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03:21:55 Dec 22nd 08 - Master Cloutier:

OutLawZ are looking for members. If you would like to join please post how many eras you have played and the kingdoms you have been in. Alone with you last 3 names

04:11:55 Jan 9th 09 - Master Cloutier:


22:05:27 Jan 12th 09 - Sir Deadpool:

Aren't you in PKS now?

22:59:55 Jan 12th 09 - Mr. Lord Punisher:

is this kd based on the band outlaws??? cuz if so ide be in in a second!!

23:29:19 Jan 12th 09 - Sir Deadpool:

Your supposed to be coming to us Punisher so :-p

00:19:35 Jan 13th 09 - Mr. Lord Punisher:

ohh i know i knoww...but i mean the outlawz....YYOUU play me some music like that and then u can talk XD.

04:47:18 Jan 14th 09 - Master Cloutier:

lol, no I call it outlawz because there deadly. lol. And yes im in pks. But does not mean that I still cant open it in the next few eras

19:31:54 Jan 17th 09 - Mr. Selos II:

tis true but well kill outlawz next era just like we did last era lol jk

22:36:57 Jan 22nd 09 - Prince Valan Septim:

Eras played: 11
Kingdoms: Templar Crusaders, Ritz, Music, Freedom Fighters, Knights of the Canned Meat, Freedom Fighters ever since.
Last three names: Validus Septim II, Validus Septim, Waldorfius Septim III
Reason for joining: I don't, I feel like filling out applications today out of boredom.

22:51:29 Jan 22nd 09 - Sir Wilberforce Pwner:

I don't want to join.


03:35:52 Jan 29th 09 - Master Cloutier:


23:08:27 May 17th 09 - Master Cloutier:


05:19:53 May 18th 09 - Duchess Illidan:

Can i join :D


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