 13th 11 - Mr. Karl Marx:

Doped Smurf.....

09:36:18 Feb 18th 11 - Mr. Tyrin The Brilliant Dumbass:

Dont everyone talk at once now.

18:08:30 Feb 18th 11 - Mr. Stupid Genius:

Well..... heh

No arguing on here yet...... ok, Prostetnic, you suck..... :|

01:46:35 Feb 19th 11 - Mr. Tyrin The Brilliant Dumbass:

Im with stupid.

Or wait, dont play like that, you are just jealous of Pro's awesomeness :P 

02:50:32 Feb 19th 11 - Mr. Prostetnic:

Ya'll are dumbasses


06:59:12 Feb 19th 11 - Mr. Stupid Genius:

No.... that's just two of us!

07:35:24 Feb 19th 11 - Mr. Tyrin The Brilliant Dumbass:

Hey! I resemble that remark! >:)

For the record I wanted to be a moron but it censors it as "Morning" and Dumbass didnt know I was a dumbass before he decided to be one. I think.

17:14:21 Feb 19th 11 - Mr. Dumbass:

Actually ive always known you're a Dumbass :D

08:19:08 Feb 20th 11 - Mr. Tyrin The Brilliant Dumbass:

Careful what you do with that wealth of knowledge ;)

Why is this color even an option? o.O

18:05:23 Feb 22nd 11 - Mr. Stupid Genius:

ah, good show, so far.

Orange10Mr. Dark Wolf204
Insane Killers10Mr. Dark Mario114


Brilliant Stupidity5Mr. Tyrin The Brilliant Dumbass100


On a map with only five kingdoms........ lol

20:37:02 Feb 22nd 11 - Mr. Ford Prefect:

My perspective is this:

Orange10Mr. Dark Wolf171
Insane Killers8Mr. Dark Mario100


Brilliant Stupidity6Mr. Tyrin The Brilliant Dumbass101

21:06:15 Feb 22nd 11 - Mr. Stupid Genius:

ah you dropped two members and we picked up a nearby untagged we didn't want to just steamroll..... more interesting then. LOL

01:45:15 Feb 23rd 11 - Mr. Ford Prefect:

yeah... hopefully it will get even better we soon!!

03:22:19 Feb 23rd 11 - Mr. Right Hand of Korwyn:

I declare war on Karl Marx!!!!! your KD is going down!!!

04:25:04 Feb 23rd 11 - Mr. Karl Marx:

Was this before or after you dropped to your knees and "begged" for my forgiveness? :)

05:49:44 Feb 23rd 11 - Mr. Stupid Genius:

Mr. Ford Prefect


18:45:15 Feb 22nd 11
yeah... hopefully it will get even better we soon!!
To be honest, two kingdoms should be embarrassed with themselves. lol

17:01:59 Feb 23rd 11 - Mr. Ford Prefect:

for what do we have to be embarrassed about?

we made plans so early in the era, before any sign of things to come... there was no way to forecast who would pickup and drop which members, and the quality of players on this map, which kingdoms would pull a ringer.... etc

i honestly didn't think the standings would look the way they do at this point, did you?

... and eventually orange and killers will probably fight each other anyways

17:42:35 Feb 23rd 11 - Mr. Stupid Genius:

an 18 on 6 team-up is kinda lame, dontchya think? lol

I don't pull naps/agreements until the kingdom I'm having a core fight with, is pushed back. (happens all the time for me, screw you Zeta spawner)

Even before Orange picked up the three Pi Factor members, they were the second largest kingdom on the map. Napping the other largest kingdom on the map, is sort of gimp. lol

I'll be fine though, just funny, especially considering how good I've been hearing how fate (Orange) was and then coming around and pulling this. lol :P

23:30:55 Feb 23rd 11 - Mr. Dark Wolf:

Orange KD leader here:

Just to clarify, we are not Fate. We have 2 members, myself included, from Fate... everyone else we picked up from this map. Insane Killers agreed to ally us while we only had 5 members... half of their count.

We continued to find old friends and enemies on this map and now our KD count is 10. Sometimes, things work out like that.

Inspite of all of your complaints, you are in a real strong position with a well-defended core. If you count just the active, aggressive players we are about even.... for now.

01:16:50 Feb 24th 11 - Mr. Stupid Genius:

Depends on how active someone has to be until you consider them of decent activity. 

We'll see how things pan out, we haven't given up. lol

19:04:03 Feb 24th 11 - Mr. Prostetnic:

Eh, I've been in a kingdom where we made alliances early and then other kingdoms dropped out so it was completely unfair for other kingdoms, it just sometimes happens.  Vacations also sometimes happen. :( Good job taking advantage of it.

11:18:22 Feb 27th 11 - Mr. Stupid Genius:

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Orange10Mr. Dark Wolf145
Brilliant Stupidity6Mr. Stupid Genius100
Insane Killers10Mr. Dark Mario91

Eh, well, guess it's not that overpowering of a union then, is it. ;)

18:23:24 Mar 1st 11 - Mr. Right Hand of Korwyn:

sure dont put the union up there -_-

19:17:05 Mar 1st 11 - Mr. Stupid Genius:

Shhhhhh, was only putting kingdoms involved in the gangbang! 

You know we lubs you!

03:28:56 Mar 2nd 11 - Mr. Tyrin The Brilliant Dumbass:

Is it hot in here, or just me? I think Im feeling some heat.. . . . . .   :)

06:19:23 Mar 2nd 11 - Mr. Panic X:

yeah, i fvcked up

16:53:00 Mar 2nd 11 - Mr. Right Hand of Korwyn:

omfg there was a gang bang and we wernt invited :( but from where i am standing its a devils threeway not a gang bang :P

08:18:52 Mar 3rd 11 - Liege Desol:

Dark wolf, are you from Canada?

08:26:15 Mar 3rd 11 - Mr. Stupid Genius:

We will not go down easy!!!!

08:40:33 Mar 3rd 11 - Liege Desol:

Is it ok if I call BS?!?!? lol

11:41:06 Mar 3rd 11 - Mr. Stupid Genius:

Why would you call us?!?!?!?! lol :D

12:24:48 Mar 3rd 11 - Mr. Right Hand of Korwyn:

Desol behave... let them get pwn in peace.. :D 

11:06:18 Mar 5th 11 - Mr. Retard:

btw. you guys are wimps to not do an all vs all. 

Oh and aussie and Grey were both in Fate the last era the kd existed. So thats 4 faters on your side and 2 on ours. Dosnt make a huge difference to me. 

I just dont understand why yall think you had to nap to do anything on this map. 

11:39:16 Mar 5th 11 - Mr. Stupid Genius:

shhhhh, 4 kingdoms worth mentioning.... of course two had to nap each other from the start.... otherwise, they might be in a decent OOP war, and no one wants that. lol 


14:52:21 Mar 5th 11 - Mr. Karl Marx:

Lol I love how you guys are counting carnage members per each of your kingdoms as if its an advantage xD No offence to Deno and Kai (I assume your one of those), the kingdom sucked, as did its successors. 

17:43:15 Mar 5th 11 - Mr. Right Hand of Korwyn:

lol agreed Karl

21:03:18 Mar 5th 11 - Mr. Right Hand of Korwyn:

so whats new on Nirv people??

11:44:40 Mar 6th 11 - Duke Random:

who're the fck are you Karl Marx? and why did you mention me here so I had to post outta retirement >.>

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