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01:50:57 Sep 5th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

Hey everyone!

I found this site while surfing the web and thought the old timers here might like to look back at how the site looked a few years ago. you can go around the site but cant like loo kat the forums or the game at all. this is from oct 1, 2005 hoh list from jan 2, 2006 (note the viceroy/king/sir titles the largest city and most lucrative city hoh lists and no city limit)*/ thats the site i got these from

enjoy them. it was fun looking back at the memories for me =P

01:54:17 Sep 5th 09 - Endless Happy Meals:

thanks :)

do you need your current name and password to look at them? I got a "nothing here" type message :(

01:56:22 Sep 5th 09 - Mr. Ezzy Teh Elven Warrior:

I miss it :(

finished 5th then btw :D

this is when the scores meant a least a little bit.

I remember gretchen lol... and anastacia was jan's town every single era

01:58:56 Sep 5th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

all three links work for me but the first time i opened them it took forever to load. if it doesnt work maybe just try the third link and hope you can get in from there. and you cant sign on it wont let you

i miss it too =\ those were the good old days of VU now its just too repetitive and rather boring tbh

02:00:02 Sep 5th 09 - Endless Happy Meals:

kk I'll try it again and wait
I love reading this old stuff

02:06:05 Sep 5th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

and sorry if this is in the wrong forum... i meant to put it into general discussion but accidentily clicked IGP without realizing it

02:07:28 Sep 5th 09 - Ms. Cupid Stunt:

I dream of old VU every night..

02:12:34 Sep 5th 09 - Endless Happy Meals:

didn't even notice it wasn't in the hangaround

what is up with the new thread spammer? :(

02:16:42 Sep 5th 09 - Duchess Sexxy Minx:


02:25:14 Sep 5th 09 - Mr. Mortanius Bronzebeard:

Ahhh, those where times<33

12:29:20 Sep 5th 09 - Mr. Davram Bashere:

1. Viceroy Hector Serenity Dwarf 5366684


yay go lame mantrax win lol

14:09:33 Sep 5th 09 - Mr. Roxbury:

arrgh Adelbert *shakes fist*

15:05:53 Sep 5th 09 - Mr. Tango:

hahaha:p adelbert<3!!!

16:44:22 Sep 5th 09 - Mr. Mano:

haha :D

18:40:38 Sep 5th 09 - Sir Spoon:

I kinda like this one. :P

20:35:45 Sep 5th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

i like that one too spoon! im on the HOH list =D and there are people on there i havnt seen in ages like gwn and xuaron!

21:57:18 Sep 7th 09 - Mr. Killstone:


22:04:05 Sep 7th 09 - Sir Spoon:

you're just bumping so people will check out that HoH list eh? :D

04:16:11 Sep 8th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

haha nah im bumping it for the same reason i orginally posted it :) i thought it was cool and i thought others would agree

04:28:25 Sep 8th 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

Funny, that you are mentioning this era, just told the story from Hankys first betrayel recently, and here is the HoH screen from this era, funny :D

19:02:55 Sep 8th 09 - Prince Mardukafk:

Who dont miss the old vu ?????


19:22:41 Sep 8th 09 - Mr. The Beast:

haha it was like my second or so era when hector won. somehow he had agreement with me as and dint attack me as i was newbb. back then then
maps grew.
whats is his name now?? adelbert??

00:03:33 Sep 9th 09 - Mr. Augh:

Gretchen is biggest city =)

Was that the era when it was under prep like half the era before it eventually fall?(it did fall didnt it?)


(btw, I was Bundushathur that era)

01:36:37 Sep 9th 09 - Mr. Sloth:

Missing old VU :-(

05:38:52 Sep 9th 09 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

missing sloth :(

10:12:23 Sep 9th 09 - Duke Random:

Missing Weirdgrivi :'(

19:31:05 Sep 9th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

weirdgrivi! he left a long time ago! i miss andrei too he was a mega farmer haha

19:37:19 Sep 9th 09 - Mr. Finwe:

Mr. The Beast


18:22:41 Sep 8th 09
haha it was like my second or so era when hector won. somehow he had agreement with me as and dint attack me as i was newbb. back then then
maps grew.
whats is his name now?? adelbert??


err no i was hector :P

21:30:47 Sep 9th 09 - Mr. Ezatious:

just some newbie.

23:35:43 Sep 14th 09 - Princess Ginger Rogers:

I miss the old VU.  :(

Where there were walls to climb, riverdancing, unlimited cities full of shoes, overpowered dwarves, good ol'e fashioned flame wars, good times, good times.

06:50:02 Sep 15th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

flame wars! i miss them so much!

16:22:18 Sep 15th 09 - Mr. William The Vendingmachine:

hehe good old vu riverjumping and 100% wall area's^^

16:46:00 Sep 15th 09 - Mr. Heroix:

6. Mr. Bananaman Superheroes Troll 2659894

Hell. With troll. In that times was something awsome :)

22:58:05 Sep 15th 09 - Sir Penguinus Prime:

ofc farming 24/7 is great for everyone lol

21:40:16 Sep 19th 09 - Duke Drakos:

Ahhh, riverjumping and wall dropping, those were the days. lol

21:41:51 Sep 19th 09 - Mr. Procrastinating Skygod:

riverjumpin would be better than boats though  :)

04:40:47 Sep 26th 09 - Mr. Kjetilbert:

Mr. Roxbury

15:09:33 Sep 5th 09: arrgh Adelbert *shakes fist*


what roxy? weren't you one of the few who approved the logic of a 15 year old confused norwegian kid, not bearing any grudges for his foolishness? =) hehe

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