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18:26:23 Oct 22nd 12 - Mr. Muhammed:


We believe that humans and orcs were created rather than "evolved". Evolution is just a theory while we have proof not only that all races where created but also this world - including this forum. 

The road to salvation is that we believe in the Creator and in his son who came to Vutopia to atone for our sins and was crusified in countless forumflames by his enemies.
When the armageddon comes those of us who have admitted our guilt and begged the Creators forgiveness will be lifted up to better world - above Fantasia and Mantrax lies Heavenzeta - a world were there is no suffering only eternal bliss.

To this end we've now opened this Confessionbooth where you are welcome to voice your concerns regarding your sinful ways and be given absolution. We also give communion every sunday when our High Priests preach and offer every member of our flock Jolt Cola and biscuits.

Answering your prayers and taking your confessions are the two holiest men now living, disciples of Morgan the Great and descendants of the Messiah himself: High Inquisitor Muhammed and Minister of Scholastics.

Dont hesitate! Post your moral quanders now!

18:32:05 Oct 22nd 12 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Again The Troll):

This needs to be posted in the Hangout or misc discussion...

18:35:20 Oct 22nd 12 - Dragon (Mr. Dexter The Serial Killer):

I am sure that the Guide in charge of this part of the forum will move it...

Or at least should

21:12:40 Oct 22nd 12 - Mr. Muhammed:

Whoever moved it will be exiled to Latha where he will dwell untill the day that the armageddon schorches his body for eternety. This thread is about ingame religion. And religion is politics! Also it has a dual function as an embassy for the Holy Order of Only You!

I trust that God will fix this.

03:42:48 Oct 23rd 12 - Mr. Timion:

I confess...I am a civil servant and I use taxpayer funded computers to play this game on my "duty free" lunch period. 

This is an improper use of government equipment, which should only be used for proper government functions, like collecting information for the department of Homeland security, brainwashing our youth, and attempting to regulate every aspect of human behavior.

03:57:04 Oct 23rd 12 - Mr. Farm Over Here Come Feed:

I am a believer!

08:38:53 Oct 24th 12 - Mr. Muhammed:

Timion: If you repent, you will be forgiven. Do 10 ave-Mantrax and God will forgive you.

06:23:38 Oct 25th 12 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Eddard Stark):

I am gay

09:06:31 Oct 25th 12 - Mr. Minister:

LukeTheDuke: Firstly, its not a confession if everybody already knows.
And secondly God doesnt really give a damn as long as you spread the word of his creation throughout the entirety of the world.

22:59:20 Oct 31st 12 - Sir Muhammed:

Also, gay's where created. They didn't evolve.

09:49:12 Nov 1st 12 - Dragon (Mr. Sly):

I must confess that Zeta gives me free BTs.  lol

12:41:31 Nov 2nd 12 - Sir Muhammed:

Mr Dragon. 

That is not a sin. You have been blessed!
As you're clearly favoured by the One and Only I would hereby like to invite you into our congregation. At the moment you will find us on Starta.

15:36:22 Nov 2nd 12 - Dragon (Mr. Son of Odin):

At the moment I am in Odins Last stand.  I have received the books you sent me and have passed them out to my men. They in turn are sharing thier new found faith with the peasants and it it spreading like wild fire.

16:54:41 Nov 2nd 12 - Sir Muhammed:

You are indeed blessed. Generations from now people will look back at theese dark times and see you as an example of virtue and honour. They will sing songs about your many good deeds and pray for favours in your name. 

When you pass from this life you will enter into the halls of the One and only. You will sit by his side and pass judgement upon the unworthy. This life is but an illusion, only with that knowledge can we rise above our primal instinct of lust and violence and pay homage to the Creator. 

You are on a rightous path and are likely to be beatified for your many pious acts.

00:02:20 Nov 4th 12 - Ms. Hard And Rough Baby:

pls faith me.

00:27:30 Nov 5th 12 - Sir Muhammed:

There. Done.

20:57:04 Nov 30th 12 - Electric (Electric Piro):

Wrath of Muhammed!

11:31:35 Dec 1st 12 - Sir Jesus:

I would like to thank God for moving this thread back to the correct forum. Unfortunatly, My Father Muhammed died at the humble age of 119 while he was fighting the infidels.

I have however, in his stead, taken up the holy star and am fighting the infidels of Starta. 

We welcome any allies or new recruits in this most holy quest!

19:19:33 Dec 1st 12 - Mr. Preacher:

Be sure that Muhammeds work will not be for nothing. I am following in Muhammeds footsteps in preaching the words of Morgan and that of the eternal creator and his son, the Messiah.

21:47:18 Dec 1st 12 - Stormy (Sir Cthulhu):

silly humans and your silly beliefs in gods....i sooo cant wait till my people finally arrive and kick your ass

02:28:57 Dec 2nd 12 - Mr. Preacher:

Dear Stormy. Rest assure that belif in god(not gods that you state in your message, there is only one creator of visual utopia, fenster and others is only followed by blashpemers) is not only for humans but for all the races. If you take a good read of the book of the firstborns you will know how the races where created by the creator our dear ZeTa.

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