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01:42:01 Aug 7th 08 - Mr. One Man Army:

Okay an arguement happened and i want everyone to vote who they think would win.





01:42:50 Aug 7th 08 - Mr. Sanoh:

OMA will will

01:44:34 Aug 7th 08 - Sir Lord Nitral:

I think Nitral will win.

*OMA comes in and explains you vote for one of the two options*

ohhhhhhhhhhhh i thats why there there.then i say OMA.

01:53:19 Aug 7th 08 - Mr. One Man Army:

*random voice in background chanting OMA* OMA!OMA!OMA!OMA!


02:02:41 Aug 7th 08 - Mr. Mpesh:

cannabis would kill both of u

02:04:42 Aug 7th 08 - Mr. Poopertrooper:

Yeah drugs are bad!

02:07:58 Aug 7th 08 - Mr. Mpesh:


03:24:53 Aug 7th 08 - Mr. Justin:

OMA hands down!!!!

03:26:14 Aug 7th 08 - Sir Charley Statler:

OMA is going to deck the hall(s)

03:26:33 Aug 7th 08 - Mr. Bluntmaster:

OMA for a fact

03:48:17 Aug 7th 08 - General Zondervan:

don't care either way

03:51:51 Aug 7th 08 - Sir Charley Statler:

glad you posted then -_- GO OMA =p

04:14:25 Aug 7th 08 - Mr. One Man Army:


04:21:29 Aug 7th 08 - Lord Slade:



04:22:15 Aug 7th 08 - Mr. Grimdeath:


06:22:23 Aug 7th 08 - Mr. Total Power:

Total power :O!

06:24:54 Aug 7th 08 - Sir Chucky:

i will own all of you =D

06:26:45 Aug 7th 08 - Ms. Kiera Red:


06:27:02 Aug 7th 08 - Mr. One Man Army:



09:49:46 Aug 7th 08 - Mr. Black:

whats hall?

10:09:43 Aug 7th 08 - Mr. Basch:

does anyone know? not sure

10:12:16 Aug 7th 08 - Duke Argyle:

The top kingdom of starta...

10:28:38 Aug 7th 08 - Sir Chucky:

Kingdoms in Starta
HaLLHaLL11Mr. Kiddo54
THCCannabis10Mr. Mpesh35
KHKingdom Hearts12Mr. Sorra2
NSNemesis2Mr. Gravity Kills0
LELone Empire1Mr. Might0

damn there must not be much wars in starta

16:52:53 Aug 10th 08 - Mr. Gravity Kills:

 The second person in NS has been ofline for like over a week ....basically when benson waited for me to be offline and attack and taken over towns not defended he stoped playing ........But still i managed to Ninja a Couple of Halls 90k mines O.o thank for the loaner town and free income . 

      Id also like to add that lame halfline army camping its former town

High Mercinaries with 2560 soldiers awaiting your orders, Mr. Gravity Kills...

The enemy has 14356 soldiers armed with Magic weapons and mithril armor. They have 0 peasants traveling with them. We have 83% chance winning this battle.

 OMA  , i am a fan keep up the good fight .

19:57:24 Aug 12th 08 - Mr. Bluntmaster:

Hall are some nubs. they try to act like they know what they are doing.

22:18:12 Aug 12th 08 - Mr. Old Greg:

their banner is great though!!!

22:21:12 Aug 12th 08 - Duke Pumpkin Head:


04:08:22 Aug 13th 08 - Mr. One Man Army:

Well thanks GK. Ill do my best to out smart the enemys :)

06:38:23 Aug 13th 08 - Mr. The Gladiator:

long life Oma

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