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Paladins of the Order Era 45
18:55:17 Feb 18th 10 - Grand Paladin Jonny Bacardus The First:

Greetings to all,

I am Jonny Bacardus the Just, heir the Paladin empire, protectors of the one true god, Lothon, and his Earthly form, the Frozen Flame.

After traversing the lands for many moons, disguised, to hide my true identity, I come before you as the future ruler of my fathers throne. My family lineage is clear, and we have beenare for many centuries, and seen many wonders, both good and destructive.

I ask you now, fair lords and ladies of VU, who will join my on my quest to re-take what I and my people have lost? Who will join me in my quest to spread the knowledge of the One True god to all, on the many continets of this great land of ours? Who is willing to join my ranks, swear allegiance to me, and to Lothon, and help us conquer all the world.

We have great faith in our god, who has time and again led us to victory over almost immeasurable odds.Our faith gives us strength. Our prayers give us knowledge. Our power gives us confidence.

We will be accepting applications. We always welcome any who wish to champion our cause. Any are welcome, for all of us are Children of Lothon.

Grand Paladin of the Order of the Frozen Flame,
Jonny Bacardus
The Just

[OOC: If you can't tell, I like to run a Role Playing KD. I have been around for a long time, playing for the first time in Era 16. I have played along side some of the greats, such as Sparker and Shyers, Almezo and Scientist. I enjoy the game, and recently lost a lot of time to school. I have conquered my work, and am now back to reap the fruits this game has to offer. If you want to have fun, and learn how to play in the process, please join.]

19:10:07 Feb 18th 10 - Dr. Darkwing Duck:

best of luck Bacardus. good to see you active again

19:40:51 Feb 18th 10 - Duke Salad:

I have played along side some of the greats, such as Sparker and Shyers, Almezo and Scientist.

why is his name there?
Joking Sci <3

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