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23:09:15 May 16th 09 - Lord Howard Moon:

Anyone interested? Want to see if any of the old members might be interested in a era or so in reforming? PM or post here.

23:51:24 May 16th 09 - Mr. Pineapple:

Dont try and recreate a kingdom without the original Leader
Its disgusting

00:24:51 May 17th 09 - Lord Howard Moon:

I work with the last king...nothing disgusting here...just seeing if there was any of our lost members interested. Thanks for the input though.

00:26:39 May 17th 09 - Trigger Happy Mad Man:

Good Luck To Grim and crew if PKS does reform....

01:13:37 May 17th 09 - Duke Insane VII:

stength, honor

Thanks for the input though (i like that line)

04:22:42 May 17th 09 - Mr. Opportunity:

Wow, I missed the disbanding of PKS??? Does that make Heaven the longest still-standing KD?

06:29:17 May 17th 09 - Lord of The Underworld:

I would do it only if Grim took the reigns and we got Noa, Adakis, Jonathan, Insane, and Jondrus back thats it...

07:28:06 May 17th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

highly unlikely than

so stay in abydos! :P

08:05:24 May 17th 09 - Lord of The Underworld:

:( you didn't think highly enough of me to put meh in your top players list. But I will..jus for you

09:02:23 May 17th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

I wasn't on yours either :P

I just selected players which I've either played a lot with, or talked a lot with :P

play more on my side and maybe you'll get on it! :D

11:40:13 May 17th 09 - Lady Quiet Tone:

get shahal back

12:30:33 May 17th 09 - Prince Mielo:

/me slaps lewatha

12:34:22 May 17th 09 - Mr. Pineapple:

Prince Mielo


12:30:33 May 17th 09
/me slaps lewatha

/me Humps Miel0

23:06:02 May 17th 09 - Master Cloutier:


00:56:53 May 18th 09 - Duke Insane VII:

I would do it only if Grim took the reigns and we got Noa, Adakis, Jonathan, Insane, and Jondrus back thats it...



that sounds like a good start underworld!

00:59:03 May 18th 09 - Duke Playaaaa:

Get Galadriel and Donut and call it a partay

02:14:58 May 18th 09 - Lord of The Underworld:

I tried to contact G and Donut a while back...they play no longer but can be reached on msn occasionally

20:04:28 May 18th 09 - Sir Grim Darkhammer:

Personally I would like to see all of the old PKS back together. Negus, Shahal, Wedge Talon, Donut, Lady G, Erunion Telcontar, Hagar, Jonathan, Mac, Rhade, Kuli, Verminard, Truefailure, Abaddon, Thomas Bell, & many others I cant recall. Unfortunately many no longer play. I'm no longer active enough to lead but I would join in a heartbeat if Negus or any of the original leaders were to come back. Through good times and bad these were some of the best people to have at your side and covering your back. I miss you all.

22:02:37 May 18th 09 - Lord Howard Moon:

Yeah I miss being in it...we had some good times. I think the boards I made are still active. Some good people from PKS.

00:21:57 May 19th 09 - Lord of The Underworld:

ahhh forgot about mac, talon, abaddon, rhade yeah it would be a reunion tour

00:54:47 May 19th 09 - Duke Insane VII:

im sure we could help you run it grim, if you dont have alot of time.

01:43:05 May 19th 09 - Princess Aurora:

Heck, I would even come back to play ;)

02:17:50 May 19th 09 - Lord Howard Moon:

Lord of The Underworld


03:05:24 May 17th 09
:( you didn't think highly enough of me to put meh in your top players list. But I will..jus for you

You didn't pick me either >.<

13:13:37 May 20th 09 - Sir Gravedigger:

If PKS returns, you will have my application right away :)

19:03:24 May 20th 09 - Mr. Jondrus Rah Horahkty:

say whaa

03:34:11 Aug 10th 10 - Lord Old Fat And Lazy:

Sending out a call to former teammates or any new players that want to learn to play Visual Utopia.
We may not play as peacefully as we have in the past but we will play with the same honor and integrity. Anyone want to join?


Kingdom Banner

Name: Peacekeepers
Members: 5
Created: 6/8/2010 2:52:10 AM
Leader: Lord Old Fat And Lazy


I guess we've been gone long enough so Peacekeepers are back to stay.

Peacekeepers have always been an honorable kingdom and always will be. We are team players that follow orders, communicate well and above all play for fun. We welcome experienced & inexperienced players alike.

So if you want to learn the game of just have fun killing our enemies submit an application.



04:09:10 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Curro Jimnez:

I will join ...if this era has an end

04:15:19 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Frankie Bellbottom:

Oh Hai!  I can haz join PKS?  I don't know lot, but you can teached me plees?  K, Thx, bai!

04:54:33 Aug 10th 10 - Duke Deadpool:

I may have to get active again for another PKS reunion.

06:04:36 Aug 10th 10 - Lord Old Fat And Lazy:

Starta ends in about 8 ticks. I just wonder how long until it starts back up again.

Frankie, I'm not sure what I can teach someone still wearing bellbottoms. You may be a lost cause. :)

Definitely active Deadpool, but, this wont be just a reunion I intend on having at least as long a run as we had before!!

06:06:35 Aug 10th 10 - Duke Deadpool:

Ok count me in then.

11:17:01 Aug 10th 10 - Sir Gangbang:

I have spent a lil time with PKS and Dendarii. Want to return home for ther next era. Count me in! Sounds like much fun.


12:26:09 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Vertex:

I've played for Dendarii this era, I'll be help to follow people into PKS in the coming era.

14:54:57 Aug 10th 10 - Sir Gangbang:

booyah! where's the rest of the DMC, V & PKS guys & dolls??

15:05:12 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Tasty After Dinner Mint:

Goodluck PKS.. This game is so unstable at the moment its crazy. You a brave man Grim to stat PKS with the shambles VU is in at the moment.


16:26:33 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Reit Finder of The Grail:

Best of luck. I look forward to see who joins and how far along you guys get. Will be very interesting for us bystanders :).

18:50:14 Aug 10th 10 - Lord Stewie Griffins Last Era:

aww this is so sad... rite when im about to leave, there is a DMC/PKS re-union... :(

miss u all

21:36:39 Aug 10th 10 - Sir Gangbang:

Stewie, stay a lil while bud? 


22:09:51 Aug 10th 10 - Mr. Death Proof:

dammit i cant get in!

03:35:18 Aug 11th 10 - Sir Jondrus Prime:

Can I join? :)

05:43:19 Aug 11th 10 - Lord Old Fat And Lazy:

Thanks guys!! It's great to see the response I've gotten about bringing PKS back. :)

Deadpool, it'll be great to have you back big guy.

Dalak, I'm lost most of the time anyway so the confusion in the game just levels the playing field for me. LOL

Darn Stewie, I wish you was staying but we'll be here when you return and you have an open invitation when you do.

Not sure why you can't join Death Proof. Hell, make a new character and submit an app. Not sure how well this 3 character thing is going to work but I have one on Talents.

Cat, Vertex you know the door is open. Big welcome to you and any of the other guys that want to join.

Jondrus, welcome home bud I just accepted your app.

12:20:55 Aug 11th 10 - Mr. Vertex:

What Realm will PKS be on and when does it start?

22:45:01 Aug 11th 10 - Mr. Scipio:

Any space for the Nubbie you offered shelter back in era 47 ?

09:35:24 Aug 12th 10 - Lord Old Fat And Lazy:

Vertex, we'll likely be on Starta soon as someone from POFF or GOTF cast Armageddon.

Sure Scipio, just send in an app.  :)

00:43:24 Aug 13th 10 - Lord Old Fat And Lazy:

Since arma is the only way the era will end on Starta, Peacekeepers are coming to Fantasia. Anyone wanting to join up can submit an app and will be able to drop on the map if you are not already on another map.Of course if you are on another map and want to play on Fantasia just create a new character. :)

06:00:12 Aug 13th 10 - Mr. Scipio:

Creating a new character does not help once your main character is already active -  any character you create hence will spawn on a random map where you will be assigned a random kd,
... no consideration is even taken as regards your settling - I spawned unto a map with no building space for at least 10 ticks and even then what was available imposed the race penalty on one - one dormant character now sits on the planets surface

08:27:02 Aug 13th 10 - Lord Old Fat And Lazy:

Yep, I tried it and it's a crap shoot. There really should be an option to join a kd before you drop. Of course the option should not be available for a kd if you already have a character on that map but it is needed.

I had to transfer leadership to Bidi so we could drop on Fant otherwise it would only allow Starta cities for the drop city.

14:42:47 Aug 13th 10 - Grumpy old Ray of Sunshine:

Welcome back lads, good to see some old KD re-emerge :)

Is Jonathan back too? I have fond memories of his blocker defence in a certain era :))

15:18:28 Aug 13th 10 - Lord Old Fat And Lazy:

Thanks Grumpy.
Nope, haven't heard from Jonathan in a while. Hum, I wonder how many of the players that have not been on in say 10~15 era would run away screaming when they tried to play VU as it is now. LOL

15:24:49 Aug 13th 10 - Lady Quietone:

all of them :P

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