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PoS recruitment
03:21:01 Aug 19th 09 - Mr. Philippe Chrisey:

Priory Of Sion

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Name: Priory Of Sion
Members: 18
Created: 8/15/2009 8:01:35 PM
Leader: Mr. Philippe Chrisey


Priory of Sion

9 knights, 9 Valiant bold and powerul knights entered the tomb...The grail. It shined. It was so glorious. The 4 cases containing the grail. How all 9 wished they could stay here in the presence of the grail all day.

But alas there was still work to be done. The grail was transported to Mount sion. The order began building castles around the Spot and One large Preceptory was built on the Mountain top.

We fight for what we protect. We bleed for our beliefs. We kill for our beliefs. We pray to our god.

For years the Priory of Sion were never seen again.

Those who ventured to close to the castles never seen again. Usually found in nearby villages dead.

But now. The priory if emerging. After countless years of gathering dust... of waiting....of preparing...

blood shall be spilt.

Honor tested.

Lifes taken.

But the grail shall stand.

And the priory to protect it.

Entry by invitation only.


we are currently on fensteria. we are looking to recruit 10 - 12 more members for next era (some might say thats too large but o well ).

If you are interested message me ,Mr. Philippe Chrisey , with simply your past names if any and how many era's you have played. and one reason why you think we should let you in.

All applications must be properly written.

this does not mean spelling mistakes are not allowed but messages like

'yo , cud u let me in. ive played for lyk 3 era's and mi past names are , internet thug , web gang banger , im really a nub but i think im bad coz i'z typing like diz.' will be ignored.

Priory Master Philippe Chrisey
Leader of the priory of sion

03:56:29 Aug 19th 09 - Mr. Palpatine:

interesting but nah i am going to join IoK instead..

04:00:53 Aug 19th 09 - Sir Big And Tasty:

rofl @ thread title

04:01:08 Aug 19th 09 - Mr. Azengar:

You misspelled powerful in the description (powerul)

04:19:29 Aug 19th 09 - Mr. Palpatine:

isn't saying entry is by invitation only and then calling for members a contradiction?

i think we should just have an alliance called GKWK "get killed with Kath" saves time on him writing a description

05:33:24 Aug 19th 09 - Mr. Scipii:

lol *points at thread title*

08:03:07 Aug 19th 09 - Mr. Philippe Chrisey:

it is entry by invitation. hence why you messsage me instead of applying and then we decide wether we want you in the KD then you are invited palpatine.

and yeah i just realized about pos now lol

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