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10:37:10 Apr 19th 10 - Sir Russell Crowe:

I have to ask it has been opened but is anything actually happening there?

Most Powerful Armies Most Powerful Cities

People of Hellscream
owned by Ms. Hellscream

People of Demonslayer
owned by Ms. Demonslayer

People of Jesus Left Toe
owned by Sir Jesus Left Toe

People of Mike
owned by Mr. Mike

People of Sorra
owned by Sir Sorra

People of Hehehaha
owned by Mr. Hehehaha

People of Duneidin
owned by Mr. Duneidin

People of Krull
owned by Mr. Krull

People of Lollipop
owned by Mr. Lollipop

People of Teuky
owned by Mr. Teuky

Most Powerful Groups Most Powerful Rulers

Kingdom Hearts
With Sir Sorra as leader.

The Federation
With Lord Uther Pendragon as leader.

Kingdom of Heaven
With Mr. Joebob as leader.

Mad Against Drugs
With Mr. Aloysius as leader.

With Mr. Xodotuisco II as leader.

Bear Machines
With Mr. Bear Banger as leader.

Wild Boys
With Mr. Mantraxtofantasia as leader.

With Lord Gilth as leader.

With Mr. Accoustic as leader.

Brotherhood of the Wolf
With Wolflord Karac as leader.

Sir Sorra
Member of: Kingdom Hearts.

Ms. Hellscream
Member of: Kingdom Hearts.

Mr. Lollipop
Member of: Not a member of a group.

Mr. Krull
Member of: Kingdom Hearts.

Mr. Duneidin
Member of: Kingdom Hearts.

VU Admin
Member of: Not a member of a group.

Ms. Heart Ache
Member of: Not a member of a group.

Sir Feanor
Member of: Fate.

Mr. Jibbuhomesa
Member of: Not a member of a group.

Prince Highwayman
Member of: Not a member of a group.

10:45:26 Apr 19th 10 - VU Admin:

They haven't been able to settle yet. It's possible to settle since 12:00 CET though.

11:42:38 Apr 19th 10 - Sir Russell Crowe:

So they are just sitting there doing nothing?

Id be very pissed if I wanted to start playing and I cant do anything

08:59:22 Apr 21st 10 - Flame Lord Phoenix Ashes:

>_>   yay nirvana?

02:19:59 Apr 23rd 10 - Sir Ozymandias:

lol phoenix ftw on nirvana

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