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Pachyglossal Proreption Emba
08:43:17 Jan 5th 12 - Zond (General Hug):

Pachyglossal Proreption (Embassy)

Thick-tongued, creeping attack or secretive advance of troops. They have arrived on this world known as Nirvana. There ancestors, destroyed the worlds before them and let them prosper and grow. All was wiped clean from the face of it. All has come back, the anorchous men, the few women. They found only one piece of document left it read.. "In the morning, when the sun returned, they dared to crawl out. Their father was dead and they were crying. A woman lay face down in the dying fire. Their mother nor brother wasn't anywhere to be found. Neither of the girls dared to call out, and they wept soundlessly as they crept from the hut. They went through the village. Dead people lay all over the place--everyone they knew and were related to, people they had played with, worked with, laughed with. The monsters who had come during the night had brought with them the Silence of Death. they had turned the village into a cemetery. People lay everywhere in twisted positions. The bandits had even killed the dogs. Some people had their arms and legs cut off, some even their heads cut off. The girls walked through the dead village, through the Silence of Death, until they reached the last of the burned huts. They came around the corner and saw a man crawling with no legs to the bushes and they went over to him to help him, then all the sudden they were grabbed and hanked away so fast they did not even see it happen..they opened their eyes to be in darkness with figures standing in front of them. One walked over to them and licked up the side of one of their faces and turned back to the others signaling them over. They came over and the girls saw something written on all their clothes that said Lightning Dust then all the sudden they had teeth sunk in their necks and fainted as the savages drained them dry of their blood.."

Here, the precedents of Lightning Dust come, killing all and none of the wounded receiving anodyne.  

Looking to recruit a few loyal members, and the joining of all the old ancestors young-ins. Do your fathers and mothers proud!  

15:13:15 Jan 5th 12 - Ashe Annie Fortune Lightshield (Ms. Goodfortune):

Le me could join.

16:40:49 Jan 5th 12 - Zond (General Hug):

send in your app! we got some killing to do.

21:30:10 Jan 5th 12 - Polydeuces (Mr. Marvin The Martian):

You're leaving SIN are ya lol, suit yourself.

05:21:11 Mar 8th 12 - Zond (Sir Ariolation):

looking for a few more players, had 2 go else where, and 2 inactives. who wants to join for some fun? :D

10:41:37 Mar 8th 12 - Mr. Chade The Supa Powa:

Just imagine that i've joined ya - then ya'll be happy :D

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