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Phis looking for fresh blood
15:34:49 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

Phi is looking for some more players we allready have some blablbalablababalbalbla

and a lot of exp in blablbalbalbal running arround naked blablablablablabla having BBQ blalbalablablabla sex in the pool blablbalbalbalbalablabla

we don't have any special requirements but it wouldn't hurt if you know the game and are not crying in forums like blablablabalbalbalbalbalablablablablabalbalblablablablablabla

So we can have a lot of blablbalbalbalbalbalbalbalablablablablablabla Party blablablablablablabl alcohol Blbalbalbalbalbalbalablabla and wet t-shirt contests balblablabalbalbalbalbalablablablabla together

Looking foward to see you soon :D

15:53:40 Oct 31st 09 - Mr. Kobuskan:

I joined, sorry Random

16:42:42 Oct 31st 09 - Sir Justanius Fontainius XXIII:

aww kobus is gone from our kd :((... good luck phi!

16:49:01 Oct 31st 09 - Duke Random:

yah i know kobu :(

shame... we'd be alot better with you....

20:05:26 Nov 1st 09 - Mr. Some Fcked Dude:

stew and kob :(
who the blahblah else?
I should blahblah in your blahblah with a gun and a blahblah five fingers and a cave :P

02:36:30 Nov 2nd 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

feel the power mighty Phi blablabla :D

06:34:24 Nov 2nd 09 - Mr. Desol:

I'm kd-less!

14:01:46 Nov 4th 09 - Mr. Drug Money:

We are waiting for the leaders of Phi Factor to accept your application.
You can choose to Delete the Application.

Well whats the hold up????

15:01:16 Nov 6th 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

Crazy don't need to declare war on us, like last time they will just attack ^^.

So this time when we coming close again, Phi will attack.
That's no warning, it's a promise.

So all crazy people are warned now. Let's end the whining and let our armies speak, if we find time this era.

02:27:22 Nov 8th 09 - Mr. Zerocool:

there nubs so they dont get it. so let me say this

I DECLARE WAR on CRAZY and any KD that allies/NAP with THEM.

22:46:35 Nov 8th 09 - Mr. Killstone:

no cygnus we hate you! ;)

22:51:43 Nov 8th 09 - Lord Cygnus Lazarious II:

hey btw i joined PHI this era and it seems a sexy place


p.s TEW is gona return

03:23:21 Nov 10th 09 - Mr. Soki:

can i join in 5 day time?

20:05:09 Nov 10th 09 - Mr. Mavich:

Hmm, does the other thread usually gets cleaned up too? Or only a PHI thread?

20:08:51 Nov 10th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

Mavich! its 3am! go to sleep!

23:14:28 Nov 10th 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

Well some1 has cleaned up the thread and thrown out all the rubbish inside :D.

Now we can go back to our very seroius recruiting:

Blablablablabla :D

23:17:10 Nov 10th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

You need my sexiness for recruiting. Or else you might get unsexy horses that call themselves wolves.

00:30:37 Nov 11th 09 - Mr. Crissxcross:

yeah but they still can bite, insteat of those lame dwarven ponies you are trying to flog on us ^^

00:48:50 Nov 11th 09 - Mr. Senturu:

PHI is teh best yo

00:54:09 Nov 11th 09 - Mr. Theophilus XIII:

I believe you will be getting ALOT of blood soon, and it will be very fresh. Look forward to seeing you at the gates of Boogerville.

15:36:10 Nov 11th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

Hmmmmm, as much as I hate Insane Asylum, Im definately going to have to say PHI wins this war ;P Didnt sounds like I was going that way eh? =)



15:36:22 Nov 11th 09 - Wolflord Karac:

Edit, not insane asylum, Ryan.

15:57:14 Nov 11th 09 - Sir Penguin The Filipino:

i would pick Karac over Karac at any time of the day...

17:59:18 Nov 11th 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

I to

18:24:21 Nov 11th 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

LOL awwww,

18:49:12 Nov 15th 09 - Mr. Yes Twamao:

I would pick Karac over 3 ants.  maybe give or take 2. 

01:00:16 Nov 16th 09 - Sir Jangsta:

<-----------Secret Weapon.   :)    mmmmm blood

Thanks for having me. 



06:48:31 Nov 21st 09 - Lady Landros of Luxx The Phishhead:

Dark declares WAR on Phi Factor

07:41:58 Nov 21st 09 - Mr. Senturu:

thats not a good idea my lady.

