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Predators Wing
21:35:19 Aug 13th 07 - Mr. Burre:

Predators are opening a "wing" in zetamania. We are searching for players who would like to join. This wing is primarily a recruiting kingdom so we are mainly looking for:
- New players
- Players who want to teach new players
- Players that want to see what predators are like without the commitment of joining the main kingdom.

We value individual player skill. But even more important is an attitude of wanting to make this game as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. Even our enemies.

For those concerned about not having any power, and this becoming a puppet kingdom: We will be mostly independent. We will share the policies and overall command philosophy of predators. Apart from that this can be seen as primarily a gateway into the "main" kingdom as we will accept almost anyone (at least until they give us serious reason to deny them), while the main kd will be harder to get directly into. But if you give a good impression here, admittance into predators are almost guaranteed.

So, what do we offer?
- A stable, reliable kd
- A friendly and polite atmosphere
- guidance to new players
- much independence for each individual

If you are interested in joining, please make a post or send me a message. Any questions are also welcome.

PS: Those that already have posted flames on the other predators recruitment tread, please keep this one clean; we are really trying to help new players! To those others who have anything bad to say on predators, or who would like to know what kind of bad things could be said about predators I will ask to check out the mentioned tread :

PSS: I apologises for any bad formulation or misspellings in the above. English isn't my mother tounge. Any corrections or comments on what is said above I would appreciate if came trough PM, to keep this thread clean.

PSSS: Good luck wishes is nice, but keep them to pm ;)

21:40:37 Aug 13th 07 - Duke Mielo:

wow ... a training kingdom for a nuby kingdom? Shouldn't you guys first focus on your original kingdom?

22:10:42 Aug 13th 07 - Mr. Burre:

 @ Duke Mielo

Thank you for your questions. I have a few points to make

1. Remember, recruiting players for the kingdom is a way of focusing on it. We found this to be a nice way of doing just that.

2. Your calling predators for a nuby kingdom might be misinterpreted as the kingdom not being any good. This is not the case as we have several skilled players with quite some experience. And we have done nicely in the previous eras. I know the quality of any kingdom can be discussed, but if you want to do it about predators please go to the tread referred to in the PS of my opening post.

3. By nuby I then presume you refer to predators only having been in VU for 3 whole eras. This makes the kingdom pretty new compared with several others. But I think just this might be a thing that could attract new players. The structure of the kingdom as a whole isn't set in stone, and they will here find an opportunity to set a personal mark on it in a much stronger way than they can expect in a more ageing kingdom.

09:31:04 Aug 14th 07 - Ms. Hathor:

hmmm.. I don't really think that's a good idea, you're going to mantrax already. There's plenty to recruit there. Why open a wing in zetamania?

I don't like it.

11:51:52 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Burre:

I am unable to see how this shouldn't be a good idea. But I myself is nowhere near your skill as a player, so if you could give any argument for why we shouldn't do this I would be really gratefull!

To your question. There is of course several reasons for us to open this wing, else we hadn't done it. I can list a few here:

- As predators decided to go to mantrax this era as well we have considder us capable of investing some resources outside that world. (And we have found a way to minimise the cost of this, but won't give any details of how here ;) )

- Yes there are many to recruit on mantrax, but there are more on zetamania. We are looking for those players that could really enjoy themselves and thrive inside predators' framework. And these could just as well be found in zetamania as in mantrax. Why not cover both?

- A genuine interest to help new players into this game.


And I am a bit confused by your last remark. Why don't you like it? If it is from consern about the wellbeeing of predators I feel flattered.. But one thing I can see that could make this not a good idea is if it should be considdered rude in some way by other kingdoms. If this should be the case it would be nice if you were frank about it, but I hope it is not so.

13:19:38 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:


I am a member of the main pred,and don't useually bad-mouth my own kd, 

But i just want to voice my opion,

This is a bad idea and will split our members, There are plenty of nubs to train in mant, i just don't think this is a good idea...

17:13:33 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Rix:

There are new people coming into the game all the time, usually mid to late era (and end up on zeta or another world). Some of these people are very smart and catch on fast - but can easily be turned off by poor leadership in a kingdom or a bad playing environment.

There are people leaving the game all the time also (due to school, time constraints, RL issues, etc.) some of whom are very good players. We have lost good people each era for these and other reasons, as i am sure most kingdoms do also.

This effort is to try and find those players with good potential and train them up. Once they complete an era, steer the very talented to the main kingdom where hopefully they can fit right into the mix. Burre is the only player from preds who will be leaving the kingdom to do this (and reluctantly so, as he will be missed next era). However, there are certain other factors in play that contribute to this situation that we will not go into.  Suffice to say, it happens to be the right move for burre and a good use of his knowledge & talents.

I want to emphasize this does not split the kingdom or the efforts of the main preds KD (so don't worry preds =P )- burre is embarking on this project solo and is essentially on his own. He will try to make the kingdom I wish that I had joined my first era.

17:19:17 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:

he is doing it on his own ?

Who will be his vices and don't you need 2 people to create a kd ?

17:30:11 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Rix:

he will need to find people that he trusts to become a vice.

yes you do need 2 people to create a KD, and we are working on that issue =P

17:32:20 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:


Any of us can enter Burres name then leave the kd.

P.S when is the real pred rejoining ?

