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Possibly Seeking New Kingdom
20:38:59 Feb 6th 10 - Mr. Theophilus XV:

For those of you who do not know me(most of you):


My Name is Theophilus. I play an Elf Pure Mage typically, and have been around for 14 or so Eras. My history is as follows:

31: Holy(2 Eras), Havoc, the Devestators, The Black Chain(3 Eras), MAD, Heaven, Black Chain(2), Biohazard(Era or Two), Lightning Dust(4 Eras, Leading the Last Two), Fight Club, Brotherhood of Wolf.


If you have any interest in recruiting me, please post here or PM me.

00:16:59 Feb 7th 10 - Sir Medusa of The Red Hairs Lover:

join us bro

00:30:32 Feb 7th 10 - Dr. Darkwing Duck:

Greetings Theo.  RR would love to have you

01:08:00 Feb 7th 10 - Sir Burninglegion:

Theo my friend, your welcome to join anti federation


kill the bastards that are fighting you

02:00:59 Feb 7th 10 - Master Windu:

Hey theo its sun warrior. I need some help setting up the kingdom I am making next era and it would be awesome if you could help me. Whats say you friend?

04:37:35 Feb 7th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

Fed will take you in if you ever choose to go that way

11:47:24 Feb 7th 10 - Mr. Legendhero:

Theo big friend of mine come big in the new FC :)

12:30:03 Feb 7th 10 - Archangel Argyle:

As beeing part of the council in Holy and leader of Heaven, I can vouch or this guys awesomeness! (even though it was some time ago, so now he must be more awesome)

12:31:19 Feb 7th 10 - Sir Ryan The Archtroll:

Why don't play with us again?

05:12:24 Feb 8th 10 - Mr. Theophilus XV:

I didn't know I had so many friends.

I ask you all to be patient. I am seeking an active Kingdom, be it 5 members(Black Flag), or large (25-30), so long as the members are ACTIVE and cooperative.

Of those that I know have interest(messaged me or on here):

Black Flag


Ravage Regime


Guild of the Fallen



The Federation

The Antifederation


I am interested in several of these. I will have you know, I want a Kingdom that isn't traitorous for their own gain, and would like my input to be considered. I've dealt enough with Kingdom 'red-tape' over the eras.


Again, this will be for next Era. I thank all of you who are taking the time to respond and recruit. I have many friends in many Kingdoms: Arthos, Burninglegion, Zondervan, Edd, Koss, each of you have a reputation, but Ill have you know, I've enjoyed many eras here and there with you all, and many more.

I will decide within the next few days.


My lifeguards died while under protection. I dont know how that worked, but I am a bit ticked off.


05:35:44 Feb 8th 10 - Mr. Canucks:

Join Us!!!

20:50:55 Feb 8th 10 - General Maximus Decimus Meridius:

I do still owe you theo :)


04:34:59 Feb 9th 10 - Mr. Theophilus XV:

Ah yes, and Zondervan repays a debt by striking at me when vulnerable...




06:00:59 Feb 9th 10 - Warlord Kaizen:

You are welcome to join us if you would like to

15:49:58 Feb 9th 10 - Duke Random:

why are you making a thread for this? just join someone ffs.

17:50:35 Feb 9th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

I would take Anti-Federation off that list then (No offense) but BL is trigger happy and wanted to betray our partners because we had the perfect window to do it.

Im not all for that

22:59:53 Feb 9th 10 - General Maximus Decimus Meridius:

you know me, i was looking for a fight ;) and i found one. maybe one i couldnt handle later. but still got one

23:04:15 Feb 9th 10 - Mr. Theophilus XV:

BL has always been trigger happy. I would know more than anyone else. Where is the Kingdom called Submission? I was invited by Duke Salad.

And I made a thread to get some opinions. I am but one person and do not know most of the VU players. The community, however, can input where I have no knowledge.

23:18:01 Feb 9th 10 - Lady Katie Holmes:

Submission is Augh's new kd coming next era

00:03:24 Feb 10th 10 - Master Windu:

oh come on Theo. We used to be in Black Chain together. Join mine next era.

02:24:50 Feb 10th 10 - General Maximus Decimus Meridius:

i killed you on fant, shouldnt that count for something ;)

02:47:00 Feb 10th 10 - Mr. Skinnyvinny II:

Theo, i am sure GOTF would love to have you.

05:39:04 Feb 10th 10 - Ms. Black Mamba:

/me wonders why Charley locked Dwarfnub's thread but not this one.

06:05:19 Feb 10th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

You know you don't have to leave...  But if you do I'd just like to say you did a great job, and any kingdom would be glad to have you.

06:19:35 Feb 10th 10 - King Charley Deallus V:

Well, I heard my name...Theo, you should know by now that the Recruitment Centre was made to keep topics like this from cluttering up politics.  It seems that you have made your contacts and connections.  Message them for anything else.  No need to discuss it here...

08:10:29 Feb 10th 10 - Ms. Milla Jovovich:

Theo, I'm gonna create the kd in the upcomming days. Just need to die first.

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