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Nirvana Wars Era of Dvsmasta
10:41:32 May 25th 09 - Lord Death Proof:

Should be interesting..a lot of decent players..Welcome back Phi, good to see Dendrii again ;)

11:13:08 May 25th 09 - Mr. Loony Goatsin Nursing:

who you with Death?

11:14:33 May 25th 09 - Lord Death Proof:

Your Mom...Because I am a mother-lover

:) Dynamite

11:19:48 May 25th 09 - Mr. Alfred Nobel:

He's a nub.We're a nub kd.

I would hereby invite all nirvana kds to a map-wide coalition so we can join in and take on the big kds on fantasia. We will be providing the explosives and I promise you we won't attack you in the back when you sent your armies away to fantasia.

13:19:36 May 25th 09 - Sir Water:

hello hello :) guess whose back :)

13:27:08 May 25th 09 - Fire Lord Crazy:

nice banner :P

13:29:15 May 25th 09 - Sir Water:

didnt get the original one so made with print screen, thanks btw

13:29:54 May 25th 09 - Sir Water:

Kingdoms in Nirvana
ROCRoyal order of Claidmore5Mr. Hopeless194
BunnyHellbunnies12Ms. Mzzery190
CRAZYInsane Asylum18Dr. Raving Lunatic166
BOOMDynamite11Mr. Alfred Nobel128
*beep*Elements2Sir Water100
HellG O D L I K E5Mr. Lord V84
PHIPhi Factor10Mr. Mavich76

17:11:41 May 25th 09 - Mr. Myxo:

Good luck to you all this round!!

17:30:43 May 25th 09 - Chancellor Ademo:

Lol.. 4 of us all stuffed in the same area.. WTG Zeta!

17:56:14 May 25th 09 - Commander Aligreat:

Who all is there?

Doubt its all the big 4

02:21:58 May 26th 09 - Chancellor Ademo:

ROC, PHI, Bunny, Boom and Crazy are all on top of each other.. same corner quarter of the map.

03:09:02 May 26th 09 - Demonslayer William Berkeley:

The true Bunny KD was Bunny Aftermath! (Go 3-man KDs!)

03:34:41 May 26th 09 - Duke Kev The Bastard:

^_-  What does that have to do with 4 KD's getting squeezed into the same corner on Nirvana?  And I thought you were gone Charley!

03:36:04 May 26th 09 - Demonslayer William Berkeley:

I quit playing...doesn't mean I can't lurk the forums and annoy you.  Haven't decided if I should leave the forums as well or just continue lurking for awhile... :p
And I was talking about Hellbunnies >:o

15:09:27 May 26th 09 - Mr. Chicken And Fries Taste Good:

Well I am back i will wait a while and see what i will do about joining a kingdom.

15:50:21 May 26th 09 - Mr. Alfred Nobel:

Ademo, not to mention Godlike!

THough my bet is that come oop we will be a couple of kds less =(

11:49:46 May 27th 09 - Mr. Bragi:

anyone coming oop? :D

16:51:11 May 27th 09 - Lord Death Proof:

Let the wars begin :)

18:24:42 May 27th 09 - Duke Drakos:

Kaboom, the first shots have been fired.

19:36:02 May 27th 09 - Sir Gravedigger:

Shots?  Oh crap, I must have missed that update..  *ordering my people to invent the machinegun asap or taste the whip*

20:37:48 May 27th 09 - Mr. Alfred Nobel:

the first shots was some pebbles thrown by a halfling slinger. no wonder nobody play them. BOOM! is the sound of my catapults loaded with nitroglycering. but you will have to wait a while longer for that sound =(

22:59:53 May 27th 09 - Mr. Chicken And Fries Taste Good:

well you hear that the sound of chickens running away.

23:18:06 May 27th 09 - Lord Death Proof:

Getting interesting....

Kingdoms in Nirvana
BOOM Dynamite 20 Mr. Alfred Nobel 100


PHI Phi Factor 13 Mr. Mavich 69

stay tuned...

23:53:04 May 27th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

aw man you guys are screwed! we are 69% of your power right there and you all know that 69 is the best number! and the sexiest ;)

23:56:53 May 27th 09 - Mr. Alfred Nobel:

I'm actually quite dissapointed in Godlike, for all their talk I thought they would atleast hold for one day. Instead they gave you guys all those sweet mines.

