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North Empire
22:29:55 Mar 17th 07 - Mr. Agurkas Son:

Next Era North Empire start play in Fantasia .


I look good player who is want join in North Empire.

08:17:21 Mar 18th 07 - Mr. Justin Fontain:

u try too many time

10:50:33 Mar 18th 07 - Mr. Honor:


10:52:59 Mar 18th 07 - Mr. Pussy:

lol i know that dorian empire will be here next era and stronger than ever :D

15:29:40 Mar 19th 07 - Mr. Agurkas Son:

so ?

16:58:42 Mar 19th 07 - Sir Tyra Jil:

Well, Agurkas, you can expect Legion at your throat on the get go. Yeah, we're coming to Fantasia. And we're going to be after you, who defied my direct orders whilest in Legion.

Why do you think you were kicked out of Legion?

17:12:02 Mar 19th 07 - Ms. Natalia Iii:

hehe easy prey!!!!

20:20:20 Mar 19th 07 - Mr. Jewitt:

This era showed Mantrax a lot of traitors and those who ignore their superiors...last era was boring :-P
(Edited by Mr. Jewitt 3/19/2007 8:20:33 PM)

20:21:14 Mar 19th 07 - Mr. Warlo:

lets see what tricks NE has next era

21:11:32 Mar 19th 07 - Mr. The Fat:

Hm, what did Agurcas do, exactly, Sir Tyra Jil?

22:39:29 Mar 20th 07 - Sir Tyra Jil:

Oh, he did several things, some of which I could have forgiven with time. When he decided to attack a kingdom Legion held a very high-priority pact with another kingdom, I decided he was no longer welcome in our ranks and promptly kicked him out of legion, as he was a Legionaire at that time. The same fate would have happened to even the highest ranks of Legion had they dared to go against Legion's pacts.

I don't abide those who cannot follow the rules I've laid down. Agurkas couldn't follow them and he found out the hard way how Legion deals with it's traitors.

00:48:19 Mar 21st 07 - Mr. The Fat:

What, did he attack EV? 

04:59:36 Mar 21st 07 - Sir Tyra Jil:

Yep. And Legion held a pact with EV at the time and still holds a pact with EV to this very point in time.

07:28:40 Mar 21st 07 - Mr. Warlo:

you do?

07:35:28 Mar 21st 07 - Mr. Kheldar The Noble Troll:

Hmm, what if they start in the south? Ever thought of that?

21:03:51 Mar 21st 07 - Mr. The Fat:

Why form a pact with them?  They were weak, and DR was able to whip through their cities easily.

Other than Midgardur, who were you fighting?

22:38:23 Mar 21st 07 - Mr. Agurkas Son:

cha cha Tyra Jil you very funny , you dont understand why i come in mantrax? i try find good player or normal for next era , so I find , when I join in your kingdom I look your strategy but only one guy play very good in your kingdom its don conelione , and you said what you create only one NAP , and I see not one but 3 or 2 dont good remember , you fight only with weak kd . next era you see NE is be very different , in here i dont create forum.. tactic... naps... only take or kick players :D

22:41:02 Mar 21st 07 - Mr. Agurkas Son:

Mr. Totenkopf

3/21/2007 11:34:20 PM
Legion attacked us and didnt honour the NAP we had with them, Dark Riders failed to honor the NAP we had with them also, on several occasions.

I hope to see you guys on the battlefield of Fantasia, this time i will show no mercy no matter my kings order. I know you are not to be TRUSTED.

cha cha :D

22:48:58 Mar 21st 07 - Lord Anubis:

before you all bicker amoung yourselves about fantasia plans.....lets just see which one of you actually survives on fantasia eh?

23:02:50 Mar 21st 07 - Mr. Agurkas Son:

Anubis yes is be hard , first if all old kingdoms dont create NAP and all attack su , how we defend ? :/ but I play this game long time , and I play in good kingdoms but I always change name so not all remember me :(

00:28:20 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. Jester:

We never had a NAP with EoM. Tyra would have told us beforehand if we did.

00:36:37 Mar 22nd 07 - Lord Anubis:

my point is your all assuming you will land near each other which may not be the case at all...say you land next to a top 5 kingdom? they may not be so willing to nap you

01:14:47 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. Totenkopf:

Agurkas, i knew youd leave Legion hehe, keep in touch =D

02:12:53 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. The Fat:

I think our NAP sort of ended when Midgardur began attacking my city City of the South, and then starting sending massive amounts of troops into our side of the river.  Oh, and all the times the Midgardur had a ceasefire with Legion, only to break it again very shortly.  That speaks well for a kingdom, it does.

02:57:06 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. Wizardus:

That was after you began sending massive armies into our base

07:07:13 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. Totenkopf:

Youve got to be kidding me mr Fat, have you forgotten about the not one, not two but nine times your kingdom "forgot" about the NAP and sent troops to our towns, sieged them, got countered and then all of a sudden rememebered, you guys were false from the start and were just waiting for the right moment to arise.

We never attacked an town under the Dark Riders banner,  Same goes for the Legion during the time of the NAP, then all of the sudden you decide to break it without telling anyone in advance and just start massing troops and siegeing towns, Cheap if you ask me.

11:17:28 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. Elon:

EoM were a bunch of loosers.

This era North Empire will come under a different rule, so, don't think, were going to be braking NAPs or something...

12:08:02 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. The Fat:

No, once you attacked South Core with two divisions and several other kingdom members in our southwestern region.  You were crossing marked boundaries.  I saw that you intended to attack us.

As for breaking the nap to defend Legion, I warned you to stop going across the river.  You didn't listen, and you lost.

15:40:06 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. Totenkopf:

Blablabla, you guys live in lala-land i hope we end up next to you on fantasia.