18:14:12 Aug 14th 07 - Mr. Burre:

This won't be any problem, and I don't considder this something I do on my own. I don't think this is the correct forum for discussing these matters. I think you might have missed some central information as it was decided in preds-forum shortly berfore we disbanded it for the era. I by that reason understand you concerns, and will answer them by pm.

07:03:05 Aug 16th 07 - Ms. Tori:

i would like to join your main kingdom if thats fine if not ill join the wing and teach if you want me to

11:31:18 Aug 16th 07 - Mr. Burre:

Ms. Tori, thank you for your interest!

I am afraid I have to give a word of warning: As there has been relatively little interest in this wing we will as it seem now start out as an EXTREMELY small kd (like 2-4 players). Experience shows that it is simpler to recruit once the game is on, so if we don't get slaughtered right away by a bigger kd I think we will grow pretty rapidely. But if you are put off by the intimacy of a little kd, then PW doesn't seem to be the right kd for you (yet).

11:44:28 Aug 16th 07 - Ms. Hathor:

Hah, big kingdom on zetamania? don't think so ;)

12:12:37 Aug 16th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:

he dosen't mena good as in skilled, he means bug as in lots of members, that he can train.

12:47:51 Aug 16th 07 - Mr. Darkmarsbar:

Ms. Hathor


8/16/2007 10:44:28 AM
Hah, big kingdom on zetamania? don't think so ;)


you can get big kds on zeta (30-40 members)

13:29:37 Aug 16th 07 - Mr. Darkmarsbar:

hmm i guess at the start of an era 20-30

still big

also Burre what pic are u using for the kd

13:51:59 Aug 16th 07 - Mr. Anatoliy Grushkov:

burre reminds me of an aircraft flight attendant.

15:08:14 Aug 16th 07 - Mr. Justanius Fontainius:


17:24:14 Aug 16th 07 - Mr. Burre:

Anatoliy Grushkov: No, I am not good-looking enough ;)

Darkmarsbar: The plan as of now is to use predators banner with a minor modification (like writing "wing" below "predators"). But any better ideas are welcome! This is by no way set in stone, and I myself considder this a detail. This could be a nice job for the more artistic members of the main kingdom, as my graphical abilities are somewhat limited.

17:26:40 Aug 16th 07 - Mr. Justanius Fontainius:

somewat!! only joking

good luck burre and y dont u just use the old banner

17:30:23 Aug 16th 07 - Mr. Dragonboy:

i really hope  more people will start to want to join predators wing

13:52:00 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:

How about this ?

13:58:02 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Dragonboy:


13:58:37 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Burre:

That is SOO COOL!

13:58:54 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:

thanks ;-))

14:02:01 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Dragonboy:

what about this?

14:03:05 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:

lol, what aboutour old banner, (i don't have a copy) ;-))

14:03:53 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Dragonboy:

thats another intimindating banner

14:04:11 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Dragonboy:

whats the main banner?

14:04:58 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:

thats for burre to decide  ;-))

14:07:04 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Dragonboy:

i meant for the main banner of the main preadators so i can get an idea what i should look for

14:07:52 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:

i don't have a copy on my computer of that either. ;-))

14:15:10 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Burre:

Main banner can be found here:

And sorry dragon boy; I liked Iwasfrosen's so well that I believe you either have to come with some act of genious, or find a new player to break my tie-breaker vote if you want something else ;)

14:17:02 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Dragonboy:

ok it was just a idea......

14:19:53 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Dragonboy:

ok im going with iwasfrozens one

14:20:52 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:

lol, don't play with the big boy'z ;-))


21:00:10 Aug 17th 07 - Ms. Hathor:

too bad you guys aren't big boys either eh? :)

21:13:41 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:

i didn't say we we're, if you were listening. you would have known i was taking about my banner finding skillz ;-)).

21:25:53 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Darkmarsbar:

Ms. Hathor


8/17/2007 8:00:10 PM
too bad you guys aren't big boys either eh? :)

what is that aspose to mean

21:27:47 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Burre:

She probably referes to us having matured so far that we should be considdered men, and not boys any more ;)

22:01:48 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Darkmarsbar:


fair enought

23:44:06 Aug 17th 07 - Mr. Burre:

Due to a friend geting married I have to be away this weekend. Don't be shy about posing questions, as it is quite possible Darkmarsbar, Rix or Dragon boy can aswer them. Else I will have them as my top priority after returning (Ok, possibly messaging my girlfriend will have a higher priority :P)

10:09:22 Aug 18th 07 - Mr. Darkmarsbar:

lol im away for the wekkend to so dont message me

14:55:15 Aug 18th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:

Oh come on !!!

Dark, Rix and Dragonboy ?

What about me ?

Ok, fair enough Dark and Rix  are the leaders of the main pred but dragonboy ? i;ve been playing longer then him ?? ^_^

15:11:48 Aug 18th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:

lol, no offence ^_^

16:46:25 Aug 18th 07 - Mr. Tooty:

lol frozen your joke

17:37:16 Aug 18th 07 - Mr. Iwasfrozen IV:


22:23:40 Aug 19th 07 - Mr. Burre:

I mentioned Dragonboy because he will be part of predators wing. And by that reason think he would be able to aswear questions consering visions for the kingdom.

Much of the reson you weren't mentioned was that I didn't feel there was a strong reason for mentioning you spesific, and by that reason wouldn't put any press on you ;)

03:15:21 Aug 21st 07 - Mr. Sephiron:

So, all of you are preds right? ill join when i die ok?

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