01:38:46 May 28th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

im still fighting agaisnt godlike damn troops in trumpet!

22:30:25 May 28th 09 - Mr. Mavich:

PHIPhi Factor13Mr. Mavich100


BOOMDynamite20Mr. Alfred Nobel163


BunnyHellbunnies17Lady Mzzery135


ROCRoyal order of Claidmore10Duke Kev The Bastard68

as far as I know.. and getting all interesting I should say. =)

22:33:53 May 28th 09 - Duke Pikachu:

goo mavich, i love you :D

23:30:46 May 28th 09 - Mr. Alfred Nobel:

stupid ignis feeding off weaker kds getting über dangerous. surprised you havent made a run for our core yet, then again, you might be worried about us having a surprise? *looks suspicious*

23:59:18 May 28th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

erm feeding off of weaker kingdoms? if you mean godlike then idk what youre talking about no kingdom is weak coming OOP they just didnt put up a fight

00:01:44 May 29th 09 - Mr. Aries II:

thats happening to a few kds this era, with the new updates n all. Not bieng able to put up a fight right oop i mean.

00:08:23 May 29th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

well if some kingdoms are able to die right OOP then its apparent that you CAN get troops as you come OOP but i do agree it is a challange and you have to be pretty active

00:19:54 May 29th 09 - Mr. Ignis:

@Alfred. Lol, things really haven't been going to plan, the bloody battlefields keep slowing my troops down xD.

00:28:51 May 29th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

ignis this is a WAR game since when does war ever go to plan? haha

01:18:40 May 29th 09 - Mr. Alfred Nobel:

we've mad plans, changed them, changed them back, scrapped the plans coz the troops got killed by you. drawn up new plans. repeat process.

what DOES make me proud is that some of my new guys are making an impact :P
this is morforias first era and bajsmannen played like 2 eras five years ago =)

01:23:11 May 29th 09 - Mr. Ignis:

Ah yes. Their magic and hobgoblins are making my army dwindle :/. No worries though, hobgoblins are like gaia almost xD.

01:25:05 May 29th 09 - Mr. Alfred Nobel:

:P well pretty much... either way, if you dont stop buying BTs, go to sleep or run out of *beep*ing luck soon we're all dead! :P

01:42:57 May 29th 09 - Mr. Ignis:

Lol, I don't buy bts, I do go to sleep, and I'm actually really unlucky.

01:50:17 May 29th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

i dont buy BT slept 11 hours last night and already lsot a 70%+ battle this era =P

09:14:00 May 29th 09 - Mr. Alfred Nobel:

oh good. I guess that means we wont die :P

11:09:24 May 29th 09 - Sir Wombat:

please kill the dark remake "hellbunnies" LOL

11:32:57 May 29th 09 - Chancellor Ademo:

Please get a clue before you post your drivel here :) Hellbunnies has 3 ex Dark members (myself, Mzzery and my partner).. That's hardly a remake... It's more Spaghetti than anything :P

11:48:43 May 29th 09 - Duke Pikachu:

dont kill mzzery... shes swedish!

11:48:48 May 29th 09 - Divine Lord Kathandarion:

thats what i was thinking lol

14:24:22 May 29th 09 - Lady Mzzery:

No....we have nothing to do with former Dark. We were members of it the first era we were playing VU. We haven't been since.

If we were a remake, then so is RVL and FATE, since they too have a few ex Dark members, who were members longer than WE were.....and .... well, I think I could make the list quite long, since there are ex Dark in quite a few kingdoms.

14:41:28 May 29th 09 - Divine Lord Kathandarion:

ofc there are there was about 400 dark members lol

17:31:50 May 29th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

actually rvl and fate are more legacy and carnage remakes just like phi is a phi remake... doesnt have to have the same name or the exact same palyers just the general core. idk who the general core of dark was but thats the idea of a remake :)

18:30:54 May 29th 09 - Lord Death Proof:

Curious...are the Crazies fighting anyone...or are they farming their way to the top?

19:16:07 May 29th 09 - Mr. Jondrus Rok Booyah:

We at Dendarii declare war against PHI.

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