15:42:24 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. Totenkopf:

and about Agurkas, lets just say he pretty much was a member of all kingdoms that existed without any morale and will let anyone in without any criteria, North Empire, Ever Victorous Army, The Legion and Dark Riders. 

20:30:47 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. Jewitt:

Toten, you can bash NE, EVA, and even my own, DR, but don't you <i>ever</i> downplay The Legion. They're an honorable kingdom, and are in the same, and allow in only those who reflect that. Tyra must have seen something in him to let him in.

As to DR, we had a leadership that wanted to be in numbers and we quickly solved that. We had less than EoM, and we still were number one, so I guess that shows our strength right there.

As to EoM, you guys would allow "anyone from DR" in when it disbanded. So you'll let in the lacking of "morale" and "criteria" into your kingdom? Nice mate.

20:55:58 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. Warlo:

powerfull words Jewitt.
plz everybody remember me never to become king again

22:24:51 Mar 22nd 07 - Mr. Jewitt:

Actually Warlo, that was Justin I was talking about, his Open Door policy, lol. Actually, you made DR a little more organized.
(Edited by Mr. Jewitt 3/22/2007 10:25:10 PM)

08:02:40 Mar 23rd 07 - Mr. Justin Fontain:

well until i deleted all those usless forums we had at my time we wud hav never got orginised and somebody vote me leader i need to make dark riders again

16:34:07 Mar 23rd 07 - Mr. Jewitt:

Can't exactly vote yeah...when I try to load it brings me to highscores list.

16:41:35 Mar 23rd 07 - Mr. Justin Fontain:

no go to hiscore and at the top it says go to kingdom page were u can vote me

21:35:01 Mar 23rd 07 - Mr. Jewitt:

Done. Do I have to say "Mr." too? I did so...yeah.

22:31:43 Mar 23rd 07 - Mr. The Fat:

I'll admit it; DR did have a number of *beep*ies who did not keep up with NAPs.  They are the ones who were killed when the kingdom disbanded.  But EoM had a fair share of its incompetance as well.

The end product was that Midgardur was engaged in a two front war and had lost some major battles on one end.  Mr. Follower even left your kingdom during the later parts of the conflict.  With The Legion protecting our north (and riding out for revenge, I'm certain) and the EV doing... whatever the hell they were doing, Midgardur would have found itself a bit pressed had it not been for Armageddon.

01:36:05 Mar 24th 07 - Mr. Scarred:

wow this is turning into a 3 kingdom battle. But enter our territory again Agurkas you will be destroyed. That goes for Cannabis also.

01:44:38 Mar 24th 07 - Mr. Wizardus:

i thought we all had to rejoin or soemthing... - Mr. Follower (a part of message)

02:10:20 Mar 24th 07 - Sir Tyra Jil:

Mr. Agurkas Son

3/21/2007 4:41:02 PM
Mr. Totenkopf

3/21/2007 11:34:20 PM
Legion attacked us and didnt honour the NAP we had with them, Dark Riders failed to honor the NAP we had with them also, on several occasions.

I hope to see you guys on the battlefield of Fantasia, this time i will show no mercy no matter my kings order. I know you are not to be TRUSTED.

cha cha :D


Legion did not have a pact with EoM. A ceasefire that I never had an agreement to from EoM, yes. And it was never agreed to by EoM because I didn't ask EoM. I was just waiting on Ever Victorious to give me a clue on wether or not they were NAPed with EoM.

So, whoever gave you the information, Agurkas, is sorely misinformed.

And even if they did have a pact with Legion. I didn't see it or authorize it. So it's not even a proper NAP with Legion. I believe you saw that in our rules. That I had the final say with the kingdom-wide pacts. I don't care about personal NAPs. Which is probably what EoM unadvertantly agreed to if they indeed had a Pact. If that were the case then I can say Legion had no kingdomwide pact with EoM.

08:55:14 Mar 24th 07 - Mr. Justin Fontain:

kill him tyra wipe em off the face of fantasia

14:19:49 Mar 24th 07 - Mr. Totenkopf:

Tyra, i was informed of a NAP with The Legion, apparently this was wrong. communication between our leader and members havent been good, i apologize for making this mistake.

Mr Follower decided to leave after talks with me(personal reasons) and him leaving had nothing to do with you guys, but he will be back by next era.

19:41:58 Mar 24th 07 - Mr. Justin Fontain:

we will hav to wait till tommorow it says

You have already created a kingdom this era!

20:19:00 Mar 24th 07 - Mr. Warlo:

@ Jewitts reply on my previous message: i mean't that i hate the politics and stuff. i am better at just following orders and killing army's and razing/capturing towns. all that diplomacy isn't for me, i am a simple warlord;)

21:04:37 Mar 24th 07 - Mr. The Fat:

"Mr Follower decided to leave after talks with me(personal reasons) and him leaving had nothing to do with you guys, but he will be back by next era."

Told me he was angry at not having been supported.

21:14:55 Mar 24th 07 - Mr. Warlo:


01:15:57 Mar 25th 07 - Mr. The Fat:

You (3/20/2007 8:39:39 PM)
Why'd you leave Midgardur?
Mr. Follower [] (3/20/2007 9:07:58 PM) GOOD BAD
Basically received no support from them. My cities were not military based, and i started late. . . .they left kindom of Yahw fell easily.
so i left, and i just decimated all my cities, so they cant have them lol.



03:37:08 Mar 25th 07 - Mr. Jewitt:

I love the politics, I played diplomat when all the kingdoms when hay-wire (all four times). I love politics...which is why I play NationStates a lot. War is just a politican's fight with men that have no say in government having to do it.

Love the dirt of the political world.

09:10:18 Mar 25th 07 - Mr. Justin Fontain:

me i cant persuade anyone to do anything im just simple make money then raze an army then kill

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