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18:28:45 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Prince of Darkness:

ok , i only made this to tell everybody in starta , if you want to join , it's not hard , only send the note , we dont sick from wars , we don't care about era xp , we all had the first era , welcome

19:35:23 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Smuff:

god some people can be so arrogant. who gives a *beep* wheather or not you were asked to join six eras ago Dakarius?! if youve got nothing NICE to say about a kingdom trying to get more members then dont say anything at all!! im *beep*ed off with people in the game putting other people down for no reason except to elevate themselves in the eyes of others. its most probly the cast that you have no real life and have nothing better to do except bully people in a VIRTUAL world.

and LOL at that Darkmarsbar.

*takes deep breaths to calm himself*

rant over.

19:39:04 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Cros:

what angry...

20:33:36 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

POFF was a good kd.. but its falling in parts.. i was vice of it.. when i was kicked by that focking prince of darkness!! because i asked if he wanted to join NEXT ERA in my own kd!.. but all after that.. it was a good kd with mr. scythlord (scythruler) as leader! and mr. scooter as member.. and mr. sparx and some other as friends!

20:50:51 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Prince of Darkness:

Dakarius  , lol my leader played in the 19 era , i donno but i think this is the 26 or the 27 , so 6 era's before we wasn't ther , so dont just say things to say you played for more than 6 era's ,

timmiev , you wanted to use our numbers in your kingdom , you also had a chance to kick me if i say no to you ,

21:36:17 Jul 28th 07 - Admiral Krum:

Prince of Darkness....this is era 27...six eras ago was 21...

21:39:29 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Biggerboom:

Prince learn math man... I swear.. even if this was era 26 you would be wrong.............. you cant subtract 27-6 or 26-6?

23:29:19 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Prince of Darkness:

ok all i mean that my leader finished on 19 , so he is a lier , he didn't meet him , cuz he started on the 21

23:29:36 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

well, I've never seen it realy do anything other than come together and disband a few times.

23:33:16 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Prince of Darkness:

i just joined last era

23:49:33 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

do you think i never met scyth? or what do you mean..

21:32:31 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Prince of Darkness:

vostov took your empire , scyth good commander and support us , timmiev is out

i have good history , i took your empire last era , we made you out fantasia ,

i know you were a halfing , your the farmer , what's use you play the game scince stone age , if you don't know how to train an army ,

scyth was gonna make you a vice but you lost it in the last min

23:25:48 Jul 30th 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

POFF will not longer excist next era.. mr. johnny bacardi and me made a choice. we'll start a new kd. FF will also not longer exist( Fortune and Faith) the new kd will call: the Noble Knight of the Orde of the Frozen Flames (NKOFF) scyth and me wanted Orde of Frozen Flame in it because it got a history. and a name. also whole POFF will join.. i will except everyone... even prince is welcome because scyth want that. and i dont have enything to him:D POFF will be bigger than ever. lots of people will join. next era. it will be the NKOFF era! me as leader. mr. scooter, mr. sparx and mr. johnny bacardy as vices. loyal members.

05:30:53 Jul 31st 07 - Mr. Prince of Darkness:

well , hell is nearer , to join a kingdom belong to you , yea and don't put noble in the name ,

i also will not play till next era , family things , i will find a nice kd ,

guess see you later

10:33:49 Jul 31st 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

prince> it was your leaders idea to make that name so your now blaming your leader! and you say that i wasnt loyal to him.. your soooo selfisch!...

12:23:25 Jul 31st 07 - Mr. Alexander The Great:

mate he said just put out the noble word , it made it long for nothin , i don't find it cool .

nice tree , well i wonder why they didn't chop it yet

16:03:02 Jul 31st 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

mhaa... i have to considder that.. its not that cool but we want OFF in it. Orde of the Frozen Flames. i think you will see from us next era. then is everyone welcome to join. lots of good people are joining. gl everyone:D

20:56:11 Jul 31st 07 - Mr. Gothrim:

The longer the name the shorter the...


15:49:54 Aug 1st 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

xD i think i know what u mean;p  but its not always trueth(A)

17:38:47 Aug 8th 07 - High Lord Odyko:

where is ghost at?

19:29:57 Aug 8th 07 - Mr. Timmiev:

ghost who? dont know.. you by us.. is it a old POFF member? than he will come maybe later.

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