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Nirvana Era 32
10:41:54 Jan 29th 15 - Mr. Scimitar:

Nirvana has been going for 50 days, is it gonna end soon?
The only world that does not have its thread on forums, means nothing important is going on? Why are you guys not discussing?
When is Arma coming, I would like to play Nirvana.

16:32:27 Jan 29th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

Here's the story of Nirvana this era.

There were 4 kingdoms spawned: VUE, Maleficent, Dirty Birds, and some other kingdoms whom I can't remember. DB (2 active) attacked VUE (3 active). VUE eventally won though it was mostly DB being the aggressor. VUE eventually capture DB's core and Prado quit DB. I struck a deal as the sole member of DB with VUE (now maybe 4 active?). Mal (5 active) had a scuffle with the other kingdom (3 active) and eventually captured it. Around this time the Yesu kingdoms (1 active) spawned. Yesu and DB took some shots at the old 'other KD' core (and each other)  but ultimately Mal recaptured it. In these battles, Yesu lost his original core.

So now you have DB (1 active) and VUE (3 active, 1 in protection) attacking Mal (4 active?). Yesu (1 active) is still sending weak armies at Mal also. It looks bad for Mal but I know they will go down fighting. I suspect that after Mal falls that VUE will either attack DB or ask for an Arma. Maybe 1 week.

16:34:09 Jan 29th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

Kingdoms in Nirvana
The Visual Utopia Empire6Mr. Anonymous of Nirvana361
Maleficent7Mr. Halftime211
Dirty Birds1Mr. Polymer100
Yesu Yara1Mr. Sesugh Yisrahel The Balanced17

16:34:46 Jan 29th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

ps DB is recruiting

22:36:09 Jan 29th 15 - Rora (Ms. Crystal Goddess of War):

That pretty much sums up the whole era, it's certainly been a fun one and  looks like we (Maleficent) are on our last legs. Between VUE and Polymer we had armies constantly attacking which didn't allow us to retaliate and kept us on our toes the whole time.

Anon had some very powerful magic, locusting me  for half my prep time in one cast which gave him the time he needed to fend me off while Utterly Inactive walked into our core with CW and took out both of my mines, ultimately removing me from the equation.

21:59:47 Jan 30th 15 - Mr. Kreed:

Zeta 37 also doesn't have a thread

00:20:53 Jan 31st 15 - Mr. Utterly Inactive:

Barny here, that does indeed pretty much sum up the era. This is the only other character I play at the moment (I have a new player I used to live with who has characters on this account).

From the VUE perspective I think we began the era with 3-4~ active players. We were attacked by DB and one of our players (Elf) died and quit whilst Anonymous did most of the fighting with some help from Don Juan (Dwarf). I pretty much afk-farmed up in a mountain bowl because the vuQ map is really, really good for Dwarves since you can defend 500k+ land with just 1 blocker.

I noticed Maleficent and everyone else on the map was in constant war whilst I was able to farm with complete freedom as a Dwarf with a 0 Military Mining 9 so long as I defended myself, so at some point I sent up a stack of Hammerthrowers to Maleficent's mountain bowl to make sure that they were under constant pressure. I did a small amount of damage attacking the war-weakened Dragon (Orc) and got pushed out quickly by Crystal Godess of War (Dwarf).

During that time I kept afk-farming rather than committing heavily, and when it looked like Maleficent was under the most pressure being attacked from all sides I attacked again with a very large Axemen/Hammerthrower army. Maleficent did a good job moving to defend their blockers but I just kept circling around their core until I could get inside of it to kill Crystal Goddess of War, who's army was preoccupied fighting Maleficent's other enemies.

Darkmoor (Troll) had a very large army of Berserker and Rockthrower, even with all the farming I did I only had 48% on the army initially which means he would have had 80%+ on me (troll mages are 1/0, rockthrowers are 5/4, and Axemen are 10/8 so his % on me if he got the attack on me with his Berserkers would have been very high and there would have been no way for me to AOTD hundreds of thousands of dead Dwarf units).

I basically farmed all era so I still had all 3 of my BTs, thus I was able to avoid getting killed by Darkmoor as I passed straight through Maleficent's core burning land and taking peasants and slaves along the way.

I ended up on the opposite side of their core and rather than burning the last city I could capture I dumped all the slaves/peasants/etc I had into additional hammerthrowers and brought every single unit I had back in our core defending myself to battle, which was enough to defeat some armies and allow me to continue burning the Maleficent core

At this point it looks like VUE will probably be the victor but I don't know if anyone will be able to cast Armageddon.

02:25:04 Jan 31st 15 - Mr. Soccersevil:

VUE won because I joined.

Didn't know i was in a kd with barny and anon. cool, good random pick zeta.

(I don't know why i spawned here with VUE, I was trying to join evil for GvE, but Zeta likes to jerk me around I guess)

Either way, I did it all, and, of course, i'll cast arma when i'm good and ready.

hi horus. i'm going to build 5 cities around every one of your cities before i cast arma, fyi.

05:33:58 Jan 31st 15 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

Thats... nice?

06:53:12 Feb 1st 15 - Mr. Soccer Balls:

I wish you could like a post.....feels like i should just go back to facebook

11:39:53 Feb 1st 15 - Mr. Scimitar:

Thank you all for the update, so two days ago it was approx one week for arma... Anything changed or you're expecting that result? Next era I hope to join one of the kingdoms to see if I can do well on other worlds, or maybe we all come from Valhalla to see what Nirvana has to offer, I personally dislike this 50% rule, so Nirvana might be better for me. We'll see how things go and when Nirvana opens.

16:46:41 Feb 1st 15 - Rora (Ms. Crystal Goddess of War):

We (Maleficent) are not letting them win easily, they're still fighting for their victory. However, victory for VUE and DB seems inevitable.

22:17:09 Feb 1st 15 - Mr. Utterly Inactive:

Maleficent are putting up a very good defense and fighting it out until the end.

22:27:10 Feb 4th 15 - Mr. Sesugh Yisrahel The Balanced:

Era from my point of view. 

I landed and stuff was already going down :P this other kingdom i hear mentioned was dead , VUE & DB was fighting MAL , although i could not see them. Tried to scout a bit but found no one but MAL so although we had been peaceful i decided to risk my hand and attack. After some initial good gains against Lord mighty dragon (He was distracted and only using gaia spam) i managed to take the area. Then crystal Dragon arrived and pretty much took my original core , so i saved up resources and ran with my peasants south , settling near DB.
Me & DB made a plan to hit MAL and messaged VUE that we was attacking , although im sure VUE was moving on MAL anyway. After a lot of hard fighting , in which i took heavy casualties due to a poor performance in co ordinating my armies and a lack of patience , resulting in me having like 8/9 20-30K knight armies killed before i could merge them and losing a lot of troops to an attempt to rush through before the mage got online with a only knight army (saw a undefended 90K with troops heading to support it and figured id try get there first).

MAL fell mostly due to VUE , me and DB did help chipping away in there lower core however. MAL seems to of stopped fighting but still have a few HoH armies and cities so we will see , VUE are generally the victors of the era , DB just attacked me and got his armies spanked and possibly edd wants to kill me before he dies as he just sent an army at me 

11:14:32 Feb 9th 15 - Mr. Scimitar:

There will be one more kingdom in Nirvana this era, but I just noticed the people from Valhalla are all here, so its pretty much the same thing like there. Kinda disappointing as I was hoping to see other people, to see how they play, what are their strategies and stuff. Now I guess it will be very similar to what happened on Valhalla, if one kingdom consists of mostly veterans against kingdoms like ours, consisting of bunch of new players...

14:55:29 Feb 9th 15 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

i'm flying solo so far!!

06:50:56 Feb 11th 15 - Rora (Ms. Crystal Goddess of War):

As far as I know it's mostly veterans on Nirvana regardless, a couple era's ago there was a kingdom composing of 100% vets that were very active, they disappeared after winning the era effortlessly.

The group from Valhalla you speak of aren't all Veterans. There's one person who has just started playing recently, 2 others (myself included) who're not really veterans but have been around for about 8 era's. So we've got a few veterans as well as a few who aren't. We're also not the most active bunch, at times we're quite active, other times we're very easily identidied as not.


I do hope that we can all enjoy the next era though :)

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