08:48:46 Nov 21st 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

dont wrry u guyz will disband soon too ;)

08:52:38 Nov 21st 09 - Mr. Some Fcked Vanilla Bear:

hahaha XD

13:17:11 Nov 21st 09 - Duchess Gelel:

omg UTT is in Phi.. they have another multi in there KD :O :O :O


14:51:55 Nov 21st 09 - Lady Landros of Luxx The Phishhead:

Disbanding is fun.  you should try it sometime.  an era is so impermanent.  life is an empty dream.

12:24:43 Nov 22nd 09 - Sir Imral Of Dol Amroth:

i find it funny that phi , who disbanded and dissapeared for ERA's and ERA's choose to make snide remarks about crazy disbanding. Are you not the biggest of hypocrites PHI?

12:38:31 Nov 22nd 09 - Mr. Zerocool:

LOL.. you sure talk when you know nothing. LOL.. do a little research before you talk nub..

12:54:28 Nov 22nd 09 - Sir Imral Of Dol Amroth:

Who me? because i was in phi when it disbanded and there when it came back , i think i know what im talking about.

13:15:51 Nov 22nd 09 - Mr. Mavich:

I don't remember disbanding PHI in the middle of the era?? Wait... are you Survivor?! the one who made like a second PHI? He disbanded in the middle of the era because he got his ass whooped. =)

14:21:45 Nov 22nd 09 - Sir Imral Of Dol Amroth:

no , you did not disband mid era and i am not survivor.

but regardless of when in the era you disbanded the fact is still you disbanded. I have respect for you but zerofool attemptin to laugh at a kingdom that disbanded when the kingom he is in at one point also disbanded is pitiful. do you not agree?

16:02:19 Nov 22nd 09 - Wolflord Karac:

^^ He is Kath.

A Kingdom disbanding at the end of an era is normal. If a leader doesnt have time to lead, it happens. Normal part of the game. Middle of era is pathetic. But Kath has no idea of normal game etiquette, so please, forgive his ignorance.

18:49:34 Nov 22nd 09 - Sir Imral Of Dol Amroth:

Karac please stop following me as i do not follow you.

So it is normal etiquette to laugh at a player whose leader decided to disband mid - era? so do you think it is this members thought that he should be ridiculed?

19:15:55 Nov 22nd 09 - Mr. Cuddly Bear:

My favorite mage is gone to PHI. miss ya kobu :( good luck to all the "cool kids" in PHI haha

19:16:15 Nov 22nd 09 - Mr. Cuddly Bear:

fyi: that is EVERYONE in PHI

19:20:44 Nov 22nd 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

Phi is not hypocritical,  Its not like they are warring a smaller alliance because they were angry at being reminded that they broke their word in a previous is it?

20:31:17 Nov 22nd 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Your name suited you at first, when it was funny how much you disliked PHI for basically no reason except to look stupid, but now your name doesn't suit you, cause it has REALLY gotten annoying.

Anyone want to take a poll with me?

Ryan still funny: 0

Ryan really annoying: 1

Ryan is in the right and we should let him continue ranting even though he has nothing to rant about: 0

20:54:23 Nov 22nd 09 - Mr. Tassadar:

Ryan still funny:  1

Ryan really annoying: 1

stupid people never stop being funny :)

22:19:14 Nov 22nd 09 - Mr. Yellow Bean:

Phi are good in my opionon .... little i know i guese ... but .....
They dident touch me till i attacked them .... ill never know wether they would have however

22:21:43 Nov 22nd 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

Mr. Yellow Bean


13:19:14 Nov 22nd 09
Phi are good in my opionon .... little i know i guese ... but .....
They dident touch me till i attacked them .... ill never know wether they would have however

Well you came and burnt an undefended city while none of our troops were in the area. So good job on that mate. Then when i send my army to deal with you, you run away to your mini core like a pu$y. No offense , but if u wanna really fight, dont run. You wasted 10 ticks worth of my upkeep :'(

22:30:31 Nov 22nd 09 - Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm:

LOL Arthur, I dont like anyone who breaks their word, especially when they try to spam denials like it never happened. If Phi wnats to war then I am totally ok with that but last era they made a nap only to break it less than 2 hours later.

22:37:05 Nov 22nd 09 - Mr. Yellow Bean:

lord stewie are mission was to draw troops from going to crazy to us .... we got a decent core achley and thoguh small is very compact .......
we can stock are blockers dont worry about that

22:40:59 Nov 22nd 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

well then you did a pretty good job :)

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