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Pension Awaits.
19:54:32 Aug 4th 08 - Mr. Bling Bob:

Hi All,

Having spent many great era's with most of you, I must now exchange my battle axes for a walking stick. Alas, my days on the battle field are coming to a close, and I wish all the best for your battles to come.

May your spears be sharp, your minds witty and hearts filled with fire as you click away madly on the mouse buttons.

Big farewells to my warriors at arms, who i've fought side by side with for many era's now. Cao, Mars, Sprout, Oneye....damn this going to be a long list so nevermind that...they know who they are.

Be honourable, and most of all, enjoy it.


Bling Bob


20:26:31 Aug 4th 08 - Sir Darkmarsbar:


are u leaving ?

i guess i should read preds forum

20:41:03 Aug 4th 08 - Mr. Snowman:


20:47:34 Aug 4th 08 - Mr. Penguin:

good luck blingy ;) was nice to see how honorable u are ;) we made a nice fight ;) your friend water

00:10:50 Aug 5th 08 - Lord Xiahou Dun:

Goodbye Bling, you will be sorely missed. You are a great player and a great friend and I am truly sad to see you go.

I hope that you will come back one day, or at least check up on us every once in a while. If you do, all your friends will be here waiting for you =)

 But for now, lets enjoy this era while it lasts!

00:39:30 Aug 5th 08 - Sir Caradoc IV:

i have never heard of you before this. oh well, no big miss here

00:54:59 Aug 5th 08 - Mr. Squiddy:


01:00:15 Aug 5th 08 - Mr. Lord Nitral:

Good bye.Although we werent exactly friends when i was unsure of things in the game you helped me many a time.your Semi-friend Lord Kathandarion. XD

01:35:40 Aug 5th 08 - Mr. Spook:

Bye Bob, I only played with you for half an era but I'm still sad to see you go

Maybe I'll come haunt your house one day :P

06:10:06 Aug 5th 08 - Mr. Justin:

bye bob it was fun fighting along side you and the rest of preds against elements

06:50:06 Aug 5th 08 - Sir Charley Statler:

Bob dont leave yet or else there will not be a happy ending for us this era ><

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