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Ordeon of Field cheater
05:27:38 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Honoras:

This kd is cheater , I play with them and help but 

2007-04-19 - Todays News

  • 01:39:04: Hsarus kicked you from the kingdom!
  • 04:01:52: Stopper lead by Mr. Hsarus attacked and took over Musmere. We lost 0 Swordsmen, 6560 Hammerthrowers, 0 Axemen, 0 Runemasters and 0 Cavemasters in the battle.
  • 04:02:17: Hadrians Army lead by Mr. Hsarus now has our Milzinas under siege. We lost 0 Swordsmen, 0 Hammerthrowers, 0 Axemen, 0 Runemasters and 0 Cavemasters in the battle.

And now he took my bigest cities ;) don`t go in this kingdom , not make NAP

05:28:22 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Honoras:

Orden of Field ;) sry

12:37:34 Apr 19th 07 - Sir Disdyakis Hexakis:

I think the lesson here is don't use hammer throwers.  On a more serious note, just because they kicked you doesnt make them cheaters...

12:53:41 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Bobson:

yes, but kicking and attacking a former member...without any reply here..where they are accused of such thing... makes them..unreliable and unthrusty. Not cheaters..indeed... but...nasty thing u've got there Honoras, mate.

13:24:17 Apr 19th 07 - Lord Argyle:

Get stronger, and have as goal in comming eras to kick that guys butt.

14:22:37 Apr 19th 07 - Sir RA Enlightens You:

maybe his name was Rahl? (or it used to be  :-p)

21:42:44 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Dimmler:

Hell honoras, it's not like you haven't tried this before. You've been in almost every KD in Mantrax and betrayed something like 99% of those kingdoms. That is what you're feeling now, pressure from the other kd's to boot you out as you are not trustworthy enough, and won't be for a long time. Plus it was your own fault, your colonies were unprotected which is just plain dumb.

On a final note, nothing to do with cheating.

21:56:42 Apr 19th 07 - Lady Spooky:

Dimmler is right.  Perhaps some of the kingdoms Honoras has been in would like to comment on his reliabilty as a player?

Perhaps you'd like to tell us how long you lasted in FARC or Predators before they booted you?

Perhaps you'd like to tell us how many times you've applied to P&T and how many times you've been refused?

Perhaps you'd like to tell us whether you were in a NAP-breaking Kingdom called Flower of the Nation an era or two ago who were all deleted for multi-ing?

Perhaps you'd like to go to Starta and start again under a new name :)  We're trying to oblige you.

22:25:58 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Yarlin:

He applied to Predators and was accepted not knowing his full background. Due to enlightenment from a few people he was removed. He did manage to make one post in our forum saying we should attack Orden proving what others had said. Needless to say the post was deleted also.

22:28:15 Apr 19th 07 - Guildmaster Drenthinio:

Honoras wants to join your kingdom; Drents Internal Education. This is his reason to join:
Hello maybe now accept my aplication ? I dont fight with puking and I always stay in kd but some guy kick me out ;/


22:48:34 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Ciuptuvas:

Write in different forum ;) its about orden of field

1. I only fight with Puking and i can go from one kingdom in different kingdom , its my choice , If I don`t like play in kingdom why my need stay for long time?

2. Lady Spooky I said again to you , or you stupid or what? I DON~T PLAY IN FLOWRER OF NATION !!!!!!!!

3. Lady Spooky you always lied to me ;) when i want first time join in your kingdom , you just tell me what Puking don`t take any more players ;) but I see when you take Kerick , Dimmler , Manuel and more ;)

23:01:45 Apr 19th 07 - Sir Disdyakis Hexakis:

1.  I'm not sure I've understood your post entirely but..." If I don`t like play in kingdom why my need stay for long time?"  The lesson here is choose your kingdom carefully.  Find one you like and stay loyal or not even the low man on the totem pole is going to want you.  On the other hand, you say it is your choice.  Does Orden of Field not also have a choice in how they react to your style of play (and kingdom choice)?

2.  Wouldn't know anything about that, but I believe it was called Flower Nation, not Flowerer or Nation.  Also, caps lock is totally unnecessary;)

3.  Do you think Puking and Teething might have standards?  Maybe, oh, I don't know... take members that will actually benefit them?

23:11:46 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Agurkas Son:

ah Flower nation sry ;) and I tell what i dont play in this *beep*ing kingdom. Yes maybe I change very much kingdom but in here I looking for real good kingdom...

yes maybe have standards but I not *beep* , I same veteran , but I like play agressive and hard , its maybe my problem somebody think what i bad player and don`t have honor , somebody play with me together , and i have old and new friend in here ;) only Orden , Puking and Legion my enemies

23:28:02 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Agurkas Son:

Only my friend play in Flower , is Ms. Lolita , Mr. Agurkas :) now I write from Agurkas home so don`t wory what is different names ;)

23:40:13 Apr 19th 07 - Lady Spooky:

Well well well, looky looky he's posted from three different accounts.

MULTI, MULTI, MULTI.  Now who's cheating?

Zeta - remember the houseful of Lithuanians who share a computer?  This is him/them/their friends.

Can you please boot their arrses from the game entirely?

23:56:08 Apr 19th 07 - Mr. Hsarus:

Lol honoras u little lair. You were trying to make urself superior to everyone in the kingdom u also pissed off 2 other kingdoms for joining us because u had multiple accounts in them. You then call me a liaing cheating nigger and have ur friends david call me one two. then you go and join another kingdom hoping to cause war.

23:57:14 Apr 19th 07 - Guildmaster Drenthinio:


couldn't find real lithuanians ;)

00:07:39 Apr 20th 07 - Lady Spooky:

Which one is you Honoras?  :)

Hsarus - I take back what I said - he's all yours.  You have greater cause.

00:09:02 Apr 20th 07 - Guildmaster Drenthinio:

10:36:06 Apr 20th 07 - Mr. Agurkas:

Hello , Spooky hi , why you don`t play in Fantasia?  I want revenge. I remember in Zeta, we join on same computer , how yesterday inefficient Honoras ;/ I tell him not join in Visual-utopia. he is insubordinate ;( Now he not join from my computer anymore. Sad what  Ms. Lolita not play. Maybe next era, I don`t know.

spooky how are you ?

10:38:01 Apr 20th 07 - Mr. Agurkas:

From Jail :D  Lithuania people

10:39:03 Apr 20th 07 - Mr. Agurkas:

Ms. Lolita :D model

13:59:20 Apr 20th 07 - Lady Spooky:

Agurkas - he was not logging in from your account he was logging in as Agurkas Son (goodness me what a similar name that is to yours isn't it...) and Ciuptuvas.  Now same computer or not you shouldn't be sharing account and log in details - how many times do you guys need telling?

If you want to play from the same computer you must be sure you can't log in as each other.  Clearly you have not.

Zeta - you going to do anything about Honoras' blatant cross-logging?

19:06:00 Apr 20th 07 - Lady Spooky:

And now, breaking the record for most Kingdoms in one era, Honoras has left/been kicked out of Darshivan Empire and joined Warheroes...  Think they know about his chequered past?  Be a terrible shame if someone told them wouldn't it?

19:09:29 Apr 20th 07 - Mr. Manuel Marulanda Velez:

I counted well over 12 KD's hes been in so far.

02:46:24 Apr 21st 07 - Mr. Razios:

So guys its Flower Nation all over again isn't it? Shouldn't we just cross blank him from every kingdom? Or is he just going to be hated everywhere but starta? I'm here in Zetamania with Spade =D so he's pretty much hated here. Wanna hire Binh the Assassinator to kill Agurkas and send him here?

08:40:19 Apr 21st 07 - Mr. Agurkas:

Razios Lady Spooky speak about Honoras , Flower Nation Honoras no play.
I play in Fantasia Razios.

03:25:33 Apr 22nd 07 - Mr. Razios:

chocolate? (or in human words WTFFFF????)

15:16:16 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Stiltskin:

Aaaaaw! im three days late... I missed all the fun. I was about to attack orden well Hsarus is almost the same. He did attack my KD without a slight notice or declaration of war. Then again his KD gave in first because of bad comrades. As they say "Birds of the same feather..." what was it again... or was it dogs.

15:29:04 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Andrei The Mad Farmer:

zOMG Agurkas plays in Fantasia,he is so pro!i wish i were like him :(

15:32:52 Apr 25th 07 - Mr. Stiltskin:

Well I hope People from Puking dont catch anything from the people from the disbanded Orden, it might be contagious... hmmm This string is about Honoras right? well he said he knew me from the past era only, this is my first era. Well its like an overused joke since its not news that hes a *beep* liar.

20:24:56 Apr 26th 07 - Mr. Honoras:

Mr. Stiltskin I said maybe ;) I don`t know real

21:01:40 Apr 26th 07 - Lady Spooky:

You don't seem to know anything very much do you?

21:22:39 Apr 26th 07 - Mr. Morgan:

I think Lithuania only have 1 citizen actually. It all is starting to get clear for me now.

00:21:07 Apr 27th 07 - Mr. Stiltskin:

It almost come without saying @ spooky. But it just had to be said ^.^.

Now that I think of it... Thats just one person!

00:49:35 Apr 29th 07 - Mr. Manuel Marulanda Velez:

I'm glad we killed him and david...


and yuran too.

09:24:14 Apr 29th 07 - Mr. Cristo:

Well I think they/he is in nirvana ^.